Camsur Marathon 2011 scheduled on September 25, 2011


The Camsur Marathon official website has updated their page that indicated the schedule for the upcoming Camsur Marathon 2011 to be on September 2011. Time to prepare while we wait for more details about this event.

Camsur Marathon 2011
September 25, 2011
Camsur, Philippines

Registration Fees:
3K – Php 400.00
5K – Php 400.00
10K – Php 500.00
21K – Php 850.00
42K – Php 850.00

21K – Php 2,000.00
42K – Php 2,500.00

Registration Venues:
Visit ->


Camsur Marathon 2011 – Race Maps:


For more information visit ->


  1. @c21
    omg! this is what we were talking about the other day…there is a sched already for this year’s CAMSUR Marathon! wohooo!
    if only our schedule permits and allows, its a great welcome to run a marathon with different scenery such as CamSur…
    im excited to imagine na join din our tropa here: You, myself, @Bingski @Cecille @Yingski @Suplado… ;)

  2. Ms_Mars: i hope all of us makasali dito. pwede po mag sidetrip sa CWC at Caramoan or sa inyo ss Calaguas… haha! =)

  3. @c21
    haha! korek ka dyan my friend! ganda ng mga sidetrip suggestions mo ah. para sulit ung punta right? a family friend of mine went to CWC lately and super awesome nga there! so we shld be in CamSur few days before magSunday race day so we have chance to sightsee ryt?

    would be historic also for the runner friends to represent PF Community in this event!
    im seeing our work schedule as a big challenge to overcome…

    paging @Bingski @Yingski @Cecille @Suplado @Joeyboy80 @Jobz @Reydor @Pinoyfitness…

  4. //why not..?! ahahah..if we include caramoan in the itinerary, awtz..! i need to learn how to swim the soonest possible time…swimming lessons: a must…

  5. @Suplado
    haha! yeah, swim swim swim!
    if majority of us are really headed for the CAMSUR Marathon, i will notify my family friend who owns an island in the beautiful Caramoan so our group can visit their beach and i can also coordinate with my other friends who organizes boat transpos as well…woohoo!

    hope the other guys will consider and run for this event too!

  6. @open
    thats interesting query.
    we are still in the process of coming up with an official running group name coz we wanted it under the pinoyfitness banner…we’re lucky that Mr. PF has given his blessings…several floating suggestions in the shortlist…

    you want to join too?

  7. last year was my first Marathon and ran 10k at CamSur. This year it’s my first 42k. Sana kayanin ko.

    Kelangan ng matinding preparation.

    See you guys there. It’s gonna be real fun. I have a feeling it’s even gonna be better than last year.

  8. @ms_mars

    for both fit & fun , but i dont have buddy yet..hehhee

    sa camsur naman hinde p sure ung mga ksama ko..bka soloista ko dun…:(

  9. @Suplado_aKo @JC
    hey guys! just an update. we are flying to Legazpi via Zest Air on Sept 22, coz CebuPac is fully-booked via Naga. then connecting bus trip from Legazpi to CWC. after securing our inn or hotel, do initial practice run then off we go first to my family friend’s beach at Caramoan (how’s swimming lessons,@Suplado) then do our follow-up practice run for the race by the 24th.

    wow! combination of hectic + fun!

    Deeks is interested in also hanging out with us then. the more the merrier!

  10. @ms_mars addik na talaga kayo sa run noh hahaha. this time camsur na !! level up na talaga kayo hehehe mas maganda sana kong half marathon sasalihan nyo mas lalo kayo mag eenjoy sa run . last year kasi dumaan kami sa mga brgy nakakatuwa kasi may mga banda at ang dami nag checheer sa inyo nakakawAla ng pagod hehehe. pagkatapos ng run nag wake board !!! hay nakakamiss ang cwc parang gusto ko uli tumakbo sa camsur ! good luck ms mars .. see u n god bless…

  11. @patok
    ikaw ha, tempting me to level up my distance eh im still getting the hang of a 10K runner, hehe. but thank you for your kind comment here, Patok. miss na namin kayo and Pacer. im very excited abt this CAMSUR event coz as u said, meron talagang banda and mga pep squad cheerers. and alam mo naman sa province, the peeps are so warm and friendly. maybe @Suplado and @Deeks will do 21K here and kami ni @JC 10K nga.
    see you soon in the next runs here sa Manila, okies? let us know what next runs naka line up?

  12. hi to all,,

    san po ang onsite registration dito sa manila at till when po ang resistration?
    @ms_mars: madam baka pwede po ako sumali sa group niyo

  13. @jestine
    hi there! you can also register at sites:
    ROX – Bonifacio High Street
    Runnr – Bonifacio High Street

    pls email me your contact info at [email protected]

    tis great you’re interested in this sought after marathon event of the year!

