Camsur Marathon 2012 scheduled on September 23, 2012


After another successful event this year, the organizers of the recently concluded Camsur Marathon have already announced that September 23, 2012 will be the date set for Camsur Marathon 2012! Adding this one to the calendar!

Camsur Marathon 2012
September 23, 2012

Time to prepare guys!


  1. camsur lost to cebu in staging the 70.3 iron man. perhaps the sponsors shipfted to cebu as well that is why there will not be a camsur marathon 2012.

    well camsur marathon is organized by the camsur government and its election next year so you know what i mean. political ambition first, constituents second.

    sad but true. :-(

  2. hat is the reason it is not advisable to book a hotel/airfare in the absence of a confirmed race date. remember to wait for race date confirmation before lifting a finger to confirm your hotel/airfare.

    charge this to experience and never make the same mistake twice because in the end it is your hard-earned cash that will get burned.

    well said…

    Well I did my first Marathon last year in Camsur 2011 and I was a bit disapointed, Cebu Marathon is way better and more fun to run a full Marathon than the hyped up Camsur which was actually wala lang on the Marathon itself. I would love to join the Cebu Marathon every year my third already this 2013!!!

    So sad this happened and the organizers didn’t give any advice ahead of time for the runners expecting to join this race. They should have kept their reputation as one of the good runs in the country and the only internationally accredited marathon in RP. This is so sad.

    Go nalang!
    the first marathon in Bohol
    September 9, 2012

    See you all there!!!

  3. I’m so so upset! With this, Camsur lost their credibility in the field of marathon & triathlon. Sayang! :(

    No budget for Camsur Marathon 2012? Could be true for 2-reasons:
    1. Forthcoming election preparation.
    2. Building of the newly cable park in Nuvali, Laguna (Republ1c Wake Park). Why?, If you are into politics I guess you can figure out the answer…


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