Safeguard 2XU Sole Racing 2013 L1 – Results Discussion



Congratulations to all finishers of the recently concluded Safeguard 2XU Sole Racing 2013 Leg 1!! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

Safeguard 2XU Sole Racing 2013 L1
April 21, 2013

Race Results:
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  1. Enjoyed my run! The run being a celebration and gift to my wife (Virgie) of 21 years wedding anniversary. I hope all races are organized and managed well like this race! Rio you are the best you know what runners need! Congratulations to all those involved! See you again on the 2nd leg in August!

  2. The run was very organized except for the accident whe
    re one runner was bumped by a honda jazz. Congrats to the fast action taken by the organizer to assist the said runner and hope he’s okay and nothing serious happened to him.

    • You smoke too? I got into running to quit smoking. So I’m down to an odd stick on days when I’m busy with work. Or I’m out drinking. But I wish I could stop it altogether.

  3. Fantastic Run! Love the Run. Mas mabait ang maga Bouncer ngayon. My comment, my wife joined the race for her heath because of her irregular hypertension, she asked for her B.P. pero sira daw- that white ambulance stationed near the U-turn. my name Maerxksol T. Ponce M.D. Hopefully you will look into this problem.

  4. Congrats Coach Rio, Safeguard and 2XU for a well organized event!

    Bomb sniffing Dog – first time yta to sa race event d2 sa Pinas.

    Congrats sa lahat ng Finisher at sa mga nanalo ng Raffle

  5. @ric same here, i was asking for someone who can help me with my cramps near km18 mark but they just ignored me. (not a personnel of stat med)

  6. to coach rio congratz. well organized run. sana laging ganito. Sa mga nagjoin congratz sa atin lahat. naalala ko yung isang runner na-hit ng sasakyan ano na kaya nangyari sa knya.

  7. i got a combination of positive and negative comments (i hope this will be posted here because yesterday, i also made a much longer remark at but it failed to pop out).

    no one would disagree that the items that go with this run satisfied us all. price-wise, we got the calf compression in a much lower price via the registration fee which to some is quite expensive. what i just would like to raise is the point of setting a cut-off time but in the end, no “reward” (the usual finisher medal and finisher shirt) was given to those who succeeded.

    important reminder here: kindly double check the expiration date of your safeguard body wash. mine is 020912.

    i have nothing against coach rio, but i think it’s about time that we define what our real objective is in organizing runs.

  8. Thanks, manilaraf! That’s exactly right, the body wash is NOT expired :) The date reflected is the manufacturing date in DD/MM/YY, so the items you received were produced September 2, 2012, and are actually very new and good to use. Shelf life is approximately 3 years.

    Thanks for clarifying this; I hope this information helps other runners! And congratulations to all finishers!

  9. Appreciate the clarification re manufacturing and expiration dates. My wrong perception then. My apologies.

    Thank you very much for giving space to my comments.

    More power!

    • Pero watch out pa rin sa ibang items.Yung Pepsodent mouthwash na binigay noong Condura, April 2013 agad ang expiry kaya kinailangang gamitin agad


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