Camsur Marathon 2012 scheduled on September 23, 2012


After another successful event this year, the organizers of the recently concluded Camsur Marathon have already announced that September 23, 2012 will be the date set for Camsur Marathon 2012! Adding this one to the calendar!

Camsur Marathon 2012
September 23, 2012

Time to prepare guys!


  1. Ito ang tama. Maagang mag-announce ng date. As early as a year to go. For this, I will join. Thank you to the organizers for being considerate to the runners. In doing so, we can plan our race calendar well ahead.

    Sa mga organizers naman na ura-urada ang pagschedule at pasulpot-sulpot lang ang race na ino-organise…I’m sure lalangawin ang event nyo, kung di man sa unang beses eh sa mga susunod na editions.

    Additionally, I do hope next year..organizers will space apart the ‘Big’ and/or ‘Quality’ races..common knowledge naman ang ‘Big’ and/or ‘Quality’ races vs the scrappy ones. Just look at the boards.

    Thank you.

  2. thanks for posting this event this early … and @TING … yes it’s great to plan early for a planned vacation with a run. Anyone from Camsur here? … kindly recommend names of hotel near the event’s place and names of resorts at Caramoan. Thanks in advance.

  3. This is great… I am looking forward to this funrun… I really wanted to run in my hometown… I’ll prepare for this event…

  4. Trying to make early bookings on Airphil. They are on 12 pesos! What Airport is it again? Is is Naga for those going to CamSur. Kindly confirm

  5. tama si BFD, it was a truly fun fun event despite the bagyo day after nung event. buti na lang.ibang klase talagang mag-cheer ang mga kakabayan ko.

    contemplating of having my first marathon here or sa Run United. isip-isip

  6. To those who have ran in last year’s event, what is the rough amount needed for someone coming from Manila? Just an estimate on expenses please! :) Airfare, accommodation, food, etc.

  7. @Jason
    depende how many days ka mag-stay in Naga? or are you travelling by bus, train or plane?

    just in case you take a bus/train and stay there overnight in an affordable hotel, roughly bet P2,500-P3,000. with konting allowance na for buying pasalubong. souvenir items and a possible sidetrip.

    ung ibang kilala ko who stayed more than 2 days spent almost P5K.

    overall, despite the expenses, running here for the CamSur Mary is sucha wonderful experience. thats why im coming back there this year…

  8. @bert
    uy hello po sir bert. have u seen the QCIM pics already? Happy Valentine’s to you and ur family. thanks for the email.

    what’s your next run event there?

  9. @Ms_Mars
    i haven’t seen any pix from qcim3.i’m glad you reminded me, i’d better call home and wish my wife happy hearts day before she gets mad at me. can you register for me in case i want to swing by the phils on the way home to run camsur?, am currently on a ship deployed with the 5th fleet in the persian gulf.

  10. @bert
    ill email you po some photo links of QCIM3.
    re CamSur Mary, ill get reg info from you soon, no prob.

    regards to your loved ones and to our fellow kababayans there in your fleet.

  11. @Ms_Mars
    Thanks again Ms_Mars. I’ll try to go home to the East Coast first before flying over. Email me if you want me to get you some stuff from home.

  12. booked na ung flight and accomodation for this. Uuwi pa ako from Korea just to join this one. Kasama kasi ng loob na injure ako last year eh dapat ito ung first kong FM.

    meron kayang mga arranged day tour para sa mayon and cagsawa dito? thanks!

  13. hi guys, i interested in joining this coming camsur marathon. can u guys tell me how much will it cost for this event?

  14. hindi ba ma momove yung date nito? sure ng sept23? baka kase pag nagpa kami book biglang momove yung date…

  15. sarap tumakbo dito! ang daming nag che-cheer sayo sa daan na nakakawala ng pagod talaga!

    kung may budget uulit ako dito

    last year nag train kami papunta at pabalik, ok naman byahe at syempre mura din

  16. @jhunie
    congrats on your experience.

    had my debut 21K here last year and it was sooo fun & memorable doing it in my province.and you’re right, the kababayan cheers is priceless – from start to finish line very inspiring talaga.

    hope matuloy plan ko na makapag-first marathon d2 rin sa CamSur! woot!

