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Sweaty Shirt, Sweaty Shorts, Sweaty Underwear… How do you keep them after a long training or after a race? Put them in a plastic bag? Wrap them around a towel? Or do you just simply throw them at the trunk of your car?

Well, I’m guilty of doing ALL OF THE ABOVE… until I found a better way, I discovered KIT, short for Keeping It Together.

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My friend Rachelle one the owner of KIT saw me one day and introduced me to one of her products, a water proof wetbag, simply put, it’s like a re-usable plastic bag, one that looks nicer, cooler and it helps reduce the use of plastics too!


photo 2

So after a hard training day, I just dump all of my sweat soaked clothes into my new KIT wetbag, zip it up and put it into my gym bag then off I go! Neat and Clean… no sweaty smell too!

photo 4

Another awesome thing about this wetbag is that it only cost me P395! Now I don’t need to worry about where to put all of my stinky sweaty stuff!


Besides the Wetbag, KIT also have other items that might be useful for active people like me, they have a mini-pouch (P195) to keep all of your fitness gadgets from your iPod, HRM belts, training watches, as well as a toiletry pouch (P295) if you need to bring stuff for a quick shower after your training.

KIT actually have a complete line of stuff to Keep Things Together.. Check out their Facebook page at ->

KIT is located at THEATRE MALL, GREENHILLS (across MIX GEMS, before food court)

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