Multisport Weekend 2012 Leg 1 – Results Discussion

multi sport weekend 2012 results photos

Congratulations to all finishers of the recently concluded Multisport Weekend 2012 Leg 1! Thanks to everyone that dropped by the Pinoy Fitness booth! Now it’s time to share your personal race result experiences and stories about this event here!

Multisport Weekend 2012 Leg 1 – Results Discussion
January 15, 2012

Official Race Results and Photo Links will also be updated here as they become available. For now please feel free to discuss about this event below.

Race Results:
[download id=”623″]
[download id=”624″]

Photo Links:
Multisport Weekend 2012 – Photos c/o Pinoy Fitness

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  1. Good and organized event. This is my first trial by fire to multisport and I’m happy to finish the sprint category. Where are the pics? Hehe… The first 5k was too long.

  2. Fun event and was a blast. First run part was a miss, it was maybe 7km instead of 5, but in the end it was good because I joined the event to burn holiday calories. Will def. join future events

  3. Though there was extra kms for the first run, I really enjoyed the event, especially it was my first time to join a duathlon. To the organizers, results please! I’m so excited to know my 1st duathlon PR!!!! Hehe


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