Unilab Run United 1 2012 – Results Discussion


Congratulations to all who participated in the first of the Unilab Run United Series this 2012! It’s now time to share your personal experience and results about this race here!

Unilab Run United 1 2012
March 4, 2012
Mall of Asia

Official Race Results and Photo Links will be updated here as they become available.

Race Results:
[download id=”649″]
[download id=”651″]
[download id=”650″]
[download id=”652″]
[download id=”653″]

Download from the Source -> Click Here


Unilab Run United 1 – RunPix – Click Here

To get your chip time, please type RESULT RU1/DISTANCE/BIB NO/NAME/BIRTHDATE,
Example – result ru1/5k/5447/thomas caballero/06201973 and send your SMS to mobile no. 0922-9992444.

The official results will be posted in Unilab Active Health and RunRio Facebook fan pages starting March 12, Monday.

Please take note the SMS that you will receive are system-generated, for comments and timing concerns email [email protected] or you may call our hotline nos. 7031736, 09165709220 and 09297178164, 9am-6pm, Mon-Fri.

Source -> https://runrio.com/

Note from RunRio:

Dear Run United 1 21k Runners, We sincerely apologize for those who were not able to get their finisher items today. Based on our initial discussion, there was a breach of security resulting to lost of items. While we are investigating further, we take full responsibility of what happened. We guarantee that you will receive your 21k items as soon as we are able to finalize the timelines with our suppliers and process. A representative from RunRio will contact each and everyone of you and will revert to you as soon as possible. Again, our sincerest apologies. RunRio Inc.

Photo Links:
Pinoy Fitness Family Spotted @ 2012 Run United 1
Unilab Run United 1 Photos – c/o Pinoy Fitness

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  1. we are back to 2008 2009, where results are posted a month after the run :)

    isang tao lang hinire nila ngayon to save cost and increase the bottomline :)

  2. @rex its no longer a cost cutting or reduction of cost, nag tanggal sila ng manpower nila na parang hayop lang, pero mismong gen. manager na baboy wala naman ginagawa puro pacute at pasosyal at mag payaman sa pera ni rio ang ginawa sa office.

  3. I really don’t mind if the pdf results are not available yet (it’s March 13 on my watch), pero sana hindi sila nagpropromise ng date na hindi naman nila kaya panindigan.

  4. puro kyo promise runrio!!! results namin,magrreply pa kayo sa fb na alternative lang ung txt per ang tagal nyo ilabas ung pdf para kumita pa kyo,dati nmn 1 day nanjan n result!! wag maging greedy!

  5. i agree cyanide09, sana march 15 na lang nilagay nila or kahit kelan na kaya nila i-deliver. frustrating lang kasi.

    in this digital age, i really find it hard to understand why it is taking them long to publish the results. if it’s available via sms ,it means the data are complete , ililipat lang sa pdf or excel format. i’m not a techy guy but that should not be too complicated to take 8 days to finish.

  6. In this era of speed and hi-tech, I wonder what’s keeping the organizers from releasing the results and pix, we are all aware that these things is the cap of all the runners’ efforts.

  7. yeah. what’s taking them so long? the sms text for getting the results does not even work anymore. i tried texting just now to 09229992444 and i haven’t received a reply.

  8. I echo what Sly and Dodeb are saying. The technology is there to even do this real-time! There was even one event I joined where you go to a booth, step on some platform, and the results will be shown to you.

  9. @ Ms. Jewel,
    Noted po!.. Thanks po..i want to be a certified addict in running! ;-)
    ” Pero hindi naman din lahat ng mga magagaling na runners e mayabang meron ding mababait at humble. ”
    – sana po next time cla nman ma encounter ko..

  10. I think it is time to voice out our frustration on why it takes so long to release run results. If you have a blog site, then post something. Tweet it. Post in Runrio FB page. This is not the first time this had happened. I don’t see why it should take that long. Assuming the run is finished by Sunday, it should take the organizers the whole Monday to summarize the results, so Monday evening or latest Tuesday the results should be out. Even just preliminary results would be ok.


  11. Strange. They misspelled my name. Not that I’m overly sensitive about it but I remember entering my name in that iPad app of theirs at Toby’s. So how could they have misspelled my name. Unless they are manually entering it? Hence the one week turnaround time?

  12. @Slw and C21,

    What do you mean by “errors in ranking?” If based on gun time, the sorting seems ok. Chip time of course will vary since runners are in various meters away from the starting line . . .

