Adobo Run 2011 – Race Results Discussion

adobo run 2011 results and photos

Congratulations to all finishers of the recently concluded Adobo Run @ Aseana Business Park. Share your personal race result stories and experienced here!

Race Results:
Adobo Run 2011 – Race Results
Official Race Result and Photo Links will also be updated here as they become available.

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  1. i love the route. it’s new it has less pollution . didn’t know there’s still a huge piece of land beside or behind mall of asia. i love the number of participants join. it’s not congested. great run!!

  2. The route is ok but the parking is too far from the site that I was already so tired before I even start running….but other than that it was fun!!!;)

  3. Yeah i parked at the parking lot in front of SMX, then it’s a 1.3 km walk to the event area. And it turns out that after 10pm the road closes, so I had to walk all the way to Diosdado Macapagal Blvd to get back– a 2.4 km walk!

    Other than that, I had fun. :)

  4. just wanna acknowledge some PF peeps:

    @Ms_Mars: after our brief chat, I became engrossed with those rio carnival and fire dancers…hindi na kita nabalikan ha ha ha

    @Papa B (formerly @Yingski)
    nice gesture that you dropped by…

    … saw some runners donning the PF Technical Shirt including @FFS of TA1, although not in red, apparently in Alpha Mode like Pacquiao on fight night he he he

    a couple of other runners in PF shirt, let me check my memory bank :)

    the young marshalls were also kind enough to cheer the runners, God bless them…

    anyway, sa Wednesday pa back to work…enjoy the weekend and Happy Halloween …. thanks AdObo Run…!

  5. Indeed, it was a good run for me. A nice venue (though we walk after the run until we reached the parking area) but moreover, I exceeded my PR. Good job Crush!

  6. Great event! New PR, nice medal, good venue (new route-no pollution), daming nag-perform and gagaling ng halloween costumes, enjoyed ebe dancel concert, over flowing manila beer (totoo pala).

    it was fun!

  7. ang galing ng hydration, ang daming pocari. parang fiesta, at napakaluwang ng route.:)
    salamat adobo run at organizers sa opportunity at experience sa night run na un.

  8. It was my first Fun Run and I can say it’s the best so far. I love the energy and the atmosphere… Love the medal, love everything except the baggage… sobrang hassle.

  9. The Route was short by 600 meters and my Nike+GPS indicates a 4.38 Km after finishing my 5K race. I hope this is wrong because I got a new PR too…

    It was a really a fanfare before (rio dancers), during (costumed runners) and after (party and fireworks) the run. I was so scared to drink at the hydration stations because they might have mixed beer in there, hahaha.

    I agree that the staff; from marshals, hydration attendants and loot bag handlers were runner friendly….good job! The medal was great, loot bag okay, and myphone photo booth took longer than my run, but was compensated by 2 models posing with me. And the 1.3 Km or so walk back to the parking lot was a nice cool down activity.

    But where is the Adobo Rice? What is an Adobo Run without it….great job Crush Communication!

  10. It was also my humble observation based on my pedometer. 4.4k naman sakin. Anyway, still a great run!

    Hamon na naman itong takbo na ito sa Energizer run next Saturday. I do hope that Energizer run will be organize as this race!

    Run safe!

  11. congrats to all finishers!

    i noticed na napa-aga ung gun start ng 15k (i think 20 mins after ng 5km) kaya meron pa ako nakita na humahabol na participants going to the start arc wherein ang karamihan eh naka-isang loop na. hope they were still allowed to run

    i had fun last night. though i didn’t liked the park where we were running in darkness. as in walang ilaw. good thing is hindi mabato ang part na yun. it would have been a nightmare if it was otherwise

    i look forward to another adobo run next year

  12. @barefootdaves

    i guess the 15K peeps were raring to run and could not wait for 9pm to hit, daves, haha!

    thot you ran 15K here, but glad it was only 5K coz i got to pace with you towards the last KM. hindi ko binitawan pace mo, if you noticed, hehe! and thanks to you, i had a new 5K PR! wohooo!

    don’t you just love our medal? ;)

    like you, im also excited for next year’s Adobo Run! let the beer overflow again ;)

  13. @deemenrunner

    hi Noel, congrats sa strong 15K finish nyo ni Bry. acdg to Daves, si Rolly din daw tumakbo. hope to also meet him next event.

    Race Director Edward Kho had an explanation @Adobo Run FB page why the distances were cut short.

    but considering the post-run concerts, unlimited Pocari Sweat and Manila Beer, i so agree tis a more engaging night run. the weather was run perfect – cool’n windy!

    see you guys next @Energizer or Chevrolet.

  14. It was a good run.Superflats talaga, first time I think I ran a superflat course.The roads were really wide and runners really had spaces to run. Reminds me of the Greenfield City Run last May (wide roads), though sa Greenfield e talagang fresh air dun unlike here na pseudofresh air. Adequate hydration. Enough marshalls along the way.The route is closed of & safe for the runners.Lighting was ok except maybe for a a few stretches but forgivable.Sayang nga lang talaga kung di sya 15k. Anu ba yan?Hays..please lang, to the organiser, next time ayusin nyo all becomes a FALLACY pag mali yung actual race distance eh.duh!

  15. it was a different experience indeed. but still a bit disorganized, specifically in the baggage counter. overall, i still enjoyed.

  16. it was a different experience indeed. but still a bit disorganized, specifically in the baggage counter. overall, i still enjoyed.

  17. That was a blast. i enjoyed my first 15K (kung 15K nga talaga sya). The weather was nice. We had sufficient hydration station. colorful fireworks. carnival-like evening… a 10 out of 10 for me… KUDOS!!!

  18. kht wala ako pedometer..,
    na-sense ko na parang, maiksi ung route…
    my last 15k it was 1hr 25mins,,,
    here its only 1hr10mins…
    got a new PR…
    i know i can get a new PR coz,
    mejo injured na ko on that 15k run…
    expected ko lang is 2-5mins improvement…

    the medal is so nice!

    the marshalls are good!

    hydration is adequate!

    the route is something new!

    the overall event was fun!

    great job to the organizers!


  19. wow!!!! the results are out and i am there!

    even if im 2-3 mins late…

    i ranked, 32…

    thank you very much to the

    race organizers…

    keep up the good work…

    more powers!

  20. best night race so far :)) hydration stations are overflowing!!! gusto ko sana kumuha ng bottled pocari sa dami! wahahaha

    ayos ung route! ang lawak pa ng space! kaso parang kulang ung distance..

    after race was also great! unlimited manila beer? kaya basag ung mga kasama namin! at 3am na kami naka alis sa mcdo! LOL

    photo links anyone?

  21. @Papa B
    thanks for the greets!

    Race Director Edward Kho has already sent word thru Adobo Run’s FB page na kulang talaga ung distance for 5K and 15K. do visit the page to find out the reason why.

  22. can somebody from the organizer or the race director check the bib nos vis-a-vis the name of the person given that nos, it appears that there is mix up as it was shown in the race result. thanks.

  23. Hi, I just want to thank the organizer for making this event successful and for providing new and clean portable restroom (Pilipinas Portalet Rental Services) that has a long lasting fragrant smell until the event ends. Job well done Keep it up Til next time :)


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