Meeting the Trail Legend – Iker Karrera in Manila 2012

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We can run as long as we want and we can run wherever we want. Road running has been the mostly known type of running. We’re familiar with Kenyans who have been making podium finishes every run they participate in and I must say, almost every week. Week by week we enjoy the runs we’re participating in and not too long ago, trail running or off road running has been taking the limelight as well. Talking about trail running, there’s one person known for trail running and that is Iker Karrera from Spain who recently gained the title of Trail Legend.

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Many people think that trail running is difficult — that’s correct. But with proper training and preparation, it’s not impossible for anyone to move into trail running.

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Recently, Salomon brought the Trail Running Legend in the Philippines. Yes, Iker Karrera is in town to participate in TNF 100 Baguio. But before he goes to the long trails of Baguio, I was able to catch him on an exclusive Trail Running Clinic held in Tagaytay Highlands. Salomon Spain Brand Ambassador and International Trail Runner Edu Martinell discussed the basics of trail running and also provided techniques and tips. The clinic was swift but very much informative.

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There was also a question and answer session in the venue and I was lucky enough to be able to throw one question to him. Let me briefly discuss his answers to all our questions. Iker said he’s not into road running anymore. As much as possible he would want to do trail runs instead of road runs. He also mentioned that it’s not good for his joints so he’s avoiding it. During a trail run, his hydration is mainly a mixture of water and salt or any type of electrolyte drink; but he’s good with water and salt alone. He also shared the extremes he has gone through. Before he arrived, he actually was doing trail running in the snow in his country with temperature of about 3-4 degrees centigrade — that’s freezing cold! He also was able to train in Pakistan where the temperature during that time was at around 45 degrees centigrade. He shared that whatever the obstacles may be on your runs, always make sure you focus on the trail. Finally, for the TNF100, he said he’ll try to finish the race in 7-8 hours (I’m not sure if Edu Martinell was able to correctly translate Iker’s answer about this)

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After the clinic, we all had a chance to run in the trails of Tagaytay together with them. It sounds absurd but really, it was a once in a lifetime experience to be able to share the road and trails with Iker Karrera. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to join the test run due to an injury I caught two days before that day; however, I still am lucky to stand on the roads he’s running on and see him in action. It still feels surreal up until now.

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I personally believe that trail running needs more time and effort; therefore, a usual sub-1hr record on a 10K flat road run would basically get doubled in trail running. Hold it, I seem to be wrong. Iker Karrera finished the 12K trail in less than an hour (I based it on the time we took off the starting point and the time we went back) and that’s a fast and strong finish, I must say.

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Surprised by his strength, speed and endurance, we went back to the lounge to take our lunch and bid farewell for the day.

It was a day full of learning and excitement. For those wanting to see him in action, you may go to Baguio on April 21-22 and see the legend take the trails of Baguio with your own eyes.

For more photos of the event -> Click Here

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  1. nice report coverage, JC. also met Iker and Edu earlier tonite @BHS during the talk.

    excited to learn that both of them are attending TNF Baguio as well this weekend
    via 22K.

    great seeing Sir Bhoy Ramos, Ms.Vimz, Ed
    Soriano and Raffy Santos (Runner’sRunnr)
    and several of our runner-friendz ^_^

  2. Meron na po bang update sa nangyari kina Iker sa TNF 100?

    And btw, does anyone know what shoes they’re wearing in those pics?

  3. SAlomon S-Lab gamit nya. 3 or 4 ata. paakyat pa lang kami ng half ng 50km route eh pababa na cya galing sa 75km ata. grabe tumatakbo pababa sa assault! astig!


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