PATAFA – Phil Road Racing Grand Prix – May 6, 2012


Our national agency for road running association, Philippine Amateur Track and Field association (PATAFA), launches 3-leg running grand prix this coming May 20, July 1 and Sept 30 in Quirino granstand. This is to motivate all runners of different skills and strength levels to try and complete the grand prix which promotes continuous and progression of running distance.

Phil Road Racing Grand Prix 2012
May 20, 2012 @ 5AM
Quirino Grandstand
3K, 5K, 10K
Organizer: Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association (PATAFA)

Registration Fees:
1Mile – P300
3k -P400
5k- P500
10k- P600
21k – P800
42k – P1,000

– Registration includes- Singlet, bib, timing chip, finisher certificate
– All runners who have finished their registered events in all 3 legs will receive a special Grand Prix shirt and a medal.

Registration Venues:
PATAFA Office – #025267092
other registration sites TBA

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– Registration Period for 1st leg: April 10 – May 4

For advance registration for all 3 legs. Deadline for this promo is on May 4
i. 3k – P800
ii. 5k – P1000
iii. 10k – P1200

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  1. i agree with you JayRUN, PATAFA kindly re-sched the 2nd leg. that is the same date with RU2. mas maraming runners ang tatakbo sa inyo for sure. tnk u & God bless!

  2. for heaven’s sake, dear organizers, do not schedule any run on same date as any RUN UNITED. RU runners will still run for the RU if they started with the RU1 and there are 4,000 of us! we wanted to run your races, so please, re schedule it immediately. your marketing officers and PR staff must be nailed for not doing their research! lol

  3. also, what is the wisdom of not including 21K in Leg 1? Perhaps you mean, you start at leg 1 with 10k then progress to 21k in leg 2 and 42k in leg 3? i hope i am wrong because if it is, then, what a heck of a logic is that. and then leg 2 and 3 have 1MILE while leg 1 does not have? lol

    i think this statement needs further clarifications: – All runners who have finished their registered events in all 3 legs will receive a special Grand Prix shirt and a medal.

    for the medal and finisher shirt hobbyist, then they would simply run the 1miler in all legs. does this mean they get the same THING as compared to those who did 10k,21K,42K respectively? think again. lol

  4. @nik_rielo
    Baka naman 1 medal and shirt for running in all the legs + different medal and shirts for the 21k and 42k runners.

    So that would give the runner 3 medals and 3 shirts if he/she ran in all the 3 legs? Oo nga pakiclarify organizers

  5. as far as i understand leg2 and leg3 lang ang may medal kasi naka note pa na 21k and 42k lang ang may medal.. so ibig sabihin certificate lang meron sa leg1.

    nakaktamad kayang takbuhan yun walang medal sa leg 1.

  6. ang gulo ng marketing strategy dapat sa leg1 may medal giveaways na agad para dumugin at ilipat ang sked ng leg2.

    yung leg1 katapat nito yung run for integrity may medal dun baka yun and dumugin ng mga tao.

  7. the organizers really sound amateur. they lack sound marketing discretion. they need to learn more. first step is to axe who ever thought of the schedule and the race categories as well as the inclusions. poorly thought of. lol

  8. singlet design?
    medal design?
    finisher’s shirt?
    Im a newbie “runner” who just walks most the races and brags about “finishing” the race. I need to show to my friends my finisher’s shirt and medal eventhough i finish 2 hours in 10k and 1 hour in 5k. thanks

  9. Wala bang discount ang group registration?
    If you want to get enough runners kung pareho sched sa Run united, dapat ibang market ang kunin ninyo. Run United runners are for those who can afford. So yoon medyo mahina ang budget ang dapat ninyong kunin. Kung konti lang ang diperensiya, sa run united na ang tao.

  10. Okay din po kahit kasabay ng RU2 para may ibang choice ang mga runners. Madami rin kasing ayaw na sa runrio events pagkatapos ng mga lootbag problems sa RU1 at sa iba pang events nila…

  11. ito na ang event na talagang nararapat para sa ating atletang pilipino… hopefully tangkilikin ito ng talagang runners na naghahangad ng tagumpay ng atletang pilipino… :-)

  12. I wanna run in this race and complete the trilogy, kaso conflict sa leg 2 on June 17 coz same date with ru2, I’ll be running in ru2 on June 17, if the sched of leg 2 will be moved to another date I’ll join in this event and complete the trilogy.

