Skyathon Boracay Beach Run 2014 – Results Discussion and Photos



Congratulations to all the finishers of the recently concluded Skyathon Boracay Beach Run 2014 held in the beautiful beach of Boracay! How was your experience running on the Beach!? Time to share your comments and feedback guys!

Remember, your comments are very important to the organizers, it will surely help improve the race next year. And if you loved the race, leave them a cheer!

Skyathon Boracay Beach Run 2014
April 26, 2014
Boracay Island

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  1. It was poorly organized. The assembly time was 5am but the race didn’t start until 6:40. Participants weren’t even grouped per category until the race was about to start and the organizers couldn’t even decide if they should let the 10k peeps run first, hold the 5k peeps or.let them run immediately after. Worse, the map reads that 5k runners should run until station 3 but they announced before race that we should turn after uptown. Gps only registered less than 2k. It was a disappointing race.

  2. Sad to say, the race was so disappointing, majority of the participants spend their savings to get a plane/ship ticket and to pay for the hotel just to experience this event. for 10k runners, they got confused which track to follow, thats why some of them didn’t even go on the particular stations. Now, where is the race result? Good thing i know my own time when i crossed the finish line.

  3. new organizers so it’s a different approach. Let’s just say the Run is poorly executed. though the Party(Sounds of sundown/Sky High Five) was awesome.

  4. The shortest 5k ever! lols. Napakagulo. Dahil ba sa nag iba na ng organizer? Madaming nagkaligaw ligaw sa route na runners.

  5. Really disappointing. Tirik na ang araw ng mgstart so ang ending sunog kaming nag 10k. Unlike last year that we had to start at sunrise and before the sun was up, we were done. And what’s with the few pieces of freebies??? Bakit wala ng finisher’s shirt? And 4 days na wala pang pics. It was really a letdown. We are giving up on this run. Sayang suki pa naman kami nito. There are other events in Bora next summer im sure

  6. 3rd Skyathon ko na pero sadly, ito yung pinakamagulo. To think, 5th year na pero ito pa yung worst. Late na nag start, ang labo pa ng route. Hindi kelangan ng GPS to know na less than half lang ng 5K yung takbo. Bakit ba kasi iniba yung route? Ok na yung start sa Epic last year. This year, epic fail! And we didn’t even run through the arch. Nandun lang siya sa side ng Guilly’s. Konti din ng freebies. Mas pinaghandaan pa ata yung party. But I didn’t go there to party. I spent some of my savings to register, fly there & book a room… to run! And where are the photos and results? So disorganized! Such a disappointment!

  7. My 4th Skyathon and I must agree with all the other comments above. This one was poorly executed. From late announcement of date, singlet quality, gunstart, race route & freebies are the things that requires improvement next year. Hopefully SkyCable chooses another organizer next year. Xtribe did a great job in the last 2 yrs. The party was insanely amazing tho’ Looking forward to next year’s run.

  8. This was my third Skyathon and this is actually the worst. From late gun start, disorganized race marshalls (the guy on 5K u-turn point clearly doesn’t know what to do), water hydration only (last year it was Pocari, two years ago I think it’s Powerade or Gatorade), lack of freebies (we had a BIG bag of freebies the past two years), no finisher shirt (I have those the past two years) and even lack of celebrity runners. Like what BeckyRunner said, Xtribe did really well and obviously, more participants joined in the previous Skyathons.

    Good thing DJ Nina (together with Guilly’s Island and Emperador) saved the horrible event but still, it’s non-running related.

  9. My 2012 and 2013 singlets say Finishline not Xtribe. They were hired by an events group.

    Whoever they are, they did their homework. The parties then were also great. There wasn’t really any significant difference from this year’s. There were also known celebrities then who even joined the games. Freebies were awesome.

    Baka tinipid! LOL.

  10. what run?! to be blunt, it was like napilitan lang mag-skyathon para lang may skyathon this year. kinalimutan muna ang quality.

  11. shortchanged, that’s what i felt with this run. i had a great time in my first skyathon last year and i thought this was going to be bigger and better. i was wrong! it was so disorganized. route was confusing, even the race marshals look confused and did not know what to do! i was also expecting a bigger loot bag with more freebies & a finisher’s shirt. i was wrong again. i was expecting to run with more celebrity runners, last year i ran with jake cuenca, troy, aubrey, etc. wrong again. it was really really disappointing! sayang lang binayad ko. this run (if you can call it that) was a farce!

  12. My 3rd, and it was the worst! Ayoko na sumali sa SkyAthon! Poorly organized, pwede pa siguro kung maibabalik sa Phinishline ang pag organize, palpak tong bagong organizer na kinuha ng Sky!

  13. Sad to say this is the worst marathon I’ve ever joined. Waste of money and time. Assembly time was 5 am but the race started at around 6:40 am. Sayang naman yung effort ko gumising pa ko ng maaga para makarating before 5, inantok na ko bago pa nag start. Pano nanalo yung mga nag join ng 5k e hinde naman umabot ng 5k yung tinakbo nila.Wala man lang distance markers kung ilan na ang natatakbo mo. Yung medals parepareho lang yung sa 5k at sa 10k.. Yung mga freebies walang kakwentakwentang mga discount coupon, sun visor na ewan bag na hinde mo naman mapapakinabangan at isang tablet ng centrum. Sana finisher shirt na lang. Wag na sana maulit ang ganitong walang wentang race. Sana mabasa ng organizers ang mga comment.

  14. Late gun start! Why? Kasi nagbebenta pa sila ng mga kit. Pinapaubos pa. Sayang daw kasi ang benta. Tsktsk.

    To Skycable! Pakidouble check ang mga background ng organizer! Felt like we we’re robbed. Every year pinag iipuanan namin ang event na to tapos ito pa ang mangyayari. Walang kamuang muang ang organizer na napili nyo.


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