Run to Charge your Smartphone



Angelo Casimiro, a 15-year-old student from the Philippines found a way to charge any portable device by simply walking, running, or hiking.

A device that might come in handy when you’re hiking or running outdoors and you don’t have any outlet to charge your smartphone device.

Using piezoelectric transducers, Angelo came up with a system that can harness the energy produced with each step made, then submitted the project at the 2014 Google Science Fair. Here’s a list of the components he used in the project.


Of-course, it might take a while before the prototype become readily available for consumers, but the idea indeed has potential, self-powered GPS enabled running or hiking shoes that can help track and communicate as well as charge mobile devices might be the next big thing… and we’re just glad to know that a 15-year-old Pinoy made the first step towards it.

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  1. I think there is another chance for Angelo to participate in the International Invention competition whose first place finish is a 13 year old Muslim Filipino boy held in Berlin (2014). His invention is the use of coconut (nata de coco) to produce an environmentally friendly plastic that will not be harmful to the mother earth. Try it Angelo. your teacher might know about this. Keep it up.


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