Sofitel Manila Half-Marathon 2014 – Results Discussion and Photos



Congratulations to all the finishers of the recently concluded Sofitel Manila Half Marathon 2014! How was your Run? Thanks for dropping by the Pinoy Fitness booth! Time to share your comments and feedback guys!

Remember, your comments are very important to the organizers, it will surely help improve the race next year. And if you loved the race, leave them a cheer!

Sofitel Manila Half Marathon 2014
August 17, 2014
SM Mall of Asia

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Race Results:
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  1. i agree pag runrio, hassle free at wala kang ma sabi sa hydration (plus electrolytes), race course, nutrition (banana station), safety, security, etc. but if i may lang, there is but one flaw this time & i think this will happen again & again if not corrected.

    in my previous runs with Runrio, as in lots of runs, i always get the same finisher’s shirt size as my singlet. this is because they have a simple but effective system to print the singlet’s size on the D-tag and by the time you claim your finisher’s kit, the ushers will just look at your D-tag, collect it, and they will just hand out the correct size of your finisher’s shirt. It’s almost automatic. So you cannot claim a XXL if your singlet size is L and gift it to your uncle who rarely runs but wears the shirt proud when seeing his friends on a casual sunday walking exercise.

    So when I lined up for the L finisher’s booth, I was told to go to the XXL booth to claim my finisher’s kit. I explained that there was a mistake at the in-store registration where the attendant must have slipped the wrong D-tag into the race kit. I usually check the singlet size but not the printed size on the D-tag. To save trouble, I just went to the XXL booth. I understand that at the end of the race, the ushers will be audited as to the number of D-tags collected versus the inventory that was entrusted to them.

    I hope this gets to the organizers. Please make the system more error-proof. Maybe it’s time to get a blackbelter.

    Nonetheless, i put a smile on my uncle’s face. Again.

  2. as expected of runrio, a well organized and adequately resourced event… have to admit you got me with that feint in the finish line… just when you thought your home free… you get smacked with an 18KM sign telling you that there are 3 KM to go…

    • @Rizaldy, check Red Knight (RK) on Facebook, one of the photographers at the recent concluded event.

      Thanks very much Red Knight for capturing incredible photos on the run…!!!

  3. Lost my timing chip attached in my shoelace and didn’t notice it was gone while running. When I finished 21K I was not able to get my finisher shirts :(:(. I’m just hopping next time please include such clause in the registration policy. I thought 21K finishers stub attached in the Race bib will do..:haist! :(

  4. nice race yesterday…the weather is good…saka andming tumakbo, medyo crowded nung start pero wala nmn ako reklamo…ang ganda rin ng finisher shirt…my favorite color…

  5. Ang saya saya! Di sya as crowded ng milo. I love the route! Basa lang. Pasok yung mantsa sa insoles and socks ko. Ayaw matanggal ng asphalt stain. Maitim! Ariel pls! Lol
    Maluwag ang run ko kaso minsan if may nagoovertake sakin. Hindi naman maintain pacing nya. Nagsslowdown once sakto sa harap ko na. E ang luwag ng kalsada naman. Pero super ok ng event!

  6. Too bad. I arrived at 5:03 AM for my 10K run and even the 5K runners were already gone. The good thing is, the entire stretch of Seaside Blvd was all mine. I was able to catch up with a huge pack of 5K runners at the corner of Seaside Blvd and Macapagal Blvd. only to be left alone again as they have U-turned to Seaside Blvd. But Roxas Blvd was packed when I hit that area since 21K runners and several 10K runners were already running together all the way to the finish line.

  7. two things that really annoyed me:

    1. i really do not understand who drink from the hydration station then just lay the cup right back on the table when they’re done. i think it’s much better to lay the used cup on the road then let it be refilled. can runrio issue an additional reminder to all runners on proper cup disposal?

    2. hydration freeloaders on roxas blvd and ccp… i just hope the supply was enough for all registered runners.

