5 Ways to stay in LOVE with Running


We all have those days, when you feel sick and tired of running, perhaps you just conquered a marathon, suffering from sports fatigue or recovering from an injury. It happens even to the best of us, what’s important is being able to bounce back and get yourself back on your feet.

Here are some tips to get you started…

5 Ways to stay in LOVE with Running

1. Sign up for an “A” race.

Every year, choose your “A” race, it could be a marathon or a half-marathon, local or international, this race should excite you or scare you a bit, this can give you the motivation to train and prepare to do your best.


2. Speed things up

Tired of running the same distance over and over again? Lack the time to train for a longer race? Then try to speed things up, try to race a 5K or 10K and see how fast you can go. Try to beat your PR in the various distances. YES, even in a 3K run.

You can also join our upcoming SUB-1 10K Challenge and try to beat your 10KM PR!

3. Go Explore

When city races starts to bore you, go out and explore the world, with your current fitness level, you can easily conquer the trails of Mt. Batulao, or climb Pico de Loro, too easy? Go explore Bohol on two wheels, or try cycling in Tagaytay or Baguio.

Being able to experience nature and see the wonders of the world on two feet or wheels gives you a different perspective and appreciation of life.

4. Mix it up

Too much running can also hurt your body, doing the same repetitive movement for long periods of time can strain your muscles, without proper recovery, sports fatigue can happen.

Try cross-training, Yoga/Pilates or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in clubs like 360 Fitness, you can also swim or bike, who knows, maybe triathlon can be a next step for you.

5. Join a Group or form a team

Joining a team or a running group can you give you the necessary support to get you back on your feet, being around like minded individuals and friends that are still passionate about running can remind you on how fun it is to run together.

Looking for a team or group? Visit our PF Facebook Group!



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