Pinoy Fitness Tech Shirts! – New Designs Quick POLL

Hi Guys! Finally we’re in the final stages of producing the new designs for the Pinoy Fitness Tech Shirts! We have 2 designs coming up in the next few weeks! I would appreciate your comments and feedback, also let us know if you are interested to get one by answering the POLL, so we know how much to produce. Thanks!

Pinoy Fitness Tech Shirt Design #1: Price: P350


Pinoy Fitness Tech Shirt Design #2: Price: P350


Thanks for all the support guys! Share this to your friends that might be interested as well!


  1. waaa… like both tech shirts… hope both of this shirts be available… i’ll buy both… cant wait for the official launching… :D

  2. I am eager to buy these shirts…cool design yet it is so sad that i could not get a tech shirt with my size because you ran out of stocks:-((((( Until now i do not have a pinoyfitness tech shirt (T-shirt design).

  3. magadang design ng #1 kaso sana body-fit ang shirt sa model para mas emphasize Red sidings ng Tshirt (with no offense to model). But i love the 2nd one. Congratz to Pinoyfitness!

  4. hi jeff, i like #2, sizes S & M, for me & my hubby; for my son & daughter, too.

    i agree w/ others on reflective prints. hope to have these on your next PF booth.

    thanks :)

  5. Hi. Kung meron pong size xxl, order po ako ng isa for the design #2. Kung meron naman xxxl, order po ako ng isa rin sa design #1. bogs
    Order po ako ng isa sa design #2 – large. Thanks jill

  6. Sir jeff thanks for accepting the opinion na mag karuon ng option sa color pero sure thing both bibilhin ko nanaman, di pwd magkulang ang PF collection ko hehehe siguro yung pacer shirt lang talaga ang mahihirapan ako magkaron.

  7. Dear Pinoy Fitness:

    I am interested to purchase both Pinoy Fitness Tech Shirts.

    I hope you can post when and where we can purchase them as soon as possible.


  8. sana soon na lalabas yung shirt. I would like to buy. Sana sa susunod yung fabric kagaya ng sa Soleus shirt na benebenta sa run events.

  9. Qng nxt month cya irerelease s market sna s TxtFire run merun n cya pra mkbili aq. Sna mdming runners o sports minded n tao bumili ng t-shirts ninyo.

  10. hopefully makakuha na this time… exactly month of MAY siguro available na ito… at baka makasama ang greenfield run sa mga unang paglalagyan ng new pf tech shirt… :-)


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