IBTUR Special Edition – September 26, 2014



IBTUR Unbreakable, A proud Philippine running event and the epic Ultra Marathon of the country is here again to give you the best running experience ever! On the 2nd year of IBTUR, we are giving the running community the Special Edition of IBTUR. This event features 4 Sub-Marathon categories (5K, 10K, 16K, 32K) and 3 Ultra Marathon categories (60K, 88K, 120K), the first ever in the country!

If you want to see the most beautiful outback (mountains and forest), if you want to gain mountain of confidence, if you want to prove that you are one Naibtur (unbreakable) runner, then this is your event!

IBTUR Special Edition 2014
September 26, 2014
Final Option Beach Resort, San Juan, La Union
5K / 10K / 16K / 32K / 60K / 88K / 120K

Registration Fees:
5K = Php 550
10K = Php 750
16K = Php 1,050
Inclusive of Singlet, Bib & Finisher’s Medal


32K = Php 1,500
60K= Php 2,000
88K= Php 2,500
Inclusive of Singlet, Bib, trophy, medal and a finisher shirt.

120K = Php 3,000
Inclusive of Singlet, Bib, Medal, Finisher Shirt & a souvenir trophy or painting.
Please write in the deposit slip or in your email your preferred souvenir.

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Registration Venues:
Registration Period: June 9 to August 30, 2014
To Register:
1. Deposit your payment @ IRUNNERS PRODUCTIONS BDO Account with Acct. No. 004430229387.
2. Scan/take a picture of your deposit slip with your full name and shirt size written on it.
3. Email your scanned deposit slip at [email protected] with the subject IBTUR2.

If you register on or before July 30, we will personalize your bib and the finishers of 16K will get to take home a finisher shirt if they register bet July 15 to July 31, 2014.

Contact Details:
Mobile: 0948-3456800

Mobile: 0920-9668707
or email us @ [email protected]
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/irunnerscommunity

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  1. Ultratrailer, part of the run is in the middle of forest and mountains where its hard to move the logistics and man the route that is why the fee is a little high, yes, the run is very close to trail the only difference is that there is a very narrow pavement for the runners to run, by the way trophies and medals will be given away to the 32k finishers and thats another consideration for the fee

  2. I’ll understand your logistics problem if 32k is the farthest category in this event but it’s not. You have a 120k which means logistics for the lower categories are not justified by the price.

    Hydration stations for the lower categories are literally much nearer than the 120k route… Why ask for so much ? Specially for the 16k and 32k?

  3. Ultratrailer, unlike any other event, we don’t have sponsor or big sponsor, that is why the event is self-sufficient and we only rely on the fees for the event to roll on, this explains actually everything.
    2nd point, Regardless if we have higher category which actually is easier and lot cheaper to manage bec the partcipants are ultra runners, or fellows who are not that sensitive and very easy to please, the runners of sub-marathon categories such as 32K are more demanding and requires special attention and care, and this means more man power to man the route, more water, more medics, more logistics etc.
    Ultrarunner, i bet you did not have any experience on how to organize a running event esp, an event that has no sponsor, if you have done it already and you are indeed an organizer then i think you should keep your peace because this is not your business sir and we ought to respect each other way of conducting its business, unless ofcourse i know you and you have other agenda more than just critiquing our fees…?
    If you are really sincere with your comments why not call me sir here is my number: 09483456800 and let me hear more about your wonderful suggestions, ill wait for your call sir, thank you

  4. There are a lot of other organizers who don’t have sponsors and yet their prices are not really this high.

    You’re right I don’t have any experience in organizing these events so I researched a bit and the prices are kinda revealing.

    These are prices for each when bought in bulk.
    Singlets- can cost as low as 80Php
    Race bib- 10Php
    Timing chip- 70Php…although I don’t think this event will have this.
    Medals and trophies- 50php/100php

    And an event this small will only require 1 or 2 sets of medical teams for ALL the categories who will just patrol the whole route back and fourth so that means ALL the categories are paying for the same medical team.
    Hydration stations are relative to distance…the lesser your distance the less hydration station that you have to pass through.