  13. Many runners who Run sa RU1 will also Run sa RU2 sa June 17, 2012. Kaya if u really want to have many runners to join sana if you can move the Date. Move it para naman pati yung mga sumali ng RU2 makasali rin at matapos yung Leg1 to Leg 3 nyo.

    and medyo magulo ito:
    Sabi “All runners who have finished their registered events in all 3 legs will receive a special Grand Prix shirt and a medal.” so if i registered sa 3K in Leg 1 up to Leg 3 i can receive a special Grand Prix Shirt and a Medal.

    sa mga 21Km at 42Km. in every Legs may medal at finisher shirt sila tapos they also receive a special Grand Prix Shirt and a Medal. So kapag 21 Km ka o kaya 42 Km kapag natapos mo yung 3 Legs you have 4 Medals, 3 Finisher Shirt and a 1 Special Grand Prix Shirt.

  14. @nik_rielo

    technically, magkaibang category ang 1miler (middle) sa 3 onwards (though 3km is sometimes considered as middle distace). Ibang discipline ang kailangan sa 1 miler at sa 3000 meter na race

    Hindi lang sa distance ka pwedeng mag progress. Sa pace pwede ka rin mag progress.

  15. @mark

    tama ka. that is why my observation. 1mile is not equal to 3kms. Eh bakit sa leg 1 walang 1mile kung progression ang nasa isip nila. dapat may 1mile sa leg 1 if may 1mile sa leg 2 and 3. i just cant get the logic kung bakit walang 1mile sa leg 1 at meron sa leg 2 and 3.

    also to other readers. kaya gusto namin mamove kasi gusto namin sumali. mali yung “kung ayaw nyo eh d wag nyo”. alangan naman na mageffort kami na magcomment at mag aksaya ng panahon dito if we are not interested to join. simple lang, we want to join this race but no single person can run 2 races at the same time. given na yung RU2, nauna sila nagbigay ng date eh, we also want to finish the trilogy ng RU in like manner na we wanted to finish the trilogy of the event above.

    madami dates dyan maliban sa dates ng RU, so why not resked on those dates.

  16. bka mag 3k lang ako dito since bagong organizer lang to… bka pag nag 42k agad ako, e sumablay ang hydration,gunstart,etc. yari na. hintay lang feedback kung ok ung leg 1 nila sa mga longer distances… kakadala mga first timer. or baka naman marami na silang na organizer na run, share naman sa mga may alam. Thanks..

  17. i think same with RU ang medal/shirts award system. pero baka they’re counting on the fact that not all will be able to afford the reg prices of Rio.. options to those who can’t afford the Rio prices to. and re: race sched.. baka din kase di sila makakuha ng ibang sched from the mmda or local gov’t ba.. maybe we should wait for more details.. govt naman din ata to.. di sila maluge.. taxes natin to eh!!

  18. @PATAFA

    ask lang po’ kahit 3k lang b lahat salihan ko sa 3 Leg eh makakatanggap pa din ako ng special grand prix shirt and medal?

  19. Due to SCHEDULE POSTED..Ang mga Runner kailangan ng Maayos na recovery…at iba pang important possible reason sa mga nakakarami.

  20. Am interested in doing the FM if there will be one to be held on the 1st leg which is May 6.Is this a sure thing or tentative one since TBA pa lang? Kindly announce earlier so I will know when to taper off.

  21. a friend of mine heard that there might be changes on this whole grand prix series. patafa might hire a professional organizer. and the sched of legs 1 & 2 might be moved. let’s wait for further details. mukhang ok na event to..

  22. Yes please, paki-finalise na yung 21K and 42K reg fees. I can see na meron kayong promo kung tatakbo sa 3 events, post nyo na agad kung magkano promo price if people will run 10K for the first leg, 21K for the second leg, and 42K for the third leg.

