History and Mystery at Outbreak Missions: Intramuros, The Walled City



Manila, April 8, 2014 — The story picks up where it left of. It was just five months ago when twelve thousand people experienced the live-action adventure of Outbreak Missions. The task was to find a rumored cure to the zombie apocalypse discovered by a certain Dr. Adarna. But there were two things that participants then did not know. First, that there was more than one Dr. Adarna; and second, that the coveted cure was actually the source of the undead epidemic. This twist led people to call the event the most-epic Outbreak yet.


Last April 5, 2014, four thousand people came face to face with hordes of zombies in the continuation of a plot surrounded by mystery and history. Outbreak Missions: Operation Stronghold tasked participants to find the cure to the zombie plague possibly hidden in the corridors of Intramuros. On that evening, the Walled City played host to the most elaborate Outbreak yet, complete with special challenges, special characters, clues, and, of course, zombies.



“Many people know Intramuros to be a historical place. It was the center of life and commerce during the Spanish era. The fortress was built to protect inhabitants from attack by hostile forces. Outbreak Missions plays on the thought that the Walled City was designed to protect Filipinos not only from the savagery of the living, but the undead as well! In Project Stronghold, participants were thrust back in history to see if the zombie vaccine could be found inside the dark corridors and secret dungeons of Intramuros! Judging by the screams we’ve heard, I can say that people got their history lesson loud and clear”, says Angelo Cruz of Runtertainment Inc.


Participants had their dose of history while dodging zombies intent on grabbing their life flags. The objective was to finish the course “alive” with at least one life flag intact. Indeed, Outbreak Missions is a dose of adrenaline and a test of brains that both runners and non-runners will surely enjoy.


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Photo c/o: Outbreak Manila

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