Run Kuyang Run – December 16, 2012


The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines is celebrating its 100th year this December 19, 2012. And to commemorate and celebrate this once in a lifetime event together with all the members, their families and friends, the Centennial Committee is organizing the Centennial fun run series, dubbed as “Run Kuyang Run”. These series aim to gather all Masons, their families and friends to experience running and having fun together as a One Big Family under the leadership of the Grand Master. The series will showcase to the community of Masons’ unity and brotherly love especially in this centennial anniversary of the founding of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines.

Aside from gathering together all masons and their families, the fun run series together with other activities are part of the fundraising campaign of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines. The proceeds of the fundraising campaign will go to its various benevolent projects like the Masonic Hospital for Crippled Children; Adopt a scholar project; Legal , Medical and Dental Missions; improvement of its facilities; and other projects.

“Run Kuyang Run – GLP Centennial Fun Run”
December 16, 2012 @ 5AM
Quirino Grand Stand, Rizal Park, Manila
3K / 5K / 10K / 16K / 21K
Organizer: Shadowfax Events & Marketing Management

Registration Fees:
3K – PHP 450.00
5K – PHP 450.00
10K – PHP 550.00
16K – PHP 650.00
21K – PHP 750.00

All participants will get race singlet, race bib, loot bag & medaL.

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Registration Venues:
1. Selected Chris Sports Outlets
2. R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, BGC, Taguig City
3. Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines
1440 San Marcelino St., Ermita, Manila

Run Kuyang Run – Singlet Design:

Centennial Run Singlet new copy

Run Kuyang Run – Medal Design:

Run Kuyang Run - Medal Design

Contact Details:
Tel:(02) 621-7165 / (02) 560-8813
Cell: 0927-8082594
Email:[email protected]

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  1. Price: Fair – considering it is for a cause.

    Organization: Bad – late start.

    Freebies: None (?) – I did not check, I don’t care.

    Route: Fair – it is nothing special since this is the same route during marathons organized in MOA, Quirino Granstand, BGC (runrio unilab).

    Hydration: Terrible! – lacking hydration on the last part of the route and upon arrival at the finishline.

    Safety: Fair – the most part is ok, except on some intersections where police does not stop the cars. The last part going to the finish line, the organizer does not care anymore. At least there was no accident.

    Marshalls: Bad – I cannot call them marshalls, rather timers, assistant timers, assistant to the assistant timers. They are only located on the u-turns taking the time, giving water. They should be spread along the route and giving direction, assisting runners.

    Over-all experience: Fair – anyway I just consider this as a practice run

  2. @bagito
    I was one of those unfortunate runners in the 5k category who run believing that the motorcycled marshal was indeed a marshal guiding the runners. The first 500 meters of the race was dreadful. It was dark and you go through the parking area where there were still cars in the process of parking and then there were civilians walking about. It was like going through an unmarked trail. Even their marker showing the direction was placed in a corner not that visible to runners. On that corner itself, they did not put traffic cones to make sure the flow of runners go a certain direction. Plus, the marker was dark-colored and at a time when the sun has not risen yet, you really can’t expect people to see that.

    It was only when I was running with cars and other vehicles that I realized I was going the wrong way. The motorcycled person did showed us back to the right way but it was too late.

    It was easy to blame the runner for going the wrong direction especially the route map was posted in the assembly area. But based on my experience in previous run events, there were times when they do change the route.

    Anyway, the damage has been done. I would have loved to clock in a better time for the 5k event but ended up just finishing it for the sake of finishing it. Even the last 500 meters back to the finish line was aweful. Again, the vehicles in the process of parking, plus cyclists and other civilians. It was like I was lost again and if it weren’t for the finish line arch, I would have thought I was in the wrong direction again.

    I did won in the raffle so my bad feelings for this race has slightly decreased.

    Lesson learned:
    – Be vigilant and be aware of the route map.
    – Shadowfaxevents is not a good events company, or at least some of the people hired by the company aren’t doing their job properly. I should have believed the people who posted messages here in Pinoy Fitness about this company having a bad reputation! NEVER AGAIN!

  3. @chrisy

    sad talaga ako sa nangyari sa atin, akala ko papunta na tayo ng city hall… Maybe u are the one in banda or the one in blue… BTW iam the guy in blue cap… lesson learned… wag balewalain ang ang mga comment……

  4. Wag na kayo umasa sa race results ung ngang sa summit run na for Pinot athletes pa ung proceeds wala nga race results… Basta shadowfox ang mag handle ng event just record your own time para di ka na umasa at dala ka na hydration para takbo lang ng takbo isipin……

  5. mag pr sana ko sa 5k kaso ang dami namin naligaw, kaya pala nakikipag patintero na kami sa mga sasakyan, wala un marshall sa first turn…un dumiretcho kami. Dapat palit na kayo pangalan “SHADOWF*CK!”

  6. asan na po ang race results? nakaka-disappoint naman.

    i would have kept quiet with my other comments, but since i’m forced to post here to follow up the race results, i might as well say:

    singlet – poor quality; i chose a different size during registration, so i can give it away.

    timing – manual; considering the high reg. fee, it’s really a wonder.

    hydration – it’s all water; going back, especially during the second loop, hydration was sporadic and some stations had no more water.

    race course management – agree with the posts above that we were running alongside cars while passing thru the parking area near the finish line.

    medal – heavy and solid; minus point is that it’s generic and did not even indicate which distance you ran. it wasn’t given upon crossing the finishline. see “lootbag” comment below.

    lootbag – there’s no loot; there’s just an oreo and the generic medal.

    overall, this race is super boring. combined with the exorbitant fee, poor organization, and no race results, i just felt it wasn’t all worth it and instead of joining a race, i participated in a scam. i am never joining another of your so-called race events again. adios!

  7. I think to be fair, let’s give the organizers at least a week for them to post the race results. At least, that’s in my opinion. Pinaghirapan din naman nila i-organize yung event. After a week, you can call it whatever you want… What say you?

  8. @bagito
    ako yung naka red na bandana. anyway, lesson learned talaga. To think na last run for the year ko na.

    I just told myself that it has been a great running year for me: having participated in a number of fun runs, made a podium finish at least once, made some new friends, brought home some really memorable loot and experiences that made me wiser in running events. I’ve done 3k, 5k and 10k, with & without obstacles. Siguro next year try ko naman mag 16k or 21k. or perhaps yang mga dualthlon.

    Until next year guys!

    p.s. happy 100 years to the free mason! I know they have a lot of charity works so my heart goes out to them (although hilig nila lumaklak) hehehe

    Based dun sa program, i think brod nila yung head ng shadowfax events. Perhaps let them grow and learn.

  9. We apologize for the lapses during the run. We encountered a few problems especially with the hydration part. We shall take note of all the criticisms here and take them as part of our learning. Rest assured, we shall strive to serve you better next time. Thank you.

    Liddel de los Reyes
    Race Director


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