    Thank you…

  23. Kung di ka tumatanggap ng mga suhestiyon at umunawa ng sitwasyon,o sige iiwan na lang kita. Apat na libong mananakbo lang naman ang mawawala sa iyo sa “LEG 2” sa “21K category” lang iyan kung magsumiksik ka parin sa itinalaga mong araw at buwan kasabay ng RU2 sana ay magtagumpay ka. Kinopya mu na nga tumapat ka pa,akala ko pinag-isipan mo. “THE SCHEDULE IS OK ???? THEN A SURE 4,000 RUNNRS WILL LEAVE IT! THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO GRAB”

  24. Dear PATAFA

    May I ask why there isn’t a ONE MILE event on your May 6 leg?

    As you know, May 6, 1954 is a HISTORIC day in Amateur Track and Field. This was the day that the first sub-four minute mile was broken!

    I believe it would be in tune with your Celebration of 100 Years of Athletics Excellence if you would consider including a MILE event on your first leg.

    Thank you.

  25. post nyo n po yung singlet at yung price ng 21k at 42k maram kami mag aantay at special Grand Prix shirt and a medal. para mas kaayaaya sa mananakbo….


  26. We at NCR, Former NCAA ,Varsity, Young Runner and talented athlete..WE SUPPORT P.A.T.A.F.A! GO GO FOR OLYMPIC GOLD.. LOVE IT OR LIVE IT TO YOUR BLOOD..

  27. f i were the organizer di q move ung date ng event, pra may choice nmn ung mga runner n cant afford tumakbo s RU, mas maige n ung may klaban o ktapat, the more the merrier, pgandahan, phusayan t pbabaan ng fee, s mg swapang n runners n gusto n lhat takbuhan hatiin nio n lng katawan nio, madalas nio nga cnsv s mga nagrereklamong kgaya q s mhal n fee e “KUNG AYAW NIO TUMAKBO WAG, DI KAYO PINIPILIT”

    kung may paninindigan kayo t s tingin nio mganda at maayos ang event nio t kya nio sumabay o humigit s RU ituloy nio po….SALUDO aq cenio!

  28. for fee comparison only:

    Unilab Run United 2 2012
    Registration Fees:
    500m – P350
    3K – P600
    5K – P700
    10K – P800
    21K – P900

  29. gusto ko tong patakbo nyo pero di ako makakatakbo sa leg 2 nyo na june 17 dahil sa RU2 ako tatakbo, wag sana mangyari na mag sabay kayo sa leg 2, parang awa nyo naaa,,,

  30. School Varsity, Former NCAA …Lets support PATAFA and congratulating the celebration of 100 years of Athletic in the Philippines.

  31. Please do not compete with Run for Integrity and Unilab. Part 2 na sila, kayo magsisimula palang.

    Move the date of Leg 1 and 2. For sure, lalangawin kayo pero kung i-m-move niyo, dudumugin kayo.

  32. Kindly post more details about this event such as singlet, grand prix shirt and medal designs, the dates for the 1st and 2nd league are final and irrevocable….Almost a month before the 1st league so please keep on posting….

  33. wag kayo padadala sa kanila mas maganda kung may pagpipilian.. cgurado b cla n magpaparegister cla d2 kung i adjust yung date? impotatente mas affordable yung reg fee nyo kaysa sa iba… thanks

  34. wag kayo padadala sa kanila mas maganda kung may pagpipilian.. cgurado b cla n magpaparegister cla d2 kung i adjust yung date? importante mas affordable yung reg fee nyo kaysa sa iba… thanks

    bakit d nila sabihan yung unilab2 n mag adjust o baka dahil masasapawan cla

  35. Kindly update the details here please. I think there are lots of people who are interested despite the coinciding of your 2nd leg with RU2. Be diligent in answering the comments as these will be crucial in defining the outcome of your events.

    Thank you.

  36. its good na na adjust yun schedule … marami rin kasi na gusto mag join dito … both run united and eto

    looking forward for this event din

  37. kung meron lang clang reg. sa mga mall cguradong marami magpaparegister… ako nga gustohin ko man sumali kailangan dun p sa office nila e work ko monday to saturday. sak mahirap pag walang reg sa mga mall


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