Men’s Health Philippines Urbanathlon 2012 – Results Discussion

Men’s Health Philippines Urbanathlon 2012 race results and photos

Congratulations to everyone who joined the Men’s Health Philippines Urbanathlon 2012 at SM Mall of Asia! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

Men’s Health Philippines Urbanathlon 2012
October 14, 2012
SM Mall of Asia

Race Results:

Photo links will be updated here as they become available! Feel free to share your comments and feedback about the event below.

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  1. ilang mins ang late ng oras sa 21k?hehe.

    ang pinilahan ko sa booth ng century tuna hindi ung hotdog e at ibang pagkain e.. si ate na nagsserve. ang gandaaaaa, hahaha

  2. Sa sobrang tagal ng waiting time sa ibang obstacles, especially the Military Hurdle, hahaba ang balbas mo. That’s why pag-cross mo ng finish line Schick razor ang ibibigay sa ‘yo. But overall, it was a fun experience.

    For next year’s MHU, I hope the organizers can add extra sets for some of the obstacles (container van, military hurdle and wall) to avoid long lines and extended waiting times. Maybe one set for women and another set for men.

  3. The event was nice and well-attended. Gun start for 21k was a bit late, long queue at the obstacles (as expected) but definitely had fun running with friends and having our precious action moments get immortalized by the Running Photographers. Good Job to all! See you next year!

  4. I had so much fun!!! Hindi ako nabored sa run na to! Nice ang medal at shirt! Enuff hydration and plenty of good looking people! Ehem… Will definitely join again!

  5. sana neks year hndi na generic ang finishers medal at mas magandang finisher shirt. set a new PR for 21k. sub 2 na sa wakas. haha. neks year ulet.

  6. parang maiksi ang 21k na route….or baka talagang bumilis lang ako? pero in any case sobrang nagenjoy pa rin ako sa always….Kudos Men’s Health!

  7. First impression on the running was good, a lot of booths. My 1st time to Run 5KM with obstacles, 1st hydration full of Gatorade, 2nd hydration WALA NG TUBIG. I agree with other comment dun sa military hurdle, idle kami ng 20 minutes tsk tsk…other obstacles was great. For the Medal very generic I was expecting na katulad ng event sa Singapore, sa Finisher Shirt OK na din bumagay sakin yung color. For the SUUNTO sponsor haba ng pinila namin kinulang sila sa give-away … very frustrated ang ganda ng caps ang bags nila . . . . .other sponsors mejo kokonti kaya konti lang freebies ng runners, sana next year MORE SPONSOR naman, Napansin ko lang na wala yatang Portalets, isa lang ang Photobooth. Yung sa Race Bib I was also expecting na merong separate Drinks and Foods.
    Tsk tsk Sorry I was expecting kasi same or not exactly as Menhealth Singapore….

  8. Good run for 21k runners like me. As usual kami ang nauubusan palagi ng loot bags from sponsors. why? Even photo booth ay cut off as early as 830am? No schick souvernirs,, etc.

  9. Sobra pamatay sa antayan ang mga obstacles. Sana every km ang obstacles masyado ako nag expect na pag mag 10km kami mas exciting ang obstacles parang (Immuvit) hindi pala :( sana gayahin nila mga obstacle race sa ibang bansa like Singapore. hindi lapit lapit ang obstacles. Tapos sa Military hurdles dapat may beginners lane at mga pro lane. Para kaming nag ensayo para sa pag lundag at pag akyat eh hindi na kihalo pa sa mga ma babagal umakyat. Kaya mas marami nag skip ng obstacles. Sorry Mens Health you disappoint me.

  10. ang ganda ng finisher shirt yellow, yung medal, bakal sya.

    over all, masaya, kasi natapos ko yung obstacle and thanks sa mga marshall na nag assist sa akin sa monkey bar; first time kong 5k, next year 10k naman, para makasama naman sa freebies,

  11. First experience in a official race. Unofficial time was 75m29sec. Didn’t know what to expect since this is my first time to participate in such event. Enjoyed the run but was a little dismayed with the queue in the military hurdles waited for more than 20minutes Also didn’t like those people who passed through the line which was annoying, the fact that their marshalls didn’t even tell them to fall back in line was upsetting. Over all it was still a nice event could have gotten sub1 thou. Till next year!

  12. Just wonderin’ how will they measure the time, thru barcode na tinusok sa metal something???
    Kudos, good thing is that this race had a lot of hydration stations, although most of them, matagal mag refill ng fluids, unlike the other races. And yeah, the long queue esp on the Hurdles and Wall Climb sucks. :|

  13. This was my very first Urbanathlon. Where have I been to just participate just now! I love the obstacles. It was nice that the marshals were very motivating. I got a few funny moments with the obstacles especially with the 3.5 ft high bars (was that the quantum leap?). Also, it would be nice to have an obstacle where you will crawl because majority of the obstacles require that you either jump or depend on your upper body.