  13. I remember back in the day, when 21KM runs were only around 500 Pesos and the results came out a few days after the run itself. Makes you wonder why Runrio charges too high for their runs nowadays… Big medal? Nah, it’s too thin when compared to previous medals. Marshals? Nah, marshals before were more plentiful and didn’t have issues like what happened with RU1’s stolen finisher’s kits. Hydration? Nah, it’s just the same, and I remember that energy drinks were more abundant before. The route? Nah, quality-wise, the path from The Fort to MOA isn’t exactly the best route we could pass for a 21KM run. It’s good to see a lot of people still happy with the way races are organized nowadays, but it might lead to future organizers charging at a higher price… Hopefully, a 21KM run isn’t worth P1,000++ by 2013…

  14. onga dapat sa chip time ang ranking..hirap tuloy hanapin yung pangalan kung di mo nakita anong oras ka tumawid ng finish line..hehe

  15. It’s quite flattering to hear that someone voluntarily defended my side when I posted my personal race result here (see comment 228). Special mention goes to the ff:
    and atbp not mentioned
    thank you guys for schooling this cheche.bureche

    To:@roxzan1234 – thanks maam rox. See u again and the rest of the guys on RU2. Good luck sa TBRDM nyo! Ilang days na lang.

    To:@cheche.bureche – Everyone has the right to say anything what he wants to say here. No big deal about that. If that’s what you think about me, so be it. If only you have known me, I know you won’t say such thing as that.
    Grow up dude. We are no longer elementary or high school finished here bashing each other. Move on, life is too short.

  16. race results were one week late but as the saying goes it is better late than never. let us be happy that what had been promised was delivered including the soon to be delivered finishers kit.

  17. kinonvert ko ung pdf to excel so that’s it’s easy to get the ranking by guntime, chip time, gender, age division, etc. i wanted to share this but this forum has no option for attachments. i got a good ranking for my time kahit paano. nasa acceptable 70% by chip time overall and gender. more training.

  18. bakit ganun hindi ko pangalan yung lumabas sa bib# ko, excited pa naman ako to see the results, I sacrificed leaving my gf behind hoping to log my PR. Nung nag inquire ako thru sms nakatangap naman ako ng confirmation and it matched my clocked time pero bakit sa results wala yung pangalan ko, ano ako saling pusa? Adding insult to injury ba to?

  19. g0t my result! guys, d0 u kn0w the links for the 21k pics aside fr0m the ULAH albums, pinoy fitness and team karipas?! tnx guys…

  20. @kerts ayos un ah,pwede plang gnun.salamat sa info parekoy.pasenxa ka na hnd kc ako techy na tao e.hindi yan naituro samin nung ako’y nagaaral pa.isang hamak na mananakbo lang ako.peace out!:)

  21. @kerts,ayos un ah.pwede plang gnun.salamat sa info parekoy may bago nanaman ako natutunan.hehe pasenxa ka nadn,hnd kc ako techy na tao.hnd yan naituro samin nuong ako’y nagaaral pa.isang hamak na mananakbo lang ako.peace out!:)

  22. @kerts,ayos un ah,pwede plang gnun!salamat sa info parekoy may bago nanaman akong natutunan.pasenxa ka nadn hnd kc ako techy,hindi yan naituro samin nung nagaaral pako.isang hamak na mananakbo lang ako.peace out!^.^

  23. hmm.. there’s no errors in ranking naman. the rankings are really based on gun time naman sa runrio ever since eh :)

    about the release ng race results in pdf nila.. mejo disappointing ang runrio inc. ngayon kasi unlike dati they release the results 2 days after the race day. tapos parang may mga missing datas pa, delay na nga. and.. i thought 4,000 ang tumakbo sa 21k? :)

  24. akala ko rin nasa 4,000 ang total numbers ng tumakbo sa 21K? pero sa race results nasa 3,750 lang.

    then, akala ko rin sinasabi nila na more than 12,000 yung total number ng mga participants? pero adding the total number of participants base sa race results e nasa 10,000 participants lang.

    anyway, ang comment ko talaga is para sa 21K… sabi nila 4,000 yung total slot at nagkaubusan pa? if so, then dapat may naka-prepare na silang 4,000 finisher shirts, and since 3,750 lang yung tumakbo, dapat may natira pang 250 finisher shirts? pero ang sinasabi nila nagkaroon ng nakawan? kung totoo naman yun? aba ang dami namang nanakaw na finisher shirts para maraming runners ang mawalan.