    And please don’t tell me to call you personally coz other runners should read this and I bet they’re also waiting for a decent answer from you.

    I reiterate, the prices specially the 16k and 32k are so high considering that this is just a road run and not a trail run.
    I’m guessing that these two categories will have the bulk of the runners?

  5. just my opinion: I ‘d rather run 32k and paying 1500 pesos assured… than paying 500 pesos and just hope that aid stations will provide sufficient supplies to sustain and survive the distance.

    • 1500 for an assured what? Even if you pay 4k and there’s a hydration station every 500 meters it doesn’t matter… It’s your training that will save you, unless you want to walk all the way.

      I’m guessing you’re one of the organizers of this event?
      You’re robbing runners…

      P.s. Pls check your grammar.

    • The nuvali challenge 2014 is a 50k trail run that costs 1500.

      Just giving you an idea of how overpriced your event is.

      That’s a TRAIL RUN and every hydration station had cold drinks and some even had bananas, pineapple, watermelon, chocolates and cookies.

  6. To randy abasolo

    Will there be cold Gatorade and water in every hydration station?
    Will there be bananas, eggs, chocolates, salt sticks in some of the stations?

  7. cityrunner yes we will provide sufficient hydration stops in the route, Yan po ang tatak IRUNNERS you can ask any runner who run for our events sila po ang makapagsasabi kung paano kami mag alaga ng runners.

    • Mam Maritess we highly recommend yung Final Option Resort being our partner in this event pero kung you are looking for more affordable rates just contact sir Ian @ cellphone number 09209668707 sya po ang bahala na hanapan kayo ng affordable rates na transient houses and hotels :)

    • Medyo nakaka pag isip nga din bat ang taas? Tumakbo ako sa nuvali pero Hindi 50k. Kumpleto yun hydration station at 1500 nga lang yun registration para sa 50k.

      Bka pag kaya ko na ang 50k eh 3000 na ang registration fee hehe

  8. sir ask ko lang may prize po b ang mga mananalo prara naman gnahan ang mga runners lalo n kung gling p s malayong lugar at hangang ilang top ang mayrun?pls rpl nman po thanks

  9. Kung namamahalan sa fee, huwag sumali. Ang tunay na ultra runner, self sufficient, hindi reklamador, sasalihan ang event dahil gusto ang ruta o dahil sa naniniwala sa organizer. Ang tunay na ultra runner hindi magre-rely sa aid station dahil alam niya ang nutritional requirements niya and most probably may support crew siya.

  10. @TrailUltraRunner – tama ka diyan Sir..Ang patakbong ito ay di dapat palamapsin..dito lang ako nakatakbo na ang ultrarunners ay inaabangan ng mga taung bayan kapag dumadaan ka kahit sa Kabundukan..kahit wasak na wasak kami noon at di makausap ng maayos pagkatapos tumakbo ng 88 K sa IBTUR 1..babalik kami ng mga Team Mates ko sa Team Pasyal para tumakbo ng 120 K..Kitakits po sa Sept 26.

  11. Trailutrarunner at sir Herbert Puyat maraming salamat po, pagpalain nawa kayo ng maykapal sa inyong tapat at mabuting opinyon

  12. kung may reklamo sa mahal na registration, e di wag salihan, ganun lang kadali un!!! ang taong may sakit na inggit sa katawan, mahirap na pong gamutin yan. ang dami pang ibang run dyan, e dun ka po sumali… pinupwersa ka ba na sumali dito? ang totoong ultra runner, positvie ang outlook sa buhay. dapat masaya po tau dahil maraming na pong nag o-organize ng running events…. i don’t see it as competition ng mga organizers, i see it as good opportunity sa marami to grow: parte ng organizers, runners, venue (tourism na rin po), etc…. sana you get my point po… kaya love love love love, positibo lang po tau, ok?


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