Lin Javier : I believed in myself when no one did!


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Growing up with a very heavy body weight was always a problem. I used to receive a memo from our school clinic every year that I was overweight. The heaviest that I got was about 186lbs and I was just in high school back then around 14-15 years old.

Ever since I was young, I was called as a ‘pig’, ‘whale’, ‘drum’, etc. and I never got mad. I used to believe that I really am that fat to be called as such. So I accepted these people on making fun of my shape. But on the inside, of course I can also feel pain. It was really hard for me, specially as an athlete.

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Badminton was my passion since I was 10. And I just can’t imagine how fat I could become if i wasn’t for this sport! I was an athlete in my entire high school life, but I used to get lazy on physical trainings that would include running and other cardio workouts. I only loved playing badminton itself.


I started to recognize myself as ugly, super fat, that no one is ever gonna like a person like me. I never got interested on fixing mg hair, clothes that I wear, my face, myself. That’s why people would call and recognize me as a lesbian, but swear, I AM NOT! I never got interested on being conscious on what I would look like on public because I knew that everyone’s gonna criticize me anyway, so why bother?

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When I entered college at the age of 16, I was accepted in the varsity team of Badminton in our University. On the first few months of training, I never joined the team on breakfast or lunch after training because I was shy. I was ashamed of how weak I was on training since they are all fit, strong, and toned while I was the only one full of fats and the last to finish every drill in our trainings. I was hearing some feedbacks that there were people who got irritated on how slow and poor my performance was, so it really made me sad.


But after few months, I got into a dare on losing weight for a couple of months, I did it and my “opponents” stopped but I didn’t. Then it made me realize one thing, “hey, I wasn’t weak after all. In fact, i’m even stronger than them.” I may not be as good as my co-athletes on the sport but I have the discipline, determination , direction and the drive to succeed. So from that moment, I never stopped.

I started to read a lot of articles and books and asked different coaches and nutritionist on the proper things to do. Then I lost weight by myself and posted pictures of my transformation that nothing’s impossible, that anyone can be a someone.


My relatives, friends, teachers and some coaches never new I can go this far, once they made me feel down that I should give up. There were even people who tried to stop me indirectly on my diet and work out as they also laughed at me believing that i am just wasting my time. And that made me even stronger.


I’d like to thank the people whom I asked questions and really believed that i can do it. I wish I can be an inspiration to everyone specially to the youth that experiences the same situation as mine and serve as a hope that YOU can be a person that everyone will look up to one day! I would also like to thank the people who didn’t believe in me, thank you for making me stronger.

– never get upset
– believe in yourself
– keep pushing
– everyone starts somewhere
– avoid cheating yourself
– have a healthy diet PLUS a regular exercise
– you need the 4 D’s!
— Discipline , Determination, Direction, and your Drive to Succeed
– learn how to sacrifice
– people will stare, make it worth their while
– Love what you’re doing
– Enjoy!
– Don’t forget to rest!!

Making this as a part of your lifestyle is really LIFE CHANGING!! It made my outlook in life better than before. it’s a better version of me know. Way better than before! Not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well!

I am Celina Denise Javier, or Lin for short. I weighed appx. 186lbs before and now, I’m 136lbs. And I’m still on the process of losing body fat since my goal is to reach 120lbs :) KEEP ON PUSHING!!

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I believed in myself when no one did!
I believe in you. HAVE FUN!! :) GOODLUCK :*

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  1. Very well said Lin you and your Tita Jhen are my inspiration into health and fitness now. We have the same sentiments even on childhood days. Keep it up! Continue to inspire other people who wants to be in a state of good health and to have a longer life.

  2. Well done! I admire people who have strong drive and people who have passion in whatever they are doing. Keep inspiring others. By the way, you look even more amazingly beautiful after your transformation, hope to see you in in Run United 3 or in any of the TriUnited Series/70.3 IronMan!

  3. Way to go, Lin! Keep up the good work. Never go back to your old diet and habits.. And never let people putting you down get to you. They are just envious of you. Your true friends should be very haply for you. And they will support you all the way. I am sure you are enjoying your badminton much more now and your game has probably even improved a lot since you are much fitter now. I am sure you are feeling much better physically,as well as mentally and that your confidence level is much higher now, as well.

    Good luck and more power to you. Thank you for sharing. May you continue to inspire many more people.


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