The Pink Run 2013 – Results Discussion and Photos



Congratulations to all finishers of the recently concluded The Pink Run 2013 at UP Diliman! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

Pink Run 2013
October 27, 2013
UP Diliman

Race Results:
The Pink Run 2013 – Race Results

Photo Links:
THE PINK RUN by Red Knight Runner – (SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3 | SET 4)

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  1. Yeah, I agree cyanide, although I already have a hunch that it will be a hamster race, also the promise to replace my singlet did not happened. There were also lapses in the event coordination e.g. late setup of portalets, no race signage & race directions in front of UP. Overall it was a good race w/ a good cause

  2. Me and my whole joined the event my dad brothers were in the 16K, me and my mom were in the 5k and my sister was in the 3k. The event was fun there are few cons

    -They kept telling us that they’ll have our size on the day but when we got there they said they dont have that certain size delivered.

    -The marshal kept asking my dad and brother when they gave they’re ribbon how many laps they still have left when they have 1.5 laps left. As if they are rushing them to finish the 16k.

    -After my my dad and brother finished the 16k and they are about to claim their goodies they said that there are no more goodies left and there are about 20 people claiming it. Meaning, some people received or got couple of goodies. My eldest brother said that the girl from the booth was giving her 2 light pink bags but he gave it back to her cause he thought she made a mistake for giving him two bags.

    but all in all the event was fun!

  3. For a fun run-slash-run for a cause, this was a pretty good event.
    Organized naman siya except dun sa pagkuha ng ribbon (marker of how many laps you’ve done na). I had to shout the color that I should get from a distance (the emcees explained the color coding earlier) to hasten the marshals.
    The emcees were as lively and as encouraging as they can be, and so were the race organizers themselves.
    Hydration was enough, weather cooperated, the otherwise packed acad oval still had some room for us runners to actually run.
    Loot bag was pretty nice, the gift pack for the podium finishers was more than what you would expect in a fun run.
    And of course, it was very encouraging to see the cancer survivors there to support, and even participate in, the run.

  4. overall, for a good cause it was okay- some comments though
    1- the race route stinks, well not the fault of the organizers who said that UP admin disallowed them to use a different route- but tik tak bo dash was allowed in the previous run at UP- the race route caused congestion for the 10/16 k runners because of the runners who just walked and the other regular runners
    2- it’s hard to focus on the race as you have to shout out and remember the number of times you turned around to get the ribbons!
    3- the race route distance is actually 16.7 km not 16 km, don’t know about the 10k and 5 k distance
    4- the gatorade was heavily dilluted with water and water almost run out
    5- the loot bags were just empty and full of flyers from medical city/st lukes
    6- no drinks/food at the end of the race ( i was able to get pocari’s lots of them and sandwiches at the back of the tent )
    the good side
    7- fairly accurate results – was 150+ place from around 300+ runners 16k
    8- free pictures at the end of the race
    One of the organizers I talked to said that Camp Aguinaldo is an alternative, sayang duon na lang sana- that place is very good for running, may touch of country road
    might join next time, liked the singlet


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