UltraSWIM for CARA Welfare Philippines 2013



Hanna Sanchez is a Filipina triathlete from Team Endure will swim 900 laps on June 15 to raise funds for the benefit of CARA Welfare Philippines.

CARA is a group of animal-loving professionals who are determined to help the abandoned and abused animals to give them the lives they rightfully deserve. It is a non-profit, non-government organization with this mission:

* educate the public on animal welfare
* promote compassion for animals and responsible pet ownership
* address animal cruelty and abuse
* effectively control street animal overpopulation

UltraSWIM for CARA Welfare Philippines
June 15, 2013
YMCA Binondo

Support us by joining our Events

The ultra swim event will happen at YMCA Binondo on June 15, from 7am to 8pm. Interested people can either donate any fixed amount or pledge per lap (at least a peso per lap).

First fill up the pledge form -> Click Here

Second, deposit donations on the following bank accounts of CARA:

Philippine Peso (PHP)
Account # 3191-0467-05
CARA Welfare Philippines
Bank of the Philippine Islands
Atrium Branch, Makati City

Dollar (USD)
Account # 3124-0417-66Swift # bopiphmm
CARA Welfare Philippines,Bank of the Philippine Islands,
Atrium Branch, Makati City

Last, email the pledge form, along with the deposit slip to [email protected]

For the complete event details, they can visit CARA’s Facebook event page:

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    • Yeah sure! You can. I will be there from 7am to 8pm. There is an entrance fee that YMCA Binondo requires. I think it is just 100 pesos. :). Lunch time is 12-1. Mandatory because there are no lifeguards.

    • Hi Trick! You may approach the counter at YMCA Binondo (Gandara St Gate) when you get there. The entrance ticket is P100. If you wish to donate/pledge, you can also do it on the event day. See you there! :D

  1. I really dislike it when people say “Animal lover” but they still eat animals. Would you eat or see the people you love suffer like your mom, dad, siblings? I didn’t think so too. So if you love cats and dogs but still eat pigs and cows and chickens, just call yourself pet lover, NOT animal lover. I’m proud to call myself an animal lover because I am vegan – I do not eat animals, wear animals, support cruel treatment of animals in zoos, laboratories, etc. or buy products that were tested on animals, and so on.


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