XPS TV coverage of the Pinoy Fitness SUB1 10K Challenge



Crispo Mojica of XPS TV met with me one evening to discuss about an idea to covering the Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K Challenge. We don’t want it to be just an event shoot/coverage, we want to make it different, to make it more inspiring, he said. Then an idea came, how about featuring 2 runners who’s willing to take the challenge and cover their story instead.


We found 2 runners, Doc John Solamo an ophthalmologist who aspires to be able to run a SUB-1 10K but suffered a major set-back when he went under surgery for a triple heart by-pass 2 years ago, now he’s back and aims to fulfill his dream.


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Second was Eli Malicdem, a triathlete and ultra-marathoner, who loves challenges, a SUB-1 10K might sound easy for a well trained athlete like Eli, but she’s aiming for something harder, she wants to beat the SUB-50 mins time. Both athlete is under the Coaching and guidance of Coach Normal Pascual.


Where they able to achieve their goals? Watch the 3 Part Episode and follow their story:

Thank you XPS TV for covering the Pinoy Fitness SUB1 10K Challange! Catch them every Sunday 11am at PTV4!

Xperience Pinoy Sports (XPS) is a sport development program initiated by the Int’l. Insitute for Film & Broadcast Arts, IIFBA and the Philippine Sports writers Association for the development of Philippine sports and the celebration of the Filipino athlete.

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