PF SUB1 10K Ready in 10 Weeks by Coach Ani De Leon



SPEED is not something you develop overnight, you need to train and prepare your body for it… Planning of joining the Pinoy Fitness SUB1 10K Challenge but is not sure on how to prepare for a SUB1 10K Race?Here’s something to help you with your training.

We worked together with Top Triathlon Coach Ani De Leon-Brown and came up with a 10 Weeks Training program to help you be SUB1 10K Ready.

Time to be SUB-1 10K Ready in 10 Weeks

by Coach Ani De Leon-Brown

Program Notes:
A. This is a 10 week guide for runners who:
1) have been running regularly for at least 3 months
2) are injury- free and healthy
3) want to kick butt

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B. For beginner runners, stay on the low end of the workouts (ex. If it says 30-45min run, do 30min). For intermediate and experienced runners, stay on the high end of the sessions (ex. If it says 30-45min run, do 45min).

C. Be smart. If fatigued, take it easy by either just doing an easy session or skipping the session. If sick, don’t do any of the sessions until you are fully well.

D. If you only have limited days to train, prioritize the:
1) Long Run
2) Speed Run
3) Strength Run

E. Protocol for sessions:
1) Always warm up 5-15min easily, walk/jog/easy paced run
2) It helps to do some dynamic stretches and a few run drills before your main set if you have time to insert them in. These can include leg swings, arm swings, skipping, high knees, butt kicks, bounding, lateral running, backward running.
3) For all speed and speed endurance sessions, execute this set before the Main Set: 4-6x 100m accelerations (not a full sprint, just cruising speed) with 100m easy jog/walk as recovery in between.
4) Always cool down with an easy run, jog or walk after the main set
5) Always time your efforts. If your goal is to run a SUB-1 10k, then your Target 10k Pace or T10k should be at 5:59 min/km or faster.
6) Try to avoid running on the pavement when you have a chance, especially when doing the speed sessions. Make use of a track oval, a treadmill, or run on grass or dirt to protect your joints from constant pounding.
7) Supplement your run training with 2x a week of Strengthening Sessions (Weights, Pilates, TRX, etc). Focus on your core muscles. Just refrain from doing these sessions in the last two weeks before the race.

Download the 10 Weeks SUB-1 Training Program:

Download Training Plan

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