    I didn’t encounter any bottlenecking with the obstacles. I ran 5k only. I think majority of bottlenecks happened among 21k and 10k runners. That was such a surprise for me, because in the past, short-distance runners outnumber the long-distance runners. I guess things have changed. Also, I was amazed that the Semeran twins quickly finished the 5k run. They were really fast! Anyway, the organizers pointed out in their facebook that bottenecking occurs even in MH Urbanathlons from other countries. It’s just a matter of finding a way for you to separate yourself from the crowd. I guess this is also the reason why a timing chip is not applicable for this race.

    As for the finisher shirt, ok. Not crazy with a plain yellow shirt. I love the medal. It’s really heavy!

    As for the distribution of the giveaways and food, I honestly thought they would tear the food stubs attached to the bib number to make sure everyone gets a “piece of the pie”. A lot of repeaters at the century tuna hotdog stand and gatorade drink. I felt bad for those who weren’t able to get some.

    To organizers of run events, please properly coordinate the distribution of food and giveaways. Find a way where everyone gets some, then if there are extras, give it to whoever. It’s really a drag to queue on line for one item then queue again for another. How about doing what relief operations usually do. They assemble a bag containing all the items so only 1 line is necessary.

    The photobooth as expected is slow. In fairness to them, they got only 1 printer. My friend and I already mastered these photobooths in fun runs. We usually get our picture taken before the race so we won’t have to worry about it later.

    Still, kudos to the organizers. I can’t wait to see the pictures and see my official result. Until next year!

  14. nkailang MHU Philippines na, ang dami pa ring negative feedbacks…

    short distance na route, nagkaubusan sa hydration, not enough sizes ng f’shirt…

    Haaysst… walang kadala dala…

    buti lang magaganda yung mga shots ng mga Photogs saka may kasama ng dogtag yung finisher’s ng 21km…

  15. I usually join sa mga run pero nagulat ako ang liit ng setup. Anyways nag enjoy ako dahil medyo nauna ako sa mga obstacles and didnt wait to long. Ayoko lang talaga ung medal =/… pero i would like to run again next yr :)

  16. first time to join the urbanathlon. it was fun sana but very disappointing.
    whats the point of the obstacles if tutulungan naman pala yung mga participants? i mean, the monkey bars was a joke! did you see the pictures? ang daming nagpabuhat na! hello kung hindi kaya talaga eh may option to skip naman. the long line at the military hurdles made the marshalls decide later on na up, down, up, down na lang. para mabilis. duh!
    military wall, another joke. may apakan??? tapos binubuhat din.
    next year sana walang ganyan. the organizers/marshalls should be more strict about the obstacles. if the participants cant do it, they should be told to just skip and get the 10min penalty. anyway, everybody still gets the medal and shirt naman that says “urbanathlete”
    when i joined this event, i thought it was a test of strength and endurance. when i see someone wearing an urbanathlon singlet i always say “astig siguro to”.. sadly, i was mistaken. it was just a test of patience pala.

    rating: LAME!

  17. sa mga nagccomplain about waiting in line, diba inexplain na bago pa tumakbo na hindi ito pang beat ng PR at meron talagang lines?

    hindi naman ito ordinary run tulad ng iba. urbanathlon nga eh, may obstacles and sympre may pila… not as good as singapore’s pero not bad.

    it was not as hard as I expected… maybe because I’ve been through harder challenges like the immuvit trilogy.

    I so badly want to repeat this as I think I’ve made some mistakes on some obstacles… bitin…..sobra. hehe

    Anyway, as I’ve tracked my running time, subtracting the waiting time sa obstacles, it wasn’t actually bad. Almost 2hrs lang ang 21k and hindi pa ako pagod pagkatapos. hehe

    malungkot nga lang kasi wala mashado freebies… back issue magazine lang pala laman ng loot bag at shirt. Wala na din freebies sa booths kasi nagkaubusan na. ung gatorade akala ko isang bote, isang baso lang pala, ang haba pa ng pila….

    but…. ang maganda dito is, ung singlet, medal, lanyard, and dog tag. Di ko trip ung finisher shirt….parang supporter ni noynoy. hehe.

    sana next year mas challenging naman ung obstacles… ok lang may lines bsta hirapan nyo pa

  18. sa mga nagcocomplain sa long queues, before the gunstart at kahit sa facebook, sinabi naman nila na expect that there will be lines sa mga obstacles. Also it was specifically mentioned sa FB na this is not a run to beat your PR. So with that said, unfair naman ata para sa kanila na ireklamo iyon kasi nagbigay na sila ng advance info.