  17. @Ms_Mars: i’m planning to do my first full mary here. do you have an idea how much ang total cost including ang reg fee, fare (bus or plane), hotel,food for me to save and be able to join this event?will be coming from manila…thanks for your help..

  18. i traveled by plane last camsur 2011 but will travel by bus this coming camsur 2012.

    price comparison? plane (P3,500 round trip but excluding taxi fare and terminal fee) versus bus (P1,600 round trip)

  19. last year manila-based registration was held at R.O.X. let us hope manila-based registration will start asap to accomodate early registrants.

  20. Already booked our flights thru a promo fare. Dont dare change the dates or else…

    Anyway, can anyone here recommend a nice hotel.

  21. @wickednej:

    likewise i noticed the delayed manila-based registration. last year we registered at rox as of june. but now june is about to end but no manila-based registration yet.

  22. Parang balak i-move ‘to ng ibang date. Sana i-announce agad para maka-prepare na mga sasali. Sayang nga lang dun sa mga nakapag-book na ng flights. Maganda din kung gagawin nila ‘to ng Summer para di hassle sa mga participants from Manila dahil walang bagyo…

    Kung hindi naman i-move yung date, sana i-announce na registration date and location.

  23. Time to save money sa baby oink oink ko LOL:)

    Anyone who can suggest where to stay in Cam Sur for this event?! Wanna try out of the city run this time.

  24. sana may details na. Cant book plane and hotel ticket since wala pa final details. Pakibilis po, we are already excited for this run.

  25. the organizer of cmsur marathon is the camsur local government headed by governor lray villafuerte. in case someone has their contact numbers please do ask about this race and share thsir response through this forum.

  26. walang budget si Gov.
    very disappointing if hindi matuloy since na-public na last year pa and sayang yung mga naka-book na ng flight, can we ask RunRio instead since cam sur 1 and 2 baka may alam sila since sa kanila yung 1 and 2

  27. holy macaroni!!
    dude cancel na ba ang marathon? less than 3mos wala pa din pano cla kukuha ng madaming participants in the time frame?

  28. habang tumatagal lalong nagmumukhang cancel ito ah. dati kasi june 1 pa lang may registration na sa ROX BHS. hmmm . . .

  29. I tried emailing the old secretariat email, but it appears that it’s no longer working. I have not received any replies via the other email addresses I found that are connected with the local government unit of CamSur. :(

  30. hindi ako umasa dito. sa bohol marathon nalang nalang kami nag pa book, dpat talga dito kami kaso mukang negative talga. kaya nag decide kami sa bohol nalang halos ganon din naman ang ma gagastos kung makakakuha ng promo. nakakuha kami ng promo kaso manila to cebu and cebu to manila. kaya mag bohol nalang kau parehas naman sila sept. =)

  31. camsur marathon 2010 and 2011 edition registration starts by june but 2012 edition registration seems overdue. it seems that election preparation will sideline this race. not to mention that camsur lost to cebu in hosting the cobra ironman 2012. :-(

  32. @joy_c:

    only the organizer (camsur local government) can answer your question.


    refund ng ano? may registration na ba?

  33. nku!… nangutang pa nmn ako pra mkapunta at mkasali sa marathon tapoz gnito ang mgnyayari… please nmn… san naba yung slogan natin na “it’s more Run in the Phil.”

  34. I believe for an IAAF certified marathon with some international reputation it doesnt go down well when 2 months before the event nothing has been announced. Its not only bad communication policy but even more so failing international standards where registration starts around 6 months in advance.

