Race Against Raze 2012 – Results Discussion

race against raze 2012 photos and pictures

Congratulations to all who participated in this years’ Race Against Raze 2012! Thanks to everyone who dropped by the booth and supported us.It’s now time to share your personal experience and results about this race here!

Race Against Raze 2012
March 18, 2012

Download Race Results:
Race Against Raze 2012 – Race Results

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  1. No available ice in hydration Booth along the race route.. But over-all, it was a good event compared to MIM! hahaha!! Congratulations to all the finishers today :)

  2. good run! Good cause! tried bib:( then tried first two/three letters of first name, then last name….lots of results, but no luck. Is there a “master list”? Great job by all!!

  3. agree with the first five comments na well-organized, fun race …. let me add lang that the friendly marshalls and staff along the route naki-cheer din … very nice…! :)

  4. kung marshall ka dapat may megaphone ka.. i like that!!! maganda sana kung nagpapatugtog sila with the mega phones.. hahaha

  5. congrats to all of my fellow runners who ran yesterday at the race against raze. samething to pepsquad for another well done event, few things i notice, medyo nag tipid ang sponsor na 100 plus, i was looking for a energy drink along the way kasi medyo hindi nakumakagat ang water hydration sa body ko pero i got it only at the end,medyo mas ok ang marshall this time compare sa rainbow run, mas marami at mas nakaka enganyo sila because some of them cheer for the runners, medyo nag improve sa part na yun,sa start medyo nag ka labuan sa start line kasi sarado yung area talaga where we shoul enter papuntang start line kaya na confuse ang runners kung sa facing north or facing south and start ng race buti na lang maaga yung isang marshall siguro next time marshall should be in the entrance area to guide the runners na ito po ang pasukan. lastly yung sa raffle sa end medyo nag kagulo sa stage kasi bib na ang ginamit na raffle material at halos lahat ng runners nasa stage na din at walang nag cocontrol,alam naman natin na patay gutom ang mga runners sa freebies lalo na ang mga compli na runners or mga student na invited to run lang sana lets find other way to do the raffle like maybe bring me or something else na hindi kailangan mag kagulo ang runners sa taas at mag mukhan patay gutom sa freebies,(well nanalo naman ako kahapon eh pero nakakabwesit lang kasi na dedelay yung raffle dahil nasa stage na lahat ng runners). over all ok naman specially sa speed ng result this time.

  6. Did anyone register a distance more than 16k? My watch says na 16.39 siya – or maybe excited lang yung watch ko. hehe. But kung more than 16k nga, matutuwa na ako kasi new PR at the 16k mark (although 2nd 16k ko palang naman to :P)

    Some water in the water station wasn’t cold and there was no more water available in the station after the flyover (yung pabalik na).

    Overall though, it was a good run. Started on time (muntikan pa ako ma-late) and the marshalls were very encouraging :D

  7. maayos ang lahat at mabilis din ang pag-post ng result. but i could not find my name nor my bib number on the results. somebody please tell me what went wrong why my name and bib number could not be found on the results. thanks.

  8. I really enjoyed yesterday’s run, it was well organized and everyone was very friendly. The course was well marshalled and the staff did an excellent job having a clean portable restroom from pilipinas portalet rental services. This is the cleanest portable restroom I ever used and what a pleasant smell like a freshly cut lemons.

    Thank you for such a great fun run event.

  9. @InCountry – as far as i know pag RUNNINGMATE.PH ang humawak ng timing is wala silang pdf format talagang individual mo na makikita yung result mo… maganda nga rin sana naka pdf file iba kasi yung nakikita mo kung may improvement… congrats! :-)

  10. it was a great experience. however i could not find my bib # or my name in the results. sayang napakabilis ng posting ng results but it seems incomplete. may chance pa bang ma-update ang results?

  11. Seals the deal for me….buy a Garmin or similar…rely on self for pacing, timing and piece of mind. Training for Marathon (Apr 28)…lesson learned…carry my own watch or timing method:) Peace out!

  12. yup ganun ang runningmate. pero you can click your name at maylalabas yun ng at least 20 persons ata, not sure.

    @karen, sobra tlaaga siya ng 16k mabuti na yung sobra kesa kulang.

  13. Congrats din to all Top Finishers esp sa ating mga friends na nag-podium last Sunday dito:

    1st placer 10K – SuperMario Maglinao
    3rd placer 16K – Kapuso CarL Guevara

    A run very well done, guys. Proud kami sa inyo. More podium wins ^_^

  14. @limitEDrunner alam ko pwede nila i export to Excel yan kc me database and timing chip. sana meron.. sa Run for Eye ng saint lukes wala nang result.. :( daming umaasa..

  15. Just trying a SQL Injection on the Website

    Error Number: 1064

    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘%’ OR runner_bib = ” ‘)’ at line 1

    select * from races_results where event_id = 64 AND (runner_name LIKE ‘%’ %’ OR runner_bib = ” ‘)

    Filename: /home4/runninl2/public_html/results/models/event_model.php

    Line Number: 140

    i think they can provide masterlist. all runners and result was recorded in database

  16. Guys, would anyone here know how many runners participated in the 16 Km run? just wanted to know, actually this is one of my best race yet, I’ve placed among top 20. please give some comments on numbers of runners in 16 Km. Thanks a bunch..

  17. 28.iRun_Chuck Thank you very much for breaking it down. To others, appreciate the Pics as crossing the finish line of 16k….in my library:) Had 1:22 by watch, but no “official” in either the 16k/10k list…will check 3/5k assuming the girl that took my number and hung the medal put it with the wrong race….:( Again…thanks

  18. @iRun_Chuck and @Race Against Raze – could you check the overall 16k results in your page? :) Only one page shows up. Thank you! :)

  19. 28th….still looking for the 2 minutes of work/effort it would take to post the remainder of the 16k pages/results….any of the sponsors care? guess not.

  20. 2 weeks and counting…no interest? Sad, very Sad. Are they affiliated with Eye Run sponsors….much in common. LACK OF CONCERN once event is over. Pepsquad…expected better. No more run for me with this group/sponsor…Eye Run as well. Get you in, get the donation…then no interest after that:( Not a theme or standard your org needs to support, not helping the cause:(

  21. been 3 weeks, 16k…rest of the results? where are they. Ahhhh, got it….you have the money, event is over, and it is of no consequence now…I see…doesn’t matter now. if we had only known that this was all you were looking for, wouldn’t have ran (as is blatently obvious from your lack of posting..something simple that you already have..understood, funds/money was your aim, you got it…so we are out of luck on results. No RAR for me again…EVER)

  22. one month anniversary coming up of pepsquad or whoever on results…have formally blown off the participants. Certainly would not invest in this group to time any event..not thorough, accurate, timely….OMG…too many indicators that absolutely “no concern” or “care” exists. Is a huge disservice to all who are still waiting for their job to be completed. Sponsors, word of advice, do not use them again…they clearly are telling you by their lack of concern, “we don’t care”….not professional or to be trusted.


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