Facial Care is for Women… OR NOT



Facial Care is for Women… OR NOT

Facial Care is for women; this is what has been programmed to me since I was a little kid, this has been my understanding, this has been my belief, it has not changed, until today.

Ever since I started living an active lifestyle and began to do a lot of outdoor sports like Surfing, Running, Biking and Swimming, I notice that due to constant sun exposure my skin is now much darker, dry skin has been a constant problem, and I also notice more wrinkles as time pass.

I started to ask advice from my sisters and girl-friends on how to help improve my skin condition while still maintaining my passion for fitness, they would often recommend sunblock, toners, and moisturizers and some would recommend to get professional facial care treatment… I stayed away from the latter one.


Then lo and behold, another email just arrived… from Flawless! They emailed to ask if we’re interested to try out their newest product, the Cell Booster Infusion Mask (Sounds High-Tech), here is what the press release says.

Flawless’ Stem Cell Line’s innovative formulation utilizes plant stem cell technology to revive the skin’s youthful appearance by protecting it against oxidative stress and boosting the skin’s repair and rejuvenation systems. The new line is not just for people with maturing skin. Underscoring Flawless’ commitment to provide world-class skincare solutions for everyone, it’s also an ideal preventive care for people exposed to various aging factors.

For maturing skin… ahem, they really know how to hit the sweet spot.

After a few email exchanges and discussions with them, I finally decided to give it a go; it’s a FREE trial anyway, nothing to loose, but in the end, I was actually glad I tried it.

Lesson Number 1: It seems like time has changed, I went to their SM Megamall branch and took at peak at their services list and saw – “Real Gentleman Facial”.


This got me curious, so I asked my therapist later on about it, I asked how much of their clients are men, I got a surprising answer… 40%

Lesson Number 2: It’s a bit painful. It took some time for my therapist to extract and de-clog my pores with whiteheads and blackheads, seems like I’m harbouring them for years and I never knew or paid any attention to them.

Lesson Number 3: It works! Amazingly, after a few days after the treatment, I got several girl-friends complementing how fresh my skin looks; it’s even more amazing how observant other people are with our skin. I guess the Cell Booster Infusion Mask works!


Lesson Number 4: Facial Care is for everyone!

I was able to have a chat with their resident doctor, Dra. Evelyn, I asked about her recommendation for skin care for active people like us. She replied:

(1) Sunblock, Sunblock, Sunblock. Even if we’re not directly exposed to the sun, we still need to apply sunblock to protect the skin.
(2) Clean, Tone and Moisturize, this will help clean the dirt we accumulate over our face, especially after a heavy workout and being exposed to smoke and dust
(3) Get a regular facial treatment, to remove clogged dirt and help rejuvenate the skin.

Got additional skin/facial care tips? Share them below!

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