Tiktakbo 4 – September 4, 2011


Now on its fouth year, the UP-JPIA presents Tiktakbo – Taking a step Fourward tof the Longterm Educational Assistance Program. The Tiktakbo 2011 will be held on September 4, 2011.

Tiktakbo 4
September 4, 2011 @ 5AM
UP Diliman Campus, Quezon City
500m/2K/5K/5K for buddies/15K
Organizer: UP JPIA

Registration Fees:
PHP 200 – 500m w/ race bib
PHP 300 – 2K w/ race bib & singlet
PHP 400 – 5K(Individual)w/race bib& singlet
PHP 690 – 5K(Buddy)w/2 race bibs& 2 singlets
PHp 500 – 15K w/ race bib & singlet

Registration Venues:
1) Olympic Village Branches at Trinoma,Gateway, Galleria, SM Megamall, Market!Market!,& Alabang Town Center.
2.) Second Wind-Maginhawa Branch
3.) UP JPIA Tambayan, 4th floor, CBA Bldg, UP Diliman Campus

Tiktakbo 4 – Singlet Design:

Support us by joining our Events

Tiktakbo 4 – Race Map:


Contact Details:
Jasmine Umali – 0905.369.9264
Nikki Aquino – 0915.556.8880
Jek Ladrillano – 0917.832.8375
email: [email protected]
fb: www.facebook.com/TIKTAKBO4

Source: Nikki Aquino


  1. @Mujako. I agree with you. I ran last year and saw it myself the way these organizers handled the event, very amateurish. Last year, they coined the term “Couples Category”, then a male-female couple friends of mine in a relationship joined this race hoping to compete with other couples of their class. What they found are other participants who are male-male (and female-female) tandem they are competing with. Sabi nga nila, “Ang labo, sa Filipino ang pagkakaintindi sa couple magsiyota o mag-asawa na”.
    Another thing, hindi alam ng mga runners sa 18K category na may ikiclaim pa la silang finisher’s medal para sa first 100 finishers, marami tuloy di naka-claim.
    And another disappointing experience, parking area was almost a kilometer away from the start/finish line. If you forgot something, you’ll end up wasting so much time going to the parking lot.
    And lastly, totoong harutan-ng-harutan ang mga JPIA members kahit sa dinadaanan ng runners. As we always say it here, the choice of joining is still left to the runners. Me just citing my first hand experience of the event.

  2. @Rotech

    Yes it is not a professional event. First, it is being organized by college students who volunteer their time and effort to be able to raise funds for the scholarship of their needy but deserving co-students. Second, I agree that there was some confusion regarding the couples category. I was also there but of course we all have our different reasons for joining, some do it to win some join to have fun. Third, the distribution of medals was announced during the event itself. Fourth, the parking lot is quite far because in UP cars are not allowed to enter the academic oval during Sundays so the organizers could not do anything about it.

    Let us also look at the positive things. And the most important thing of all is that it is for a good cause and not a single centavo goes to the pockets of the organizers, not like other events where runners pay more than P1,000 and only P50 goes to the supposed cause.

  3. @Panis> I agree, the organizers are not professionals in the field of organizing a running event. But come to think of it, I joined the Tiktakbo 3 last year, then is it somehow safe to surmise that these students already learned valuable lessons from Tiktakbo 2 and 1? Yung result, three weeks bago lumabas at ng lumabas puro bib number lang wala pang pangalan at wala ring finishing time, order of arrival lang. Paano ko maiintindihan yan. One more, they opted to organize a running event, for me they should care enough to handle it professionally. Hindi pwedeng ijustify na fund raising ito para tulungan ang mahihirap na istudyante ng UP, dapat bigyan mo rin ng satisfying outcome ang Tiktakbo 3. Ito ang bagay na di ko nakita, yung concern nila sa expectations ng runners. Pag sinabi namang orderly ang turnout ng events, di ibig sabihin noon nakatiming chip pa o may mobile o may higanteng LCD screen. Ayusin lang at the minimum racing event requirements, yung Tiktakbo 3.

  4. To UP JPIA> It’s right that at your age you’ve already showed social responsiveness by organizing the Tiktakbo 1, 2, 3 and soon the 4th one, in behalf of marginalized UP Accountancy students.
    But runners also have their needs to be satisfied with when they join running events. Please be responsible enough to induce improvements as you learn from previous events. On one side you’re thinking of fund generation and on the other, you should address the minimum expectations of runners. Minimum requirements such as clear and orderly routes, sufficient martials and ambulance/s, complete and fast release of results, among others. You have to balance both or else you’ll be receiving criticisms from runners, similar to what I’ve posted earlier. Kung hindi niyo maiimprove ang deficiencies niyo from Tiktakbo 3, 2 and 1, huwag na uli kayong mag-organize ng takbuhan dahil ibig sabihin noon di kayo natututo. Huwag niyong isipin na kinakawawa kayo ha, payong kuya lang ito mga bata.

