Go Natural Run 2012 – Results Discussion

go natural run 2012 results photos

Congratulations to all finishers of the recently concluded Go Natural Run 2012! Now it’s time to share your personal race result experiences and stories about this event here!

Go Natural Run 2012
January 15, 2012

Official Race Results and Photo Links will also be updated here as they become available. For now please feel free to discuss about this event below.

Race Results:
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[download id=”620″]
[download id=”621″]
[download id=”622″]

Note: The race was organized by RunRio, Inc. For any concerns regarding the race results, please email [email protected].

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  1. ok na ok.. dami foods.. dami saging at gardenia.. hindi maubos ubos kasi ang laki laki.. tsk tsk.. the best talaga kapag runrio organizer.

  2. it was an enjoyable run because of good weather and well organized event. just noticed that bananas did not look good to eat.

  3. this was my first runrio race event and it was almost perfect. galing pala talaga nila as they’re reputed to be.

    first half marathon ko ito tapos tumakbo pa ako ng 10K sa Todo Responde kahapon so I wasn’t expecting a good record. lalo pa when I was more than halfway eh nagrereklamo ng mga tuhod ko and I had to force myself to walk briskly hanggang mawala yung soreness sa knees then fight na naman hanggang pabalik balik yung sakit at walk na naman ako until I got to the finish line. so glad di ako nainjure.

    saya dito sa event na ito. daming runners and booths to keep them lining up. hehe.

    I didn’t like the finisher shirt and somehow naghohope ako when I was getting the finisher’s kit na baka may medal (maganda sanang may memorabilia ako ng first half marathon ko). wala talaga. hehe.

    happy naman ako rito sa race na ito all in all.

    am just waiting for the race results and some photos at baka may shot ako. hehe.

  4. my first runrio event, at di ako napahiya, sulit ang fee kahit me kamahalan. Nice route and well organized. Looking forward to join another runrio event…

  5. My first run for January! I’ve finished injury free though I didn’t beat my PR in 21k but overall it was the best :) cheers to RUNRIO! congrats to all! see you next run!

  6. My first run for January! I’ve finished injury free though I didn’t beat my PR in 21k but overall it was the best :) cheers to RUNRIO! congrats to all! see you next run!

  7. It was great! Beat my PR 
    Well organized run, lots of hydration, banana on the 21k route, great raffle prizes specially those sponsored by Resorts World and may picture pa ko with Coach Rio wohooo ang bait ni Coach! 

  8. well organized… salute to runrio! had a problem with my legs, first time ko mag-crambs sa pagtakbo, 2:14 tuloy time ko sa 21k malayo sa PR ko. need to practiced more though….

  9. If I may just share –

    At the finisher’s tent, medyo nagkakagulo because the loot bags containing the finisher shirts were not arranged nor labeled according to sizes. Syempre the runners would want to get the right size. Needless to say, chaotic yung pag-claim ng finishers’ kits.

    But to be fair to the event staff who were distributing the finisher’s kit, I don’t think it’s their fault. They probable were just tasked to man the finisher’s tents and distribute the loot bag.

    This however did not stop this ARROGANT RUNNER who threw expletives at the race staff! As in minura nya ng P.I.!! Ako yung nahiya kasi baka isipin nung mga race staff ganun lahat ng runners.

    I know, at that point, we were tired, perhaps even hungry. But I don’t think it’s an excuse to malign other people – especially those who were there to earn a day’s living.

    I guess I should’ve taken down that prick’s bib number, and write a note to all race organizers to ban the bastard!! Nakakahiya ka dude!

  10. Wala naman pong complaint sa staff… very helpful marshalls. Hinahabol pa nga yung mga sasakyan na pumapasok sa race path na walang nilang pahintulot. At umuulan ng powerade so nice ^.^ at happy with the freebies. Runrio should organize the international marathons here din para di tayo pahiya sa foreign runners.

  11. @arvinparedes, same as mine (22.4). Am using BB app Endomondo. So far, distance-wise accurate yung binibigay nyang distance. Kaya nga nagtaka ako bakit parang malayo pa pagannounce ng RunningCoach (ng App) na 20k at parang malayo pa. Was disappointed at that time; but anyway overall am satistied.

  12. jp navarette – could he be the same runner who posted in the bull run who cursed the bull run staff when he did not get his shirt?

    I checked the users of Garmin connect who ran the race yesterday for the 21k and their distances displayed 21.40 as the longest and 21.20 as the shortest.

    I am not sure how these gps devices work but sometimes the routes are not exactly 21k or the gps devices are not exactly correct as many factors may affect their readings.

    Anyway, if it was longer then that means your finish times are way lower which is good in a sense. :)

  13. Yeah GPS are not that accurate as well since signal drops occur some times but more accurate than foot pods imo. One poster here said he plotted the run based on his Garmin GPS on Map My Run and he did not go over 21.50 or 22 kms. I guess that is the most accurate give or take?

    I wish it was longer because it makes me feel better with my time though I really struggled the last few kilometers. Lack of sleep before a race due to excitement is really a bummer. LoL

    Or we can all let it go and look forward the next run haha.