  8. The route needed more lights especially during the early stages..there were potholes and puddles which could have caused some accidents..Ali’ one point, there were construction materials and no Marshall to guide the runners… Also, being dubbed as the Sofitel run, and presumably a way of promoting the hotel, it was disappointing to discover that the hotel did not provide any shuttle service to and from the starting site… It was relatively far. It was even nearer microtel and one wonders if it would have been more convenient to have checked in at microtel than Sofitel. Generally though, the race was ok

  9. Nakakabadtrip ang mga MANDARAYA sa mga 21km running events! Imagine, nagpapakahirap kaming tumakbo tapos itong mga ninja movers na to eh relax na relax nalang sa malapit sa finish line at mga U-turns. Im not against walkers, naglakad din ako kahit papaano. Mas ok pa nga yung ibang naglalakad pero tinapos talaga yung 21k event at nagsuot ng finisher shirt, kesa dun sa mga hindi naman talaga tumakbo ng 21k pero proud na proud magsuot ng F.S. Mapapansin nyo naman sa resulta yun eh. bungi mga result nila, especially yung 3 women na nasa likuran namin nung start. aba, nag sub 2hrs! ako eh naunahan na namin yung mga idol ko na bloggers at runners katulad nila (Green Eyes, Sir Jham, Franc Ramon, Alina Bejoc) tapos sila mas nauna pa samin!? Walanjo yan. Tapos nung uwian eh nakasuot na din ng F.S at panay ang selfie.

    Lesson Learned: Kung meron ka palang pang register sa mga running events at gusto mo ng F.S. at selfie pictures, Magregister ka lang at kahit hindi ka talaga tumakbo, magkakaroon ka.

      • Mag U-turn ba naman bago mag FerrisWheel kaysa dumeretso sa may Arena… ayun sub 2 ang kinalabasan… sabagay sino ba naman ang dinaya nila?

      • Ito yata yung mga nakasabay ko sa starting line na nag sub 2. hahah:
        1. Jenny Gaje (1:05) mabilis pa sa Kenyan sa 21KM
        2. Cristina Raneses (1:55)
        3. Joseph Gabriel Ariarte (1:07)
        4. Norman Mendoza (1:57)
        5. Darren ALbay (1:11)
        6. Joven Garcia (1:12)
        7. Arjay Pasumbal (2:03)
        8. Diorella Jean ALEGATA (2:07)
        Yung iba bungi yung time, baka nag shortcut. Pero yang 8 na yan ang walang time sa specified distance. “Finish Time” lang ang meron. Madami palang runners na pwede nang pumalit kina Buenavista. hahaha

      • Wag na kayo mag taka.. pag post ng Runrio list ng mga runners sa RU3 42k distance malamang andun pa rin yung mga nag RU1 21k at RU2 32k na mga walang record sa turn sa race result.. Di na ako maniwalang parating sira ang chips nila sa uturn area. Ganun sila katitibay buo ang loob at proud finisher din :)

      • actually, the sweetest victory for a true runner is to finish the race without cheating or taking shortcuts. Bragging your time finished is everyones prerogative. And “bragging” is different from “just being proud” of what you’ve accomplished. Bragging for me is taking a “selfie” wearing a finisher shirt and a medal of 21km run, but did not actually did the distance. Those are pathetic. :)

  10. Sharing my Sofitel Manila Half Marathon Race Post.

    ” The Annual Sofitel Run just got bigger with the #SofitelManilaHalfMarathon. We got a big medal for our big effort. It was fun running the MOA, Macapagal and Roxas Boulevard route that also gave us a view of Manila Bay and was for the cause of Virlanie Foudation. Thousands of runners went on to enjoy this run that also came with the cool weather. ”

  11. Kaya pala yung ibang long hair na girls e tuyo ang hair nila pagdating sa finishline. Poise pa sila. E basang basa ako. Madaya! Hmmp

    • nakakaasar kaya yung ganun. mas nakakaasar pa yung alam mong nandaya tapos panay ang selfie suot ang FS at medal. pustahan nasa facebook na nila yun. hahah. samantalang ako, hindi ko pinopost sa FB ko yung pic wearing FS at time finished ko. Yung iba hanggan pag uwi sa may mc donalds panay pa din ang selfie.

      To All: So kapag my pera ka pala at pangregister eh pwede ka sumali at tumakbo ng 1km pero claim mo pa din ang FS mo ganun ba yun??

      Kaya sinabing “Finisher” Shirt kasi ibig sabihin, tumakbo ka talaga ng ganung distansya.

      Saludo ako sa kahit matagal ang finished time, eh tinapos talaga ng walang daya yung distansya. :)

      • Honestly, we cant do anything about it. Yun lang. Sarili lang naman nila yung dinadaya nila kaya hayaan na lang natin.

  12. wala naman pride pag finish nila ng 21KM. di talaga mawawala ang mga ninja, ganun talaga bayad nila medal at FS. basta alam ntin sa sarili ntin we finished strong!


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