Hydration Problem? No Problem! Get a Caribee Hydration Backpack!


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Hydration has always been a problem when training for a Marathon or doing long Bike rides, many times you don’t have the luxury locating a convenience store to stop and re-hydrate.

Luckily my hydration problem has been solved thanks to a gift from Caribee Philippines. If 2 hydration bottles is not enough, I put on the Caribee 1.5L Hydra to give me that extra hydration to help me complete my ride.


The Caribee Hydra Sports Hydration Pack includes a 1.5L TPU hydration bladder with screw cap, an insulated hydration sleeve, a main storage compartment audio pocket with cord port, a sternum strap and it comes with a twin shoulder duct hydration exit holes. You can put in your phone, wallet and some extra snacks in it.

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Took it out on a rainy day ride, it’s light and fits perfectly, definitely something that needs to be in your equipment list when you plan to do your long run and rides.

The Caribee Hydra cost around P1,899 and you can grab one online via WeeMall.com

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