Subic Int’l Marathon 2013 – Results Discussion

subic marathon 2013 results and photos

Congratulations to everyone that participated and conquered the 2013 Subic International Marathon! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

Subic International Marathon 2013
January 27, 2013
Subic Bay, Philippines

Race Results:

Photo Links:
Subic International Marathon by Bunny – [ SET 1]
Subic International Marathon 2013 by Vampire Runner of Team SCR – [ SET 1 | SET 2]
Subic Int’l Marathon 2013 by John D. – [ SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3 | SET 4 | SET 5]

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  1. Ran 21KM! :-)

    Very underrated run!

    Great view, especially the part where I saw bats flying above the trees! Scenic indeed!

    Plenty of water and gatorade

    Banana slices and crackers in the former FedEx hub hydration station

    I recommend this race to runners who like to train under changing elevations and who like to train under the heat of the sun.

    Will definitely run again next year!

  2. tama!!! bakit wala ung time results namin at ung ibang runners for 21km???? buti nlng i have with me my trusted timex watch… hehehe

  3. Arguably the toughest marathon here in the country. Would like to extend a huge thanks to eXtribe esp. sa aid stations. The water, Gatorade and ICE really helped us overcome the scorching heat. Congrats to all finishers!

  4. My name, time and bib number did not appear on the 21km race result. It was devastating since its my first half marathon and should have been top 15 overall female if i will follo my garmin time :(

  5. Awesome run parin for all SIM runners like me! Very challenging para bang different levels of difficulties sa video game. From a slant road along Argonaut, the dark uphill of Illanan with dead snake along the road, the bats and raven flying in the trees, and those zigzag uphills (but not that steep). But the awesome Subic bay views and forests complements those difficulties! Naiba lang yung route ng first 2k coming from Harbor Point saka wala nang Pocari Sweat pero meron naman Gatorade, bananas, and biscuits. Nahuli lang ng dating yung ice pero ok parin ang hydration. Yun nga lang tinipid ang event ngayon compare to last year. Wala masyado marshalls at medics, naubusan (daw) ng dogtags mga 21k runners, wala booths tubig lang din ang freebie, walang masyadong ilaw lalo na along Illanan Road, wala masyado photographers along the route, yung fire station di nagpa shower :o) Sana mag improve next year lalo na yung safety along the route. Saka sana may finishers shirt na. Thanks!

  6. my first run outside manila!!!
    3rd best out of my 4 Full Marathon..!!!
    super great feeling at the finishline…

    the route was incredible!
    forest with giant trees, animals like birds (uwak ata un) may patay na bird din akong nadaanan…and bats flying in the trees…
    uphills, downhills, the view of subic bay while you’re running, fresh air,
    the moon, and the stars and the sun ( haring araw ) at the finishline!
    everything was perfect!! i really enjoyed it!

    overall rating… 10 out of 10.

  7. i assumed thats not the official result yet…so imcomplete….excited to see my final result….i know i finished 2:20 thats what i heard the DJ shouting upon reaching the finish line…but still i wanna see the official results….when this will be kaya…

  8. Scenic route with varying levels of elevation, less (little) pollution, good hydration…and we ran for a good cause. =)
    I earned a new PR, too. Running with the cadets/cadettes kept me on my toes.

  9. Arguably one of the toughest races in the country for a full marathon! The route was very challenging but very refreshing at the same time with the trees surrounding you starting at KM11 and the welcome chilly weather even if the sun was already up. Well until you pass the airport going back to the finish line, then the real challenge began. The last 8-9 kms was a pain, finding no shade against the heat. At one point I even wondered if I’m going to be able to finish the race with my legs aching and muscles tightening up from too much strain after going through the hilly part of the route!

    Crossing the finish line was a moment quite relishing – all the pain, sweat and tears were all worth it! After SIM, races in Manila would pale in comparison.

    Congratulations to the organizers! It was a well-organized race.

    Running with a lot less people was also a refreshing experience. We should join provincial races more often if only for that reason alone.

    I will definitely recommend this race to all my running friends!

    P.S. @Jim – the distance of the route is right on the dot.

  10. I also want to acknowledge the people who manned the aid stations. They were very helpful and they took care of the runners well. The run back after the 42k U-turn became more bearable because of the assurance that help will be on hand when you need it.

    I ran a fast first 21k and then the muscle pains caught up with me during the last half and spent most of the last 2 and a half hours of my race walking and stretching to recover, then running at a much slower pace whenever I can manage it. The ascents and descents in the route are no joking matters so the right pacing is key to finishing the race injury-free. I’m a wiser runner now because of my experience last Sunday and I’m now paying with muscle fatigue and dehydration. But I now know better what to do on my next race.

    Despite the bad last half of my race, I was still able to finish with a new PR!

    Again, thank you to the SIM organizers for a job well done, and congratulations to all the runners who braved and conquered this race. I have much respect for all of you!

  11. As many of you may have already noticed, many individual results are not yet on the unofficial results. (

    Our electronic timing equipment was not able to perform optimally due to a series of major power interruptions and fluctuations provided by the venue.

    We are now looking at our alternative sources (e.g.manual recorders, video) to base time results for the those still without times posted. Our team is currently working with these secondary sources to fill in and update the results. These updates will be posted within the next 48 hours.

    Please bear with us and thank you for your kind understanding.

    Timing and Results Team
    Subic International Marathon 2013

  12. Para sa mga gustong maging hardcore marathoners, gawin ninyo itong 1st 42k ninyo! (Matindi pa to sa hazing). Promise, parang naglalaro lang kayo pagdating sa Condura. Haha! In fairness, love ko ang Condura kasi dun ako nag umpisa officially 5k baby. Dapat ang tagline nag SIM—- “MATIRA MATIBAY!” haha! Congrats EXTRIBE Team!

  13. The toughest Full Marathon yet! I almost gave up on finishing! Pamatay ang uphills and downhills then add the fact that it’s very humid and the extreme heat. Ni hindi man lang kumulimlim maski na isang minuto. To the pampered Manila marathoners, think twice before joining this marathon event. But despite the difficulty in the route, adequate naman ang hydration. I felt the most body aches after this run. But it’s all worth it. I survived SIM! Yehey!

  14. By far one of my favorite routes, very challenging route with the uphills and downhills. Not to mention the heat of the sun and saltwater. Marshalls were good motivators. The energy Gel given at the halfway point of the 42km route was a bonus. Hydration were always cold, and sports drinks were available when needed.

    I would rate this run 9 out of 10

    Having a brand spankin new 42km PR made this run much memorable.

  15. the best marathon i join so far.pamatay uphills and down hills,ganda ng view,at fresh air.see u next year,be safe every one :)

  16. I agree sa mga comments #28-31….Parang recovery run na lang ang Condura Marathon (42k) kapag strong finish dito… Waiting for the next SIM 2014….

    Maraming salamat nga pala kay mark_runner_ph para sa kanyang mga inputs about the event..

  17. Congratulations to all runners..all Fairview runners and Runners After Work..and other manila runners.
    My 2nd SIM medyo nahirapan talaga ako compared w/ the 1st one. Pero finished the race convincingly. Walang marshalls the last 200m.kaya i thought naligaw nako.kaya huminto pako. sira ang momentum going to the finish line.One mo.preparation is not enough for this kind of route. Next year i know what to do.See you all w/ my Bros.


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