DELRUN 3 Takbo para sa Marikina Watershed 2014 Results Discussion



Congratulations to all the winners and finishers of the recently concluded DELRUN 3 Takbo para sa Marikina Watershed 2014 in Marikina! How was your run!? Time to share your comments and feedback guys!

Remember, your comments are very important to the organizers, it will surely help improve the race next year. And if you loved the race, leave them a cheer!

DELRUN 3 Takbo para sa Marikina Watershed 2014
April 13, 2014
Marikina Sports Center

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  1. what a wonderful and fun run ive got a time to huddle with our beloved and friendly neighborhood mayor del of marikina city and runnign icon rio dela cruz also of marikina what a thrill and surpris eof my life when i won botak bag haha.see u next del run all. mabuhay

  2. I will not join a race that starts in the afternoon during summer again

    It was too hot. There were some roads that were not closed to vehicles so runners had play patintero with some cars.

  3. but the race starts at 4:30 pm in 5k while in 10k its 4 pm but for me its not that hot yesterday and besides its for fun lang nman at para maiba naman runnign sa ha[on hrap magsing ng maaga para mag run esp.if its too early in the morning.well its an adventure its not yet a trail run mcuh difficult.for me naman as i see meron namang mga traffic enforcer na nagtrapik yesterday no unusual occurrence happened.

  4. sana nga morning na lng much better kc khit me enforcer un ibang sasakyan glad theres no accident happen see u next race..

  5. grabe init race time. roads going to the finish line were still open to vehicles. the route was good though. dami nalagas agad dun sa uphill along lilac st. buti kabisado ko ang mga daan na maganda tumakbo at magdahan-dahan since hometown ko :)


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