100-Year-Old Man Finishes Toronto Marathon – Fauja Singh


Fauja Singh at 100 finished the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 16, 2011. Amazing! I wonder if I can live till 100, more run a marathon at this age!

Fauja Singh, 100, finished Toronto’s waterfront marathon Sunday evening, securing his place in Guinness World Records as the oldest person — and the first centenarian — to ever accomplish a run of that distance. – CBC News reports

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Can you imagine yourself running this long? Share your thoughts below!

Check out more about Fauja Singh – Click Here

Image From: CBC News reports

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  1. the kind of news that puts a smile on your face …. para maiba naman from the usual news…

    so ok lang I stay muna sa 21K … a full mary can wait… ha ha ha ha :)

  2. P.S.
    I suggest you guyz read the entire news… he only started running at age 89…
    and since then he ran 10 FMs already…
    his story is very inspiring for runners…

  3. incredibly amazing! very inspiring to everyone indeed. also agree with you @bayrunner. 100 yr old Fauja Singh is a perfect example that any distance can wait until the right moment comes.

    there is really no age limit when it comes to running and doing our marathons. my 42Ks, 50Ks, 60Ks and 102Ks can wait for now while im enjoying my half mary’s until level up time kicks in!

    loooong live Fauja Singh!

  4. this is one proof that anybody can finish a marathon for as long as you have the discipline and determination. we,runners usually have a target PR in every race we run. how about a target age?

  5. Very inspirational! It is my ultimate dream to complete a marathon with my children and grandchildren. :) How to accomplish it? Ask me how. :)

  6. After the massacre of Melinda “Ultra Marathon Queen” Ponce of Cebu, comes an unimaginable 100 years old Marathon finisher.. so sad and the other one is so inspiring..


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