  14. It was a very nice run yesterday, of course with the help of the accomodating runrio staffs (on the route and tents)
    My gps also reads 21.66k, buti na sobra wag lng kulang :)

    @jp navarette, dude narinig ko rin yung guy na sinasabi mo hehe..medyo masakit nga sa tenga ung sinabi nya..bro kung sino kaman i’ve already sent the concern to runrio team your bib no. :) peace bro!

  15. nice run and route,
    nice weather,
    nice hydration,
    nice marshals,
    nice medics,
    thanks to all Runrio people! Keep up the good work.

    only 1 bad…. no medal, waaaaaaa.!!!!

  16. First time ng mga kapatid at ng asawa ko tumakbo. Nirecommend ko talaga na Runrio event salihan namin. Hindi naman ako napahiya hehe.

    Salamat sa organizers and sponsors for making it memorable for us. Naaddict na rin tuloy sila tumakbo.

    As usual, wala nanaman akong problema sa inyo. Wala rin reklamo mga kasama ko. Sobrang sarap ng feeling nila makatawid sa finish.

    Sana nga lang nagpaphotobooth kayo pero mas masaya lalo na sa mga first timers kong kasama. Thanks

  17. great run well organized first time ko sa runrio, ok talaga nice weather na beat ko record ko sa 5k at daming freebies sulit talaga, guys anong website para malaman result ng run sa bib card.

  18. Medyo mahaba nga ung route. Same thing here but for the 10k. Mine was mapped at 10.51 km while my girlfriend had it at 10.43km. We’re both using the Endomondo app for the iphone and nokia. :(

  19. it was my 1st run of the year,1st time din sa 5k at 1st time to join RunRio event..and it was a blast!! they exceeded my expectations…i joined this event kasi i read alot of good reviews pag RunRio ang nag organize..galing!! Kudos to all the staff!! Tatakbo ulit ako sa next event,wag lang yung Timex Run..mahal eh! hahaha!

  20. i think the routes are measured at the center of the paths, pero when we run, we normally zigzag our way through the entire route so those few inches will add up. but if the variance is more than 500meters, there could have been a problem with the gps.
    measuring it naman via internet maps, the variance naman may be from the turn points & start/finish points.

  21. first of 2012 ng Runrio, and i must say, very organized ang race. iba tlga pag Runrio nag organize :)

    good weather, nice marshalls, lots of gardenia breads & bananas, with matching McDo McMuffin pa & bigchill shake :)

    i think i had my new PR sa event na ito, and of course, had so much fun too :)

  22. nice run. it’s my 2nd half marathon and i beat my pr. at least i can see my progress. kung dati multiple cramps, this time once na lang hehe. sayang lang!!! wala kc finishers medal!!!

    guys, bakit ganun? pagdating sa bahay at kunin ko na ung singlet para labhan, kinalawang na kagad sa 4 bib pin points? compare to my previous runs, di naman ganun!!! considering na UNIVERSIDAD pa naman apparel… un lang!!!

  23. my micoach registered 22.42km. that was an organized run, too bad I had cramps and only managed to finish within 2:17… till next race..

  24. everything was done right on this run. the weather cooperated also.

    hydration, bananas are a-ok. my garmin shows 22+ km

    I even slashed 10 mins off my PR time.

    This is my fourth 21k. So far, all the courses are different.

    Bring on Subic

  25. kool lang ot – I also had some stains on my shirt but I did not use the singlet, I used my own white shirt. So with this I guess the culprit is the pin used not the singlet of Go Natural Run.

    I soaked the shirt in Zonrox solution with Ariel and it seemed to go a way but still some spots left.

    HTH :)

  26. Thanks for organizing the race! I really enjoyed this fun run event and especially to the event staff did an excellent job having a new and clean portable restroom (P.P.R.S – PILIPINAS PORTALET RENTAL SERVICES) that I never see in my entire life in fun run events and it has a long lasting fragrance smell and also the weather was perfectly cool and everyone seemed happy and enjoyed the entire fun run event.

  27. I really enjoyed the 21k run.DAmi freebies, but sad to know my race result was’nt posted. Beating my pr pa naman ako. But nevertheless,maganda and organized yung event.

  28. rank 16 at 3k run

    not bad for my first running event ^_^

    i was a good start for me

    tnxz to runrio

    well organize event, so many freebies ^_^

  29. hum san poh makikita yung official photo ng event??? haha di koh makita pics koh??? dami ng pipics. sakin sa finish line pero ala akng nakita kahit isa

  30. For 10K runners my Garmin registered 10.14K. Good run, as always more than enough hydration. Hopefully Runrio takes over QCIM 2012 =)

  31. I enjoy my first runrio race…. ang saya ang daming runners. You can find new friends there…. I want to run again… daming gardenia, saging, coffee….. See you soon….

  32. (+) the usual quality run…runrio style.
    (-) the reg fee increased by P50 compared to last year rio’s 21k events; no finisher’s medal; race results were released bit late compared last year when it was still bazu sports.

    I hope the other organizers will not follow runrio increase in reg fee.


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