The UNREAL Experience with Gatorade Green Fury



The UNREAL Experience with Gatorade Green Fury
by: TQ Antiqueno

As the World Cup is played out in Brazil, we, along with other football enthusiasts gathered at the Gatorade- Chelsea Blue Pitch in Circuit Makati last June 2, 2014 to get a taste of the beautiful game and the new Gatorade Green Fury. The event, sponsored by Gatorade gave us the opportunity to train and play football in the really cool blue football field with the great coaches from Chelsea FC Soccer School and members from the Philippine Azkals.

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It was quite an experience and a pleasant surprise to find such a lush field in the middle of the city. We were welcomed by the bright orange Gatorade tents where we were given our welcome kits, uniforms, shoes and samples of the new Gatorade variant: Gatorade Green Fury. We were also given two baller bands with detachable beads which we would use later on as entries to the raffle draw.

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The sky was dark and the sky heavy; but the field was well lit and fully equipped with training areas which we would each pass through to try out. But before any training or drills commenced, a little limbering up was in order. We formed a large circle and Nate Burkey, Azkal’s forward lead the stretching and warm up games to start our blood flowing. With us in the circle were the Younghusbands, Phil and James, Chieffy Calindong, all casually participating and being one with the group.

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After the warm up, we were divided into 7 groups and passed through each of the 7 drill points: kicking, dribbling, headbutting, passing, target shooting, and physical fitness assessment which was handled by the University of Sto. Tomas College of Rehabilitation Sciences. Each stop had a fishbowl where we can drop in the beads from the baller bands we detached for the raffle. After going through all the drill points, there was no dry shirt to be seen but everyone was kept energized and hydrated by the ice-cold Gatorades readily available in the area. All the drills and training were of course steps towards something bigger. Everyone at this point were trained, pumped and ready for the big skirmish.

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The group was divided into two, with an equal distribution of Azkal members on each side. We had James Younghusband as our goal keeper and Nate Burkey as a forward, while the opposing team had Phil and Chieffy. With FIFA in our heads and the drills in our bodies, both teams ran, and kicked and fought the hard fight – the beautiful game; but in the end our side brought home the cup. As prize, we were each awarded Gatorade duffle bags, and a case of the new Gatorade Green Fury to keep us hydrated and and performing.

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To cap the evening, awards were given to lucky raffle winners. Adidas shirts, knee pads and gloves were given away. I was lucky enough to win a shirt but our very own Jeff Lo won the much sought-after gatorade jug. However, the biggest prizes given away were the official Aguero, Luiz and Messi soccer jerseys which unfortunately we didn’t win. Congrats to the winners though!

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Gatorade has once again proven it’s great support for sports, athletes and sports enthusiasts by creating the new limited edition Green Fury flavor, and by teaming up with the biggest figures in Philippine football. Thanks to the Gatorade Team, the Chelsea FC Soccer School and to Pinoy Fitness for the opportunity to part of this unreal experience.

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