  25. @maxi
    Porke ba sinabing ng RunRio ng 4000 runners ang tatakbo, dapat sakto? Hindi ba pwedeng mag-DNS o mag-DNF yung ibang runners? O kaya defective yung chip sa bib tag?

  26. @Afro

    sir, hindi yun ang point, sorry kung hindi clear sayo… ang point ko since sinabi nila na 4,000 slots yung available at naubos eto, dapat may naka prepared na silang 4,000 finisher shirts. gets?!

  27. kaya ntagalan release ng result….
    ngBIRTHDAY kc c COACH….
    been reading all comments nkakatuwa, may ilang ngpipilit n masaya t succesful ung event t may ilang naloko n nmn…
    tsk! tsk! tsk…
    nga pla may hinaanda akong review s event, ciempre di q nmn mrereview un kung di aq nkapunta…bket aq nandun? t ano mga nkita at napansin q….mlalaman nio n s takdang panahon…

  28. @maxi: tama ka 4,000 ang sumali pero 3,750 lang ang natapos. alam mo ba kung bakit? kasi marami sumaling jejemons! mga nag-level up kahit hindi kaya. dapat nakalagay sa medal nila “run united walkathoner”!

  29. @ runbabyrun i beg to disagree to you na ever since gun start ang ginagamit ng rio for race result, una my ex partner work for runrio kaya alam ko how it works, 2nd ilang runrio events na ba sinalihan mo to say that kasi ever since na nag start ang runrio at hindi lang ang unilab nandun na kaming ibang runners. baka gusto mo ireview muna ulit lahat ng race result ng run rio bago ka mag salita.

  30. I got my finisher’s kit too. They contacted me last Thu and promised 1-2 weeks lead-time for delivery but it took them 2 days to do so.

    I think next time we can see improvement in logistics and security in distributing the kits. This is a good learning experience for the organizer. For us runners, may this security breach issue not affect our undying passion for running. Kudos everyone. :-D

  31. @linsanity comment 356

    There is no shame in walking on a marathon.

    Hindi dahil sa kulang ang shirts na naprepare nila kaya nagkaubusan kundi maraming gahaman na nagsamantalang kumuha ng sangkaterbang finishers kit.

  32. @Afro:

    there is no shame in walking on a marathon – if you walk to grab your water/banana.

    but if you walk almost half of the race then you are just fooling yourself.

    a walkathoner must go back to shorter distances and be real.

    ikanga ng sprite commercial “magpakatotoo ka.”

  33. @sebastian ay hindi po ba GUN TIME ang ginagamit ng runrio as basis for the rankings in their race results? :) kasi sa aking na-REVIEW wala naman akong nakita na naka arrange according to CHIP TIME. and laging nakalagay ‘to pag nag ri-release sila ng race results…

    Finish Time: is time from the gun start to the time you crossed the finish line. Results for this is used as basis for determining the Top 3 finishers. (o, basis for determining top 3 finishers pa nga eh)

    onti palang naman po ang nasasalihan kong takbo.. and runrio runs. pero dahil nakikita at nababasa ko naman un sa website nila kaya ko nasabi na “ever since” :)

    so.. aun. mali pa din ba po? pasensya na po sa inyong mga matatanda na……na runners :)

  34. i agree with you @linsanity.
    if you want to run a marathon (which is almost synonymous to “non-stop”) train hard (as in super hard) do it when you know you’re ready na talaga. i can’t call it an achievement kasi kahit nag full mary ako tapos nag lakad din naman pala ako.

    just saying. Haha! off topic.

  35. @RunBabyRun:

    ok noted and just wanna repeat that
    there is no shame in walking on a marathon provided this is done to grab race support and not to grab breath due to lack of proper training.

    ang problema sa karamihan sumasali sa marathon para lang sa bragging rights (e.g. finisher shirt, medal, photo) kahit naglakad lang sila papuntang finish line.

  36. I don’t get why some runners feel like maligning people who take walking breaks in runs to catch their breath. What did those people ever do to you? Everybody was slow once. Nobody was born fast… except maybe the Kenyans. Its like saying that only smart kids deserve to go to school lol