  5. thank you for all your comments and suggestions. the Tiktakbo team this year saw all of the flaws from last year and promises to have a more organized run. since our organization gives all of the profits from tiktakbo to our UP scholars, we start with the preparations with no money at all. so last year kung ano lang po yung kaya naming kunin na timer and equipment, that’s what we got because we couldn’t afford timing chips, professional marshals or equipment. our partner timers were the ones who gave the timing results out late, even with our constant pangungulit to release the results already. but this year we are starting with the preparations already to raise enough capital and have a better, more organized run. we do hope you still support Tiktakbo 4 because it’s really for a good cause and rest assured we learned a lot from the previous Tiktakbo.

  6. my two cents: I agree with Rotech / C21; any fund raising event (be it a bingo social,concert, ballroom dancing, whatever) must be well-organized to give what is due to the attendees/participants; kasi naman, in another forum, it was emphasized that this event is for education —- hey guys, no problem with that —however, remember that this forum is for runners so logically, while we support the cause for education (heck, pati nga DOLPHINS sinuportahan ko before — tao pa kaya?)the issue here is the well-being of runners because running is indeed, an underrated POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS sport, we are not asking for the moon, sabi nga ni Rotech, just the bare essentials…anyway, I sincerely and honestly wish the organizers good luck on this event…to the runners, caveat emptor na lang…

  7. Nice to know your thoughts people. But again, Mr/Ms UPJPIA member, I will reiterate that you won’t be needing the sophisticated gadgetries of today to produce an orderly and satisfying run. Would you believe that the OctoberRun was able to release results the following day using only people, ballpen and paper making me believe that efficiency doesn’t come with the timing chips alone?
    Consult with runners, know their needs and expectations then plan on how to achieve these things. Walang ibang source na maganda kung hindi yung mga runners mismo na maraming experiences sa mga races, at diyan sa UP, nagkalat yang mga runners na yan. Mababait sila, invite niyo minsan in a roundtable discussion.

  8. as early as now, our team is taking steps to improve on the flaws in the previous years by observing the execution of other runs and interviewing runners.

    we appreciate your advices and would gladly put them on our checklist. hope you could still come to join tiktakbo4 so you can see first hand just how much we have improved =)

  9. I was able to ran yesterday at ScholaRun in Marikina organized by St. Scholastica’s Academy and the organizer did a good job.

    The organizers were able to give all the basic that runners are looking in a race…. =)

  10. hello guys! thank you for your observations and suggestions.

    @Rotech: Tiktakbo 3 allowed male-male and female-female tandem in the ‘couples category’ because denying them would be, in a way, discriminating. the team’s fault was that they did not make it clear from the very beginning that was why there were male-female couples who had different expectations. to address this issue, this year’s team created the ‘5K BUDDY RUN’ event. this won’t be a matter of male-female or female-female competing against a strong male-male pair, it will just be about having to run with your partner until the finish line — may be your bf/gf, your best friend, your running buddy or somebody else :)

    @c21: initially, we thought of going to SchoolaRun to distribute fliers and to observe na rin. but we ended up in sofitel moonlit run instead. sayang, we should have given you a flier :))

    anyway, as what nik has said we’re taking measures to improve as early as now. each point that you have raised will be taken into consideration we hope to see you on sept 4! thanks very much guys :D

  11. Noted. On my list, too, in support of those deserving but poor students for a quality education. Sige pangako, tatakbo uli ako sa inyo, with my wife. May I suggest that you give separate categories in a Buddy Run for Male-Male tandem, Female-Female tandem and Real-Life Couples (Male-Female) just to even the level of playing field. Kasi, who would win against a both-Male tandem in a Buddy Run? At least if you do this, you’ll be the fist one to introduce such category, mas enjoy pa at fair sa lahat.

  12. IMO, hydration, safe route, clear guidelines/ mechanics and posting of result on-line would do… (you can use barcode like what greentennial is using or yung filipino made na timing chip from strider) kahit wala ng singlet and finisher kit… =)

  13. I agree with c21 that those are the basics. I and my family will surely join this run. I will try again to encourage my friends to join this run just like last year when more than 20 of my friends from the gym joined.

