Prycegas International Marathon 2012 – December 2, 2012


The PRYCEGAS INTERNATIONAL MARATHON – Unleash the Inner Flame is the biggest running event ever to be staged in Cagayan de Oro City, the City of Golden Friendship and Northern Mindanao. This competition has a running distance of 42k, 21k & 5k. PRYCEGAS has allotted the Biggest Cash Prize ( amounting to Php 1 Million) is at stake for the winners on all categories vying for the Top 10 Male & Female Finishers. This race will use a State of the Art Timing System for all categories.

Runners from all over the Archipelago, International Athletes and Enthusiasts are invited to this prestigious event. Come December 2, 2012 Sunday at the Pryce Gardens, Cagayan de Oro City will be converted into a Festive Atmosphere by a gathering of Family & Friends through running.

This event is brought to you by the countries’ leading manufacturer and distributor of Industrial, Medical Gases and Liquefied petroleum Gas (LPG), the PryceGases, Incorporated. “Pryce” is derived from the Celtic word which stands for PRICE and VALUE. It is the same Core Values that this esteemed company who is also a staunch supporter of a SMOKE – FREE Environment started promoting an Active and Healthy Lifestyle through the Sports of Running. Thus the birth of the “PRYCEGAS INTERNATIONAL MARATHON – Unleash the Inner Flame”. Part of the proceeds of this event will go to various Scholarship and Community Outreach Programs of the company.

Prycegas International Marathon 2012
December 2, 2012
Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental
5K / 21K / 42K

Registration Fees:
5K – PHP 500.00
21K – PHP 800.00
42K – PHP 1000.00


For 5K inclusive of Singlet, Race bib, Timing chip and Pryce Kidz Vitamin Syrup
For 21K inclusive of Singlet, Race bib, Timing chip, Finisher’s Medal and Finisher’s Shirt
For 42K inclusive of Singlet, Race bib, Timing Chip, Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Shirt and Free Entry to Carboloading Party

Registration Venues:
1. All Pryce Gases, Inc. Sales Centers and Autogas Stations (Visayas and Mindanao)
2. All Oro Oxygen Corporation Sales Centers (Luzon)
3. All Kwartagram Branches (Nationwide)
4. All Pryce Gardens Offices (Mindanao)
5. Pryce Plaza Cagayan de Oro
Tel: (088) 858-3131 / 858-4537

Online Registration:

Prycegas International Marathon 2012 – Singlet Design

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  1. prycegas ” international ” marathon?

    is this an AIMS / IAAF certified race event?

    just asking due to the use of the word ” international “.

  2. hindi po naman lahat ng international event eh certified ng AIMS/IAAF… yung QC Int’l marathon eh hindi naman po certified… :-)

  3. naku kelangan magipon. dami magagandang races sa december.

    maasikaso ang mga organizers sa cdo at madami din sasali dito na taga davao at mga neighboring cities and provinces. my guess is that halos plain lang ang tatakbuhan… amazing lang din kasi andami rin mga running groups doon!!!

    and join na kayo – sabay side trip sa bukidnon for the zipline (sa dahilayan – 600 lang 3 ziplines na!!!) at rafting (may package na almost 2K lang both zipline and rafting). saya!!! :)

  4. @limitEDrunner:

    that is the point! not all “international” marathons are AIMS/IAAF-certified. then why use the word “international” if they cannot follow “international” standards? this is an example of deceptive marketing campaign!

  5. i got your point sir… para lang din yang katulad ng aking nasalihan unang event way back sept. 12, 2010 FS MARATHON pero hanggang 16k lang naman… pag sinabing marathon ofcourse 42k hindi 16k… hindi po kasi sanction ng government ang halos karamihan sa mga event dito kaya kung ano-ano na lang ang pangalan na naiisipan ng iba… :-)

  6. @pyxcel:

    there is a significant elevation loss/gain on the route. the venue is located halfway to the CDO airport which is on top of a hill.

  7. A lot of runs use the word “international” to denote that (hopefully) non-Filipinos will also race and compete in their respective events. Should runners from abroad come over and run in this race, then the run gets this ‘international feel’.

    Of course, it’s only an international feel :)

    Also, I believe there is only one marathon in the Philippines internationally-certified, not including this one. Hope this helps!


  8. Sabi ng Race Organizers yung route daw sa 42K is 6K downhill&the rest 36K is uphill this will be a big challenge running this race………

  9. finisher’s kit includes LPG tank with full load ^__^__^ hahahaha naisip ko lang, pano kaya kung ganito nga? ang hirap isipin kung pano i-uuwi yung prize wakokok!

    regarding the issue being an “international” event… i think the organizers are thinking that if they open this event to general public including non-Filipino runners, the diversified nationalities competing in this event makes it international. maybe they are not aware that standards are being set by some organizations and its good if these standards are met. even so, it does not guarantee that this particular event does not stand a chance to be recognized “international” just because it doesnt have approval or seal so to speak from these granting organizations. who knows, the organizers of this event might know more than setting the international standards, or even better, they might know standards even more competitive than the ones set by those organizations.

    same is true for QCIM, CIHM, SIM, MIM, (though im not sure if any of these carry out an approval of “international” standard)

    personal side ko… i dont really mind if they or if they are not internationally recognized. i just want to run for better health, meeting new people, and travelling parts of our country pursuing these runs.

    btw… i will be at QCIM, same date. to all of us runners especially to us whose going to try 42k for the first time… GOOD LUCK TO US ALL AND KEEP SAFE AND HAPPY WHILE RUNNING!


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