    In fairness din naman sa mga participants, ilang taon na ba ang urbanathlon sa Philippines and still hindi nyo pa rin kayang damihan yung mga items for each obstacles para naman hindi humaba ang pila. Anlawak nung space tapos isang container van lang ang dala ninyo. Same goes with the hurdles and most especially the wall….dalawang 8 foot lang ang available….gano ba kahirap gumawa ng 4 o 5 di ba? As to budget, I don’t think they are that expensive. Kahoy lang naman yon….its not like magtatayo ka ng bahay di ba?

    As for the freebies, I don’t really mind coz’ what I paid for was the experience, the challenge of overcoming the obstacles and I believe MHU achieved that for me. So thank you. I love your shirt though, Its simple and it looked great on me.

    Yung sa pagaalalay ng mga marshalls sa monkey bars, It was a courtesy given to the participants, It was up to the runner if they wanted to take it or not. Nagkataon lang siguro na yung mga nasa pics e puro binuhat pero marami din namang hindi nagpabuhat….sa kaso ko naman nung sinabi kong paalalay lang kasi waterloo ko talaga ang monkey bars, hindi naman talaga ako binuhat parang may kamay lang pwet ko para pag nabitawan ko e hindi ako madidisgrasya….Alam ko yon kasi ramdam na ramdam ko pa rin yung hirap nung monkey bars.

    Yung sa hurdles naman, again it was an option sa mga runners kung gusto nila up down up down nalang….Actually nung ako na nga ang nandun, ang sabi pa ng marshall e sa ilalim na lang daw lahat kung di kaya……Again, it was an option. Kung trip mong tapusin yung obstacles the hard way, then by all means do so. Ganun din ang mentality ko kaya di ako nagpatulong.

    Sa wall naman, again it was an option. Even without the help, I would have used the rope to life me up the wall (thats what i did during the MHU boot camp) but they were courteous enough to understand that the wall was way taller than I am…so that quick lift on my right foot was very helpful….so kudos pa rin sa mga marshalls.

    Next year MHU, please improve on the following:
    1) The number of obstacles and the spacing in between kilometer ran – Kung alam ko lang na ganun kahaba ang itatakbo ko ng diretso e di sana nag 10k na lang ako.

    2) The number of walls or hurdles or monkey bars per obstacle – This is so important kasi eto ang nagiging cause na long lines of waiting.

    3) Hydration – Maraming kayong hydration stations pero andaming kong nadaanan na naubos na. Bilib ako dun sa isang nakamotorcycle na may hawak ng 1liter ata ng gatorade tapos pinapainom nya yung mga runners….yung simpleng bagay ng yon meant a lot.

    4) Gun time – You started late guys.

    5) The medal – cmon, you could do better than that.

    I am a loyal urbanathlete and i will continue joining the urbanathlon for as long as I can…be it here or in Singapore or in Chicago if thats what it takes. I love the experience. It always keep me craving for more. I just hope next year this will be so much better.

    Again, kudos sa lahat.

  19. Expected tlga ang long queues kapag hindi ensayado ang mga participants na sasabak sa mga obstacles. I think they made a very easy and short obstacles para maiwasan ang mahabang pila but still nagkarun pa rin. Sana lang be considerate ang mga participant coz if hindi nila kaya then give way for the others para di nagkakarun ng mahabang pila… And for those who want to prove they are tough then meron pa yung Tough Enough sa Fort Magsaysay this coming december…

  20. overall rating: PALPAK!

    -minimal to NO HYDRATION! hello andami nyong stations walang tubig! di na nga madami yung binibigay, nauubusan pa,anong klase yan?! yung gatorade di mo maintindihan kung water-flavored gatorade or gatorade-flavored water eh.

    -yung bib may stub for food and drink, kung may stub, iisipin mo may ipapamigay talaga, at least bottled water or packed breakfast as what was going around. yung food and drink pala na sinasabi ay yung libreng hotdog ng century tuna, na di mo naman makukuha kasi naubusan ka sa dami ng umuulit sa pila at yung gatorade na tinitipid ka pa, ni hindi man lang mangalahati ng baso yung binibigay.

    -no official chip time. hulaan na lang kung gano ka katagal……pumila sa obstacles.

    -yung mga “marshal” kuno, imbes na iassist yung mga runners kung saan yung way, nakikipagchikahan yung iba kumakain sa gilid, patay malisya sa trabaho nila.

    -poorly organized obstacles. SOBRANG TAGAL ng pinipila sa bawat obstacles, mas matagal pa ata pinila namin sa obstacles kesa tinakbong 21k! ang dali na nga ng obstacles may hindi pa kumpleto, ang sabi may tires, ni isa wala akong nakitang nakalapag sa daan! sobrang FAIL!