  14. @Rotech: yessir, thank you for the suggestion =) we are still in the process detailing out the event and rest assured we’d get on to your point. also, thanks for bringing your family too. see you po!=)

    @c21: we’d certainly take care of the things you mentioned. and we’re thinking of including parking suggestions if that would make it more convenient for the runners.

    @c21 and panis: hope to see you and your friends on September 4! =)

  15. hello guys! we’ll be opening registration sites soon, i will inform you as soon as we finalize the details. thanks! :)

  16. Oo nga mga Guys, ayusin nyo. I agree with Rotech, C21. Make it Organize, ayusin nyo mabuti. Look at your poster, Mali pa “Contact” “Conact” nakalagay….

  17. @Arvin: hello! apologies for the poster. actually, that is just our preliminary flyer. we do flyering every weekend and apparently every weekend din may new edition kami ng flyers — some to correct typo errors, some to add details, etc. we do as much as we could to be organized. if you are friends with Tiktakbo Upjpia, you can visit the album of our tiktakbo 4 preliminary flyers. included is the latest edition that we have :-) nag-email na din kami sa admin to change the one above with the latest edition, pero we understand na baka too much hassle na. pero as soon as we have our poster done, papapalitan talaga namin ito since flyer nga lang ‘to. ayun. again, apologies. we hope to see you on sept 4 and thank you for the comments :-)

    btw, guys to update you, reg fees are:
    500M – P200
    2K – P300
    5K – P400
    5K buddy run – P690
    15K – P500 :-)

  18. @gumihorunner: will upload singlet design soon together with the poster :) we’re finalizing singlet design as of now, accdg to what the team and our supplier have agreed upon :)

    @joeyboy80: see you! :)

  19. di naman po timing chips ang habol ng runners, kundi ang maayos na run. These events are venues for runners to enjoy the sport, give back to the community, and of course stay fit. Bare necessities po sa mga running events yung organized registration at distribution ng paraphernalia, malinaw na route (with markers), maayos na pag finish, water stations, at maayos na instructions about the whole event. I hope that the organizers would not disappoint. ^_^

  20. @desperatedaughter: tyvm po, see you there po!=)

    @gelai: yes po,pwedeng pwede!
    we are inviting everyone to join tiktakbo4 on september 4!=)

    @Cheddar Trinidad: tyvm po. hope you can really come and join this event!we will do our best not to disappoint our runners =)

    *the registration will start by last week of june =)

  21. @penny: we’ll let you know as soon as the registration starts. we have six outlets of a major sports retail store as of now. see youuuu!!!

  22. Registration for Tiktakbo 4 starts today!

    You can register at:
    (1) Rm.406 at the College of Business Administration, UPD|8:30 am-7:00 pm
    (2) Olympic Village: Market Market, Trinoma, SM Megamall, Galleria, Gateway & Alabang

    Categories are:
    500m dash for kids 6 yrs and below -P200
    2k for 7-12 yrs old -P300
    5k -P400
    5k Buddy -P690
    15k -P500

    Note: Proxy will be asked to present an ID of the participant.

    For more information, visit our Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/tiktakbo

    See you on September 4! :)

  23. im a pure blooded UP grad ^___^ i give you my support.

    basta kids learn from the past just like our history teachers taught us. spiral model allows us to commit error for as long as continuous improvement is strived for ^___^

    see you there guys ^___^ i’ll ask my co-teachers to join as well, especially the UPgrads.

    in behalf of these kids of the UP Community, i give thanks to those who have given their insights and very honest criticisms. this is my first time to join tiktakbo event and i’m hopeful it wont be my last ^____^

  24. I’m a pure blooded UP grad din. So I give you my support din. Haha, gaya-gaya!

    Pero 5K lang, para 2 ikot lang, haha!

    Guys, pa-post naman ng singlet, kahit design palang, para ganahan naman kami… and yung map. Thanks!

    Kaya nyo yan! ^__^

  25. hello guys! finally uploaded na ang poster, singlet design and route map! :) please like the FB page na din pala, facebook.com/TIKTAKBO4. see you guys soon and thank you pinoyfitness!!! :))

  26. im also running here coz UP has been my 2nd training place since i started running this year. great oval!
    will do 15K in prep for my 21K debut in CamSUR! woot! woot!

