My #YouVsYourself Moment!


As thousands of runners and athletes gather every weekend to test their personal limits on running and multi-sport events, it’s easy to get frustrated on how other athletes can overtake our pace with so much ease and grace; we often train with the motivation to beat others, however after watching the video above; it reminded me that “others” are not really our opponent but the real opponent is ourselves.

Have we trained enough? Do we know what’s the best techniques are? Do we get enough rest and sleep? Do we eat the right food and nutrients needed to help our body recover? Rather than trying to focus on out-pacing an opponent, try instead to focus on how to out-pace ourselves.


I’m not an elite runner, but last year one of my dreams was to be able to earn the Milo Marathon 21K medal which has a 2:30 cut-off, so I trained for 2 months prior to the race, adding mileage to my usual weekly workouts, on race day, I was able to finish the race timed at 2:31, a minute over my target time, fortunately I was still able to earn the medal and set a new 21K personal record, a proud moment indeed.


Ever since that day, I strive to train and beat my own time, Run United 21K at 2:19:56 (official), and Run United Philippine Marathon 21K at 2:14:57, and now working towards lowering my 21K PR even further in the following races. This indeed is my personal #YouVsYourself moment!

“Sweat is weakness leaving the body” – I believe in this, the more work you put in the more benefit you reap. You really have to sweat for success.


As you train and beat your own personal records, don’t forget that as you sweat, you still have to maintain personal hygiene. Luckily there is Safeguard Active that has 12 hour odor shield, so you can train as much as you want, exceed your athletic limitations, and beat your personal best with your personal hygiene intact! Stay fresh and looking good even after a long training day!

This is me taking the #YouVsYourself Challenge. What’s yours? Share your #YouVsYourself story on how you were able to beat your personal record during training and get a chance to train with Matteo, Coach Rio, JC and Gretchen! What are you waiting for? Get ready to challenge yourself NOW for a chance to WIN great prizes!


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