Pinoy Fitness Challenge – 1,000 Jump Ropes


Let’s have a little fun shall we? Anyone up for a little fun and challenge? Let’s see how long you need to finish 1,000 Jump Ropes!

PF Challenge -> 1,000 Jump Ropes
Workout Type -> Time Challenge
Exercises -> 1
Equipment -> a Jumping Rope
Rule: 1 jump = 1 count

I finished in 8 minutes and 25 seconds, still needs a lot of practice since I trip a lot, try it! and leave a comment below on your progress for this challenge.

It’s fun and easy to do, and it’s a good warm-up exercise.

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  1. what the rule for the direction? I can do better with backwards and crossed backwards than the regular forward jumps.

  2. mahirap po ito… last tuesday since umuulan nag workout po ako nito, hindi naman tuloy-tuloy… hanggang ngayon masakit pa ring shoulder ko… but for sure if you include this in your post-running session you will see the difference in due time… :-)

  3. 1,000 jumps in 8:25 is quite fast, more so, since you said you were tripping a lot. That’s about 2 jumps per second (120 per minute). Will try this one, but have to buy a jumping rope first. Tried jumping/skimping for a minute without a rope and 120 is doable. But jump rate will definitely be lower with a rope.


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