  27. @joeyboy: 20 members or more?
    ung huling basa ko po ung promo nila eh pwede na ung 7 lang tapos may isang free sa same category..=)

  28. @lazycat, tama nagrelease na sila ng statement na 7 + 1 promo.. nung una ko kasi sila tinanong ay sabi 20 members or more.. :)

    who wants to join us sa group reg? apat na kami, apat na lang. hehehe

  29. Hi Theone! Hope you and your family will enjoy your family bonding on September 4 =)

    @ hector: the deadline for registration is on August 30 in Olympic Village outlets and Second Wind- Maginhawa Branch while registration is still open until September 2 in UP JPIA Tambayan, CBA, Diliman Campus, QC.

    See you on September 4! =D

  30. @urbqnrunner: yaay! see you on September 4 then!=)

    @bongnebs: there will be a waiting area for the first buddy, then you,buddies, should cross the finish line together =)

  31. @urbanrunner: yaay! see you on September 4 then!=)

    @bongnebs: there will be a waiting area for the first buddy, then you,buddies, should cross the finish line together =)

  32. Hey runners! On Sunday, August 21, we’d be setting up a REGISTRATION BOOTH for Tiktakbo 4 in the Acad Oval from 6-8 AM! All categories and singlet sizes will be available by then! See you~

  33. @nik – sa gateway this saturday may singlet pa ba dun?!!! cavite pa kasi ako manggaling kaya gusto ko malaman para hindi sayang sa pamasahe.. :)

  34. @ed One of the organizers told me that they usually have stocks of race kits at olympic village gateway. Pero minsan natityempuhan na nauubusan sa isang registration site pero na-rereplenish naman raw kaagad kapag itinawag kaagad sa kanila.

    Para sigurado at hindi ka mapahintay, pakitext mo raw yung mga tao na nakasulat sa itaas (jasmine, nikki o jek) para magpa-reserve at sabihin kailan mo kukunin para siguradong meron ka kaagad pagdating mo sa gateway.

  35. @ed, cavite po? pwede din po kayo magregister sa ATC dun po may stock pa na sure.
    Sa Gateway, magdedeliver po kami hopefully Friday, late na ung Saturday. and depende din po ano po ba category kukunin niyo? kasi sobrang bilis po maubos ng 5K buddy and 15K eh.

    @panis, thank you so much for the follow up! See you on September 4? =)

  36. Di naman nagrereply mga numbers sa taas. Yung College of Engineering, the Run for Education last August 21, may telephone sa office… Sana may on the spot registration din…

  37. @nik @ed, just registered at gateway last saturday.. pro wala ng L/XL, ayun, pwede pa ba palitan yung medium size na nakuha ko sa anumang registration site?! although oks naman siya saken kaso masyadong hapit..

  38. Based on your map your 15K is actually around 7.5K only unless 2 loops yan. Pansinin nyo yung route ng 5k at 15K halos same lang ng dadaanan nadagdag lng yung route from Marine Science Institute.

  39. maybe next time you can make separate route maps for the different categories so it will be easier to look at.

    also, i understand that organizers may not be runners themselves. based on the comments i read, the event gathered a negative image. i suggest that you also try joining fun runs so that you can have a feel of the needs of the runners.

    good luck, upjpia. please continue helping the community.

  40. @ed: we will replenish tomorrow (aug 27) in gateway. pero pede ring directly na lang sa amin. just text me (09053699264) thanks!

    @rookierunner: thanks! we will suggest that to the next team :))

    15k is two loops :))



    1st medal + gift pack
    2nd medal + gift pack
    3rd medal + gift pack

    1st medal + gift pack
    2nd medal + gift pack
    3rd medal + gift pack

    5k BUDDY:
    1st medal + gift pack (each)
    2nd medal + gift pack (each)
    3rd medal + gift pack (each)

    5k I:
    1st P2500 + medal + gift pack
    2nd P1500 + medal + gift pack
    3rd P1000 + medal + gift pack


    MEDALS for the FIRST 100 finishers!

    1st P3000 + gift pack
    2nd P2000 + gift pack
    3rd P1500 + gift pack

  42. pde pa ba mag register! i have a feeling and i have a big chance of winning a medal in the 15k! but im still not sure on my sched on sept3-4 sana pde a humabol!

  43. RACE RESULTS ARE ALREADY OUT! Sorry for the delay! In your search bar type the link corresponding to your category =)

    a.) 500mdash.tk
    b.) 2kindividuals.tk
    c.) 5kindiviudals.tk
    d.) 5kbuddies.tk
    e) 15kindividuals

    watch out for the results in pinoyfitness and takbo.ph in a few more days!<3

  44. I was runner 1072 – ran the race, have 8 colored straws, a medal to prove that I finished in the top 100 but my number or name did not appear in the race result list! SAD!


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