Kellogg’s Run for Healthy Filipina 2012 – Results and Photos

Kellogg’s Run for Healthy Filipina 2012 race results and photos

Congratulations to everyone who joined the Kellogg’s Run for Healthy Filipina 2012 at McKinley Hill! Thank you for visiting our booth and supporting Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

Kellogg’s Run for Healthy Filipina 2012
August 05, 2012
McKinley Hill

Race Results:
Kellogg’s Run 2012 Race Results

Photo links will be updated here as they become available! Feel free to share your comments and feedback about the event below.

Pinoy Fitness Family @ Kelloggs Run 2012
Kellogg’s Run 2012 – Photos #1
Kellogg’s Run 2012 – Photos #2

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  1. Great raining run today @ mckinley hills, congratulation to all the runners and also to the organizers two thumbs UP!! @ms_mars nakita kita sa dulo ng mga runners having fun….. Nakakaaliw…..

  2. Kellogg’s run was very organized and well-planned! I enjoyed the run thoroughly despite the rain and the uphill downhill running! Kudos to the organizers! Loved the loot bags too! FUN FUN FUN! Hope all runs are like this!

  3. really had fun running in the rain!
    nice challenging uphills :)
    just sad that i lost my hydration bottle, :( congrats kelloggs!

  4. great run. challenging terrain and weather. I am more proud to have finished strong today despite all obstacles. never ako nauhaw dito dahil overflowing ang hydration.

    thanks sa organizers. That’s how you organize a run. Sa susunod ulit sana may rain effect para masaya. ;)

  5. its my first time to run in the 10k level and also the first time at BGC….that mckinley hill was not called that for nothing…:))…its my baptism of fire in running…the rain helped ease the pain a little bit…uulitin uli promise…thanks kellogs run organizer…

  6. thanks kellogg’s. i enjoyed running uphill/downhill @ mckinley hill. add mo pa yung malakas na buhos ng ulan. it was a great running experience. not anymore thinking of having a good PR, but just enjoyed the nice route and the overflowing gatorade and H2O.

  7. tama overflowing nga ang gatorade at ung tubig, sarap tumakbo sa uphill at downhill ng mckinley, sabayan mo pa ng ulan, dameng freebies at pa raffle, sayang d ako nanalo nung puma watch or khit ung reebok na shoes, hehe, totally a great expirience, kudos Sir Jay Em! salamat pala sa nagbenta ng bib nya sakin na si Mark! :)

  8. eto yung run na kahit umuulan Masaya. Vit-water all u can sa finish line. And buy 2 GU take 2 GU gel free. Thanks sa mga sponsor for this run.

  9. I can’t say anything bad about this run. The rain was just enough to give you a liberating feeling without posing much danger on the wet road. For something that had to be postponed, this race was impressively organized. The route was great, the marshalls were very encouraging, the lootbags were awesome, there were a lot of raffle prizes given away albeit i didn’t won. The hydrations was outstanding…really i can’t anything else but this was outstanding and guys keep up the good work! Great job Kelloggs!

  10. Thanks Kellogs! Had fun running in the rain din buti na lang di raining cats and dogs at ang daming pamigay… but what made my day was the discounted 52 pesos GU gel in their booth + 2 sample gels! Yehey solb na energy gel needs ko for the whole year!!

  11. Good Evening Runners!

    First of all,I would like to give God all the glory. It was all Him who made it possible.

    Personally, I thought the event started on a bad note; 30 minutes before gunstart for 16K it started raining to make matters a little more colorful (trying be gracious with words) a few small details that was overlooked started popping and asking for immediate attention; Being Mr. Safety First, I though of adjusting the gunstart to clear the air, but I just decided to go ahead and trust God.
    And sure enough, as soon as Gerard (Pizarras) did the opening prayer, everything started falling into its right place.
    I am so grateful to all the runners, especially those who ran the 16K route, I admire your commitment to our sports- braving the rain and the hills.
    To all our event staff (event-area staff, marshals, timing, security, food, set-up)they never let rain stop them from performing during those critical moments- I am so amazed how they are fully committed in serving the runners- Maraming Salamat Po sa inyong lahat. Kayo ang rason kaya rin naging maayos ang ating patakbo.
    Please give us some time as we work on runners analytics- we will have the race results and photos ready by tomorrow on our website
    Again, It is such a joy serving our community. Maraming salamat po sa tiwala.
    -Jay Em
    organizer/ runner/ waterboy (on events day)

  12. We thank God for a this successful event ; and in behalf of Kellogg’s, I also thank everyone who participated in our first ever Fun run. Despite the kind of weather we had, there were still a lot of runners and most of you even stayed after your race. We sure hope all of us had a great experience. We promise to do it again next year, and will still make it a better one for all of our running enthusiasts!:) We also would like to thank Proactive and our dear sponsors for making it all possible. Thanks Jay and Iman! Let’s keep on running and stay fit and healthy!See you again next year guys!:) Thank you Pinoy fitness..

  13. Jay Em, your team did a great job – rescheduling an event is a logistical nightmare, but you pulled it through. Congratulations and we hope to see and join more races from you.