    Next time kung gagawa din lang kayo ng ganitong event e ayos-ayusin nyo naman. Kung di nyo kaya ang maayos e wag n lang po, sayaang ang binabayad ng mga tao.

  21. Simple lang naman ang solution to make this event better next time, the marshalls incharge to man the obstacles should observe strictly the rules, pag di kaya ng participants he/she has the option not to do it (with penalty) kasi yun ang very disappointing sa mga participants who prepared for the event. imagine nag take ka ng extra effort tapos yung iba ok lang kahit di magawa, di ba nga kaya may penalty para dun sa mga di kaya gawin yung obstacles. kaya double standard ang result. Anyway, congratulation to us who finished the event, I don’t think i will join to this event again.

  22. @Fritz wala din sense yung penalty. hindi nmn tracked ng maayos yung time eh. tska hindi nman ito pang PR ksi ibang klaseng race ito. pero oo…disappointing ung iba n nagskip. pero sarili lng nmn nila dinaya nila. as long as alam mong nagperform k ng maayos dito, un ang mahalaga.

    para sakin, training lang tong urbanathlon para sa real deal, which is “Tough Enough” sa December.

  23. maganda sana yung kinalabasan ng run na ito kasi wala kang PR na susuungin nakaka diappoint lang sa hydration stations ubos na ang tubig or wala ng baso :) pagdating naman sa finish line mas maganda sana kung may magsusuot para sau hehehe saka inde ganun kaganda yung medal na binigay, sa finisher shirts naman sana nagbigay naman kayo ng allotment sa sizes ng shirts 21K is 21K mahirap naman tumakbo ng halos dalawang oras para makakuha ng magandang size nakakadisappoint lang dahil pambabae yung nabigay sa akin na shirt ampf! pang asar pa yung nag aabot ng mga shirts…

  24. @RenRen alam mo given na yung hydration cge may mali.. ang problema kasi sana expected talaga na may pila sa obstacle kasi hindi mo naman ganun kalalakas yung mga nandun.. so kung malakas ka sana kesa nag rereklamo ka tinulunagan mo na lang sila.. Ilang taon kana bang tumatakbo? Hindi mo ba alam ang Urbanathlon?

    @ Fritz tama si snatcher trainee nasasayo yun kung hindi mo gagawin yung obstacles you have the choice… Dont expect din na kasing lalakas mo silang lahat…

    @takbolang dika nag papalit ng shirt?

  25. #31 and #32
    True, sinabi ng organizers to asahan na ang lines sa ilang obstacles. 5 minutes na nakapila, ok lang. Pero 15-20mins na paghihintay, masyadong matagal na yata. Excusable sana kung unang urbanathlon lang ito. Kaso hindi. Kung dinamihan lang nila ng sets ang ilang obstacles, wala sanang mahabang pila.

    I don’t know about the other distances, pero pag-cross ko ng finish line for 10K may naglagay naman ng medal sa akin.

  26. Hi there !
    here are the some shots from the vertical run obstacle…tag away!

    and some from the near the finish line as well

    Comment or like the pictures if you want, we do appreciate it so much
    check out your other photos from my colleagues at

    don’t forget to like our page! thanks

  27. problem: pile up sa obstacles

    solution: waves

    ang tingin kong solution sa pile up sa mga obstacles is to divide the race into waves. Parang sa immuvit obstacle trail run, may limited number lang ng runners per wave. this way, hindi mashadong mahaba or madami ung mag hhintayan sa obstacles.

    take note of this idea for the next obstacle races. it works well. since hindi naman chip tracked ung time, mas madali itong ganito.

    consequence: limited slots
    yun lang, may limit talaga ang slots nito. oo, konti mkakasali, pero mas maayos naman ang race. Though I doubt na i cconsider to ng organizers na gutom na gutom sa pera, pero bakit ung iba naman? successful ung events nila sa ganitong klaseng set up.

  28. MHU doubled the challenge for me. hyper-extended my right arm down to my right shoulder sa monkey bars kasi a certain marshal ran to assist someone beside me and collided with me while i was swinging to reach the bar with my left hand. Hindi ko tuloy naabot ang bar with my left hand and i ended up pulling my entire weight with my right hand. the space between bars and the thickness did not make my recovery easy.

    The rest of the obstacles involving my upper body became a nightmare. I was one of the few people siguro who cherished the long queues on some obstacles. Was able to finish thanks to adrenaline and my running buddy.

    I appreciate the experience though but not the aftermath. Fortunately no permanent injury.

    Lesson learned: Sa susunod tatadyakan ko ang marshall na babanga sa akin. lol (joke)

  29. Maraming salamat sa lahat ng photographers! Alam ko, wala naman kayong talent fee sa pag take ng pictures pero andun pa rin kayo. Especially kay Yani ng Running Photographers. May shot ako sa kanya!

    Thanks ng marami!!


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