Wakeskate at the Banaue Rice Terraces with Brian Grubb


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It’s amazing how sports and fitness when done properly can bring out the beauty of one of the most beautiful location in the Philippines. The Banaue Rice Terraces.

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When I heard about the video of Professional wakeskaters Brian Grubb (USA) and Dominik Preisner (GER) wakeskating at the Banaue Rice Terraces, I initially thought it’s just stunt for some commercial. But looking at the video, I was actually touched on how it brings out the beauty of our beloved country.

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Great job guys! Watch the full video below and share your comments!

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  1. ^this was done with the approval of the tribe leaders as well as the farmers. At hindi naman gagawing venue ang BRT, please breakdown the details on how “endangering farmers just to get a dramatic shot”

    • if it is promotional (one time) well and good. time to showcase BRT. But then, I doubt the possibility of it being converted to a sports recreation facility. Whoever fathoms that concept does not consider the repercussions (eg: public ire)

  2. Based on published and broadcast media reports this stunt was done in coordination and approval of the tourism department, local government and local residents to promote the famed Banaue Rice Terraces. Let us open our minds before we open our mouth!

  3. I strongly believe that there is nothing wrong here.
    Haters gonna hate! :D

    I’ve been in Banaue and people around the world should know that there’s a place like this in the country. This is another way of promoting the country and a foreigner promoting it is also a plus point.

    I work in a hospitality and tourism related industry and a high rate of tourists coming in the country is a good business not only for us but for other businesses too.
    It is a domino effect.

    It’s only sad that some people comment that the elders only agree because they pay fat cash. OK, They were paid but to help in their farming and all. These people have their values intact and living the way life their ancestors lived. If they can be easily be bought maybe they already have mansion there, but they chose to live a simple life.

    They wont allow this to happen if they know they are going to destroy something or against their belief. Brian Grubb is professional and know what he is doing.

    They are just promoting and living the FUN in our tourism slogan.


    We are filipinos and we should be happy that a foreigner is promoting our BRT, and its like a “free advertisement”

    So stop bashing. Watch and listen to what Mr. Grubb saying in the video.


  4. Rather than bashing Brian Grubb we should thank him for promoting the famed Banaue Rice Terraces! What we should bash are those Filipinos that travel abroad and brag on social media as if the world care.

  5. The video is cool and definitely breathtaking! Yes, it shows how beautiful the Banaue Rice Terraces is but I’m afraid that the message of the video will be misunderstood. For me, it should showcase more of how SHOULD the place be viewed at especially by people who don’t even know a little of the history of the BRT.
    It is an agricultural land and sacred to most of the Ifugaos and not a wakeskating site.


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