  14. Jay Em, you just schooled lots of ‘running events organizers’ how to make a run fun, enjoyable, and worth the time and money to join. More power to you and your team, and I’m sure many of us are definitely going to sign up to more of your events!

    Also, I agree with Daniel (Comment #13); overflowing hydration! Haha. It’s good to know you can skip some stations because there are guaranteed ones ahead.


  15. Congrats to all the runners who made it to the finished line despite of heavy rains yesterday. wish i could register on this race but i failed to do. COngrats also to Organizers…

  16. Congrats to the kelloggs, the organizers, an d to all the runners..we all did a great job facing the continuous rain and the very challenging hills..great run in the rain! looking forward to adidas KOTR (another event to be organized by proactive)..i’ve already registered and already excited for it..thanks again and more power! ^_^

  17. my first time 16k.. challenging route (killer uphill and downhill) but that doesn’t stop me.. thanks for the GU energy gel, it helped me on my run..

    kudos to the organizer and Kelloggs.

  18. @Daniel comment 13

    congrats… salamat din at itinakbo mo yung bib namin. Kaysa naman sa masayang na lang.

    Buti naman at nag enjoy kayo.

  19. onsite registration and claiming of race kits were problematic. nawawala ang BIB numbers and Reg Forms. 5 mins before guntime ng 16k before they decided to allow some to run for free provided they wear the singlets. this is okay but not good for time-conscious runners saka un gusto ng medal.

    but the race itself is well-organized. nice location of hydration booths and plenty of signs and marshalls. we had a great time running in the rain! :)

  20. Congratulations to all Kellog’s runners!

    It was a well organized run event, thank you to the organizer for a job well done. race route,marshal,hydration,marker. see you on Adidas KOTR 2012!!

  21. Awesome run yesterday!The rain did little to dampen the enthusiasm but in fact invigorated me to stride forward. A perfect 10 for the organizers: free-flowing hydration(not just H2O but Gatorade),supportive marshalls, well-secured routes and just enough goodies for the taking at the end of the race. Another 16k run in tough Mckinley Hill? Bring it on! Even if it’s a 21k, I’ll take the challenge as long as the organizers are as efficient as the one who handled this event. To Kellog’s and the event organizers, may your tribe increase. I salute you!

  22. To all Kelloggs Runners,

    Thank you guys for supporting our event once again. Despite the rain and the dramatic thunder booms before each gun start you never faltered. God was good for keeping us all safe despite the weather and miraculously reversing the mood pa to make it enjoyable.

    Anyways, we hope to see you again in our next races IMMUVIT Trail Challenge August 26, 2012 at La Mesa Dam and at WWF Reverse Run at Mckinley Hill also.

    To God be the Glory.


    Ian Alacar
    Organizer/Asst Race Director and Water Boy/ Sometimes Bike Marshal

  23. Proactive, just want to ask if bakit po sa result and name ko ay “Unknown Finisher”. Tama naman registration details ko. Can it still be corrected? Thanks.

  24. @jose: buti ka nga unknown ako different name> :)) sayang nman reg fee ko sana pala nag bandit run nlng ako hayz…..

  25. @ian Alacar

    congrtas successful ang kelloggs run pati mga pics and most ofall race result mabilis thanks also to ganda ng result details and some infos

    btw im interested sa IMMUVIT FEARLESS CHALLENGE SERIES but i need sana more details about the run wala ako mabasaeh hehe

    thanks and more power

  26. congrats kellog’s race organizer well done,have faith in God…ganda ng race well organized sarap tumakbo sa ulan pagdating ng finish line daming freebies…hope to see you again next year kellog’s same organizer same venue GODSPEED……

  27. Sir Jay Em, thanks for fixing the “unknown” race result. the best talaga kayong organizer. i will definitely join all your events kahit sa tawi tawi pa yan. sulit talaga bayad pag kayo nag organize ng event. alagang alaga ang runners at hindi lang kayo magaling sa pre race pati post race ay binibigyan nyo ng halaga. yung ibang race na nasalihan namin until now wala o mali pa rin mga result. thank you very much.

  28. @ Lexi: thank you for the photos. I really appreciate PinoyFitness and those runners like you (SpongeBobRunner) for providing this services to our runners. You make our events more colorful.
    @Jose: I’m so grateful na napansin mo yun- akala ko walang nakakapansin- Maraming Salamat Jose- you just don’t know how much you make me so happy. I will continue to do my best to give each runner a good experience.
    Again, I’m sorry for postponing this event on a last minute. I hope maintindihan din ng runner that was a very hard decision for us to make, I’m just glad kahit na sa reschedule date ay umuulan, runners still
    came. Maraming Salamat Po talaga!

    -Jay Em

  29. Hi @Jay Em can you double check the race result for bib number 160624 why was registered to a certain name Marissa Buling. Thanks

  30. @JayEm, your welcome po. Kay Spongebob po yung photos, just posted his link para other runners n hindi naka-like sa page nya will also see.
    Kelloggs run 2 pls!


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