  37. I didn’t reply before, coz posted on FB instead but for those who didn’t manage to read my FB post. Galloway method is very much acceptable in a marathon ‘these’ modern times. The time when only elites are the only runners allowed to run is long gone, and we share the road with newbie’s and prof alike. Which makes running more enjoyable. Figured only elites can make comments like walkathoner don’t belong in marathons etc. So I won’t argue that you guys are good. Pero, if you imagine running in a marathon na lahat elites lang ang tumatakbo, edi boring yun and you might find yourself (despite your speed) at the bottom of the pack (especially kung panay kenyans kalaban nyo) not very motivating. But a newbie like me, I personally enjoy watching the heavy weights and other newbies running with me at the bottom of the pack. Kasi, duon mo makikita yung ‘will’ to finish ng mga kasama mo. Kasi kahit overweight, asthmatic, with heartprob ka (I mean me)and the people beside you your fighting for a bigger game than a measure of speed and endurance, but a fight against illness, and a fight to gain self-respect. So para sa mga bottom of the pack runners, it becomes a very psychological challenge. Promise, yung asthma palang ang hirap na itakbo, anu pa kaya combined with palpitations and overweight! Run Strong All Underdog Runners! Kudos sa atin lahat!

  38. i’m no longer going to run in the Run United series…kakatrauma ang RU1 2012. it was my first time to run 21k and was so excited to get that finisher’s shirt, kaya lang nagkaubusan, some kind of security breach daw or something. ipapadala na lang daw sa mga di nakakuha ung shirt…mag 1 month na at inabot na ng holy week, di ko pa rin nakukuha ung sakin, two of my friends got theirs 2 weeks ako pa. i was trying to contact runrio pero di sila sumasagot kahit sa text and even when i try calling di rin sinasagot. i’m so disappointed.parang wala silang pakialam and i feel like they don’t care coz i’m just one participant and won’t be that big of a loss to the,sad…

  39. @tere
    I agree. Do you know why the Kenyans don’t comment here and put down slower runners? Its because they know about good sportsmanship. And they can probably sympathize with slower runners because they may also have been slow once when they were starting out. That’s what separates elite runners from fast people. People who join runs to support charities and/or overcome obstacles like asthma, heart palpitations, overweight or obesity, mental or physical disabilities, poverty, age and so many other obstacles are just as admirable as the elite runners in my opinion. We have all likewise committed to health and fitness and its very admirable.

  40. ang dami naman ninyong satsat ang sinasabi lang dito eh hindi ka dapat mag-42K kung puro lakad lang ang gagawin mo. ang hirap kasi sa karamihan masyadong ambisyosang bruho at bruha kahit di naman kaya. hay naku!

  41. @chuva
    walang 42k sa RU1 di ka naman pala tumakbo e chuva ka talga lol

    Acceptable na po ngayon sa mga marathons ang run-walk-run system ni Jeff Galloway. Pakiresearch muna po yon bago umastang parang perpektong reynang beking akala mong tumatakbo from start to finish please lol

    Imbis na mga walkathoners tinitira nyo bat di yung lazy spectators na singyabang nyo na naninigaw pa na:”hoy (expletive) ano mapapala nyo jan?” ayy teka di pala sila nagbabasa dito kaya papansin na lang kayo sa mga mababagal na runners hehe

  42. Walkathoners, joggers or runners man, bat di na lang tayo maging masaya na mas maraming Pinoy na ngayon ang health at fitness-conscious?

    Nobody likes people who think they’re better than everyone else just because they’re faster than everyone else. Lumalabas kasi na parang binubully nyo lang kasi ang mga naglalakad sa mga patakbo e. Nobody likes bullies

  43. @chuva
    walang 42k sa RU1 halatang di ka tumakbo sa RU1 puro chuva ka pala lol

    Kung tinanggal nyo ang mga walkathoners, people who take walking breaks, at run-walk-runners who follow Jeff Galloway’s method, baka small fraction na lang ng runners ang matira. Not good for fund-raising and charities.

    Kung kampi sa inyo ang mga organizers edi sana maaga ang cut-off times ng lahat ng mga patakbo. E hindi e. Kaya sorry na lang kayo. Sa Milo marathon na lang kayo umasa dun nyo ipagyabang ang bilis nyo kung talagang tumatakbo nga kayo at di lang umaastang elite athletes sa comments dito.

  44. sus ang dami naman umaastang elite athletes dito di naman kayang patunayan sa comments kung mabilis talaga sila. Ang kaya lang nilang obvious na patunayan dito e mahilig silang mag-alipusta at mag put-down ng mga naglalakad sa mga patakbo. Its getting stuffy here with all this hot air lol

  45. sus ang dami naman umaastang elite athletes dito di naman kayang patunayan sa comments kung mabilis talaga sila. Ang kaya lang nilang obvious na patunayan dito e mahilig silang mag-alipusta at mag put-down ng mga naglalakad sa mga patakbo. Its getting stuffy here with all this hot air. Mga walang alam sa good sportsmanship lol


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