yurbuds for your Ears now in the Philippines


Music has always played an important role for any Athlete, if you’re a runner, biker, triathlete or gym rat, you should know that good music can significantly improve your performance.

And finding that perfect earphone sometimes it a challenge, some earphones fall off while running, some get soaked in sweat, some hurts your ears; A triathlete and a marathoner heard ya, and created yurbuds.



The product comes in a classy black box and shows this product to be really focused and created for athletes.

What’s Inside?


The contents include a quick guide on how to wear the earphones properly, a pouch and the earphones itself. Simple. Straight Forward.

What’s Unique about it!?


The Design: yurbuds was ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into your ears, I ran, Jumped and played around, in the end, these earphones are still attached to my ears.

The Weight: At first glance, these earphones looks bigger than your usual earphones, but amazingly when worn, they feel extremely light.

The Sound: it was great! It performed like a high end in-ear earphones and deliver rich acoustics.

It’s Sweat Proof! the earphones are covered by silicone that protects it against sweat and even rain.

Check out this Video!

Try it out yourself! I tested the yurbuds Inpire model. But there are 4 models to choose from, the Ironman® series of earphones: the Focus, Endure, Inspire, and Inspire Pro.

Ironman Endure – SRP P1,500
Ironman Focus – SRP P1,500
Ironman Inspire – SRP P2,500
Ironman Inspire PRO – SRP P3,000

Yurbuds is available in Planet Sports, Runnr, Rudy Project, Chris Sports, Power Mac Center, The AShop, Mobile One, IGig Center, Switch, Gadgets in Style, Riovana, Electronics Boutique, The Brick, Primo Cycles, Planet Gadget, Second Wind, Thunderbolt and Sabak.

For More Information:
Visit -> Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cascos-Inc/175495055884423
Website -> www.yurbuds.com


  1. Just got one. But the names of the models seem to differ. I got the inspire because the wires are kevlar-reinforced and covered with cloth so it seems more sturdy. (Although the box identifies it as Focus) It really does not fall off and the sound is good. I can’t wait to run wearing these.

  2. Just saw this now. Thank you for trying out our product, Panis! I hope you are enjoying your Yurbuds Inspire… Great choice! Yes, the box can be a bit confusing as it says Inspire in front and Focus behind. We tagged them individually though with product names and price to avoid further confusion :)


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