    • Hi Guys, some people are saying that there is no marathon in CamSur scheduled for this date and there has been no updates about this event either, my suggestion is to hold you bookings until we get finality if this event will push through or not.

  35. nako po mahirap mag-booking pag-ganyang may issue na di tuloy.masasayang lang yung reservation namin sa caramoan after the run vacation.hanap na lang ako ng ibang patakbo na sigurado.

  36. May nakausap akong taga tourism dep’t. nang Camsur. Malamang wala daw Camsur Marathon ngayon. Super late na, wala pa ding instruction sa kanila. Whereas, yung 2011 edition daw, March pa lang naghahanda na sila. I also relayed our disappointment since nakapag book na tayo ng flight. Sabi nya, ipaparating nya raw sa Dep’t. Head nila :-(

  37. time is running out for this race to push through. better consider other out-of-town races. it is nice to know the confirmed subic international marathon event date.

  38. so anong gagawin ko sa pinabooked na flight at hotel? sana may foresight sila na may mga taong who are looking forward for this event kaya the moment may opportunity to book early they grab it. wala pa lang commitment ang mga organizers nito.

  39. Ken (Fernando Torres) kami nga e sampu kami nakabook na flight and hotel from Sept. 22 to 27 (22-23 CWC, 23-24 Naga, 24-27 Caramoan… still hoping na sana kahit last minute magdecide ang organizers na ituloy wag na sana muna nila isipin yung kung gaano kalaki sila kikita isipin muna sana nila itong perwisyong binigay nila sa mga runners, I’m sure may mga foreigners na rin na nakabook for this Camsur Marathon. Mega-NAKAKAHIYA ito, as early as Oct. 5, nag-announce sila ng date for this… haist!

  40. @Maritess and Fernando

    that is the reason it is not advisable to book a hotel/airfare in the absence of a confirmed race date. remember to wait for race date confirmation before lifting a finger to confirm your hotel/airfare.

    charge this to experience and never make the same mistake twice because in the end it is your hard-earned cash that will get burned.

  41. Naka book na rin kami ng flight as early as December last year. Hotel reserved na rin sa CWC buti na lang hindi pa kami nagbabayad ng down payment.
    Last 2010 (1st Camsur Marathon), right after the race, inannounce na din ang date ng 2011 Camsur Marathon and it pushed through naman.
    Sayang malabo ung ngayon. Buti na lang super mura ng airfare na nakuha namin =s

  42. hmmm…I was contemplating this to be my HM for this 3rd quarter. I hope the organisers soon give an official announcement. tsk tsk.

  43. i hope the organizer have the decency to inform everyone whether the event will push thru or not. Ang aga nila mag-announce ng next run pero up until now eh they are not saying anything at all. ano eto? secret na malupet na sila lang dapat ang nakakaalam? haha ok lang na nde matuloy eto at least lahat eh maka-move forward na and look to other runs. charge to experience na lang sa atin na nakapag-booked na ng flight/hotel and makipag-debate sa boss regarding sa leave sa work.

  44. @Maritess
    talking about foreigners; as early as 2/29/12, i bought my ticket on line from Virginia to Manila and back $ 1,085.90. Cebu Pacific, Manila to Naga city and back $ 95.00. Villa caceres hotel reservation, about $ 42.00. Sad to say because I bought all these cheap, it is not refundable. My fault, learned a lesson not to sign-up until last minute. I thought, it’s just like in the U.S. where anything happens, come snow, sleet, rain or shine, let’s get it on. I’m not mad, it’s only money I’m losing, i can find it as long as I’m working but let’s see what all the foreigners have to say if the CAMSUR MARATHON will not happen this year.

  45. @iamnoel, ok lang di pa naman kami nagabayad pa ng dp sa CWC e, tuloy pa rin kami kasi may Caramoan tour pa kami to look forward to. charge to experience na lang to.

    @bert, nakakalungkot naman isipin yan… anyway enjoy mo na lang ang trip mo dito sa pinas…


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