Looter’s Run – May 25, 2014



The lure of long-forgotten treasure and the dark omen of pirates just waiting to rob you come alive in Looter’s Run. Run your way through hordes of vicious pirates while hunting hidden loot in this thematic fun run presented by Solemne Ministry Inc. The run will be held on 25 May 2014 at the Quezon Memorial Circle, with the course using the bike lane of the circumferential road and the assembly area within the park.

The event has been created to raise funds for the Holy Family Parish church, which has long been in need of extensive repairs, and for the ministerial programs of Solemne Ministry, Inc.

Looter’s Run
May 25, 2014 @ 4AM Postponed
Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City
4K / 10K
Organizer: Solemne Ministry Inc.

Registration Fees:
4K – (2 Laps) Php 500
10K – (5 Laps) Php 800


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Registration Venues:
Holy Family Parish Kamias

Other venues to be announced through Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/LootersRun

More Information:
The run will be divided into two groups of participants: the runners and the pirates. The two groups will be pitted against each other over the course of the run as the runners try to avoid the pirates from grabbing any of their life flags or loot bags.

The runners will be given a life belt, a loot bag and life flags. The life flags will represent the runner’s “lives” during the run, and the number of flags will depend on the distance class the runner chooses to enter. Running out of life flags before the end of the race will disqualify the runner from any of the prizes or tokens that will be given after the run. Loot will be scattered around the course for the runners to find and secure inside the loot bag; prizes will also be given to “live” finishers with the most amount of loot. While navigating obstacles and rough terrain, the runners will have to protect the life flags and loot bags from the pirates, who will attempt to steal these items.

The pirates will have to be in costume, and will be stationed in specific areas of the course; for safety reasons, they will not be allowed to go beyond the bounds of their assigned area. They may only grab one life flag from one runner at a time. The runners will have a choice of two distance classes: two laps of QMC or five laps of QMC. Each lap of QMC is equivalent to 2 kilometres.

Registered runners will be provided a runner’s kit, which includes the life belt, life flags and loot bag. Drinking and medical stations will be scattered around the course; refreshments will be available within the assembly area during the duration of the event.

There will be prizes for the three “live” finishers with the lowest total elapsed time per distance class and prizes for the three “live” finishers with the most collected loot per distance class. Shirts will be given to all “live” finishers. Prizes will also be given to “live” finishers with the most collected loot. For the pirates, the pirate with the most life flags taken will be awarded, as will be the pirate with the most loot stolen.

Gun Start:

Finisher’s Shirt:

Contact Details:
Steffi Graf G. Bontogon
Mobile: 0917-8152749

Eugene C. Calimag
Mobile: 0917-7106165
Email: [email protected]

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  1. Maganda yung finisher shirt base sa posted photo? A picture paints a thousand words. Sometimes what we see is not what it seems.


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