  14. @Suplado_aKo come to thnk of it, yeah, 10K is weak! Jc & i can do better by a 21K debut! As u go on w/ yer quest for 42K, wohoo! Swtchng to Plan B, nw, partner, haha!

  15. //of course..! @Ms_Mars..we’re not going to CamSur for some little fun…ahahah..! so we need to do something more adventurous, more fun and more exciting September..! :)

  16. @Suplado_aKo
    so agree with the more adventurous, more fun and more exciting things about to happen to our group during the CamSur Mary.

    and part of our adventure is uhm…the “S” word aka Swimming?! so good luck with your upcoming lessons, partner!

    we’re just here to cheer for you on Day 1 lecture… ;)

  17. @specieve
    sure you can go ahead and register online.

    there are also onsite store’s c/o ROX and Runnr at BHS in Global City accepting walk in registrations.

  18. i’m so excited to run for CAMSUR MARATHON 2011 with my papsie and running mates Weng, Grace, Jhen, Gena, Arnie, Elmer, Henry and Gab…good luck to all runners and see u CWC! :)

  19. let’s go for 42km!!! ^_______^ hays sana lang alam ko pinapasok kong sitwasyon!!! hahahah dun ko nlang malalaman yun wahahahahahahah!!!!!

  20. @Suplado_aKo
    wow! its you…it’s You already!
    hmmm now im contemplating of doing my
    debut 21K here in my beautiful hometown
    province! ;)
    dear Lord, please help me decide…

  21. @mS MARS & JACKIE, in-store registration just last week at BHS. Runrio staff in planet sports glorietta said they will be handling Camsur marathon reg. right after UNILAB trilogy run which re. endson Aug 7.

  22. @cecille
    thanks and appreciate the update, my dear. sakto, next month is my intention to reg, hehe. go go go 21K! gulp! my 1st out of town race and happens to be my hometown region too! wohooo! ;)

  23. hello runners first time po namin grupo ko sa camsur to run and excited po kami at the same time tight budget po san po kaya may inexpensive na accomodation

  24. @jestine

    peak season kasi pag sept ang mga hotel sa camsur pag sept dahil fiesta doon sa naga. may mga mura cguro na inn mag one hour ang layo sa CWC.

  25. @rusz

    yes, we are going to CamSur, and i have several hotel listings at hand, can you also pls email ([email protected]) me your accomodation contact in CamSur so i can inquire abt their rates?

    sna hindi pa cla fully booked! ;)

  26. good news to runners who havent registered yet for CAMSUR – just got registered last night for my debut 21K and was informed reg is extended until Sept 18th!

    thank you CamSur and xtra thanks RunRIO! ;)

  27. @Wilson daiz: Punta ka sa Ali Mall Cubao, sa likod nun ang sakayang ng Bus papuntang Naga City. Pde kang sumakay ng Penafrancia going to Naga or Pili.

    From Naga Terminal may mga bus din dun papuntang CWC. pde ka na mag tanong dun. mga 1hr ang byahe or less.

  28. @wilson daiz – ung bus terminal po ng cubao nsa likod na po ng shopwise dating Rustans. may mga Inns malapit sa SM Naga kaso wala silang website, you should really be calling them to know their rates and available rooms.

  29. last year 10k next 42k after a year of training… this is the moment.. i’m from naga city camarines sur… my 1st time of full marathon. excited yet nervous… Naga city is a fun run capital… every week there’s a fun run activities…this will help you boost your spirits to run… and enjoy…

  30. @wilson: meron mga free shuttle service from Naga city proper or SM to CWC.

    Try mo CBD Plaza Hotel. For me affordable sya. Malapit lang sya sa SM Naga, halos tapat lang. Baka nga meron di sila shuttle papuntang CWC kung tatakbo ka sa marathon.

    @Alfred: Ganun din ako last year 10k, this time 42k. Medyo kabado kasi di man lang nakapag-ensayo ng maayos. Sana matapos ko yung race kahit matagal.

  31. you can also try sampaguita tourist inn. its cheaper than the cbd hotel but, its not that grand. its a modest place to stay at but you’d be comfortable there too. that’s where we stayed when we ran for the TNF100 last may. you may find this link useful..

    by the way, if anyone of you is interested to buy a race number belt ill be bringing a few stocks at cwc on the 24th and 25th. you may not need it on the 25th but you can use it surely pn your future local runs…grab this now and save from shipping cost! :) you can just call or text me at 09325541113 and i’d be too glad to meet you up at cwc. you can check the belts at this album ..

    thanks! good luck to everyone! :) ♥

  32. To all PF runner friends and FB page
    friends joining, see you all @CamSUR

    let’s all have fun and enjoy the barrio
    cheers and festive ambience…

  33. We ran Camsur last year, and the best thing about the event were the locals who woke up really early to catch the race. It was my first full marathon, and despite the brutal heat, I got along just fine. Thanks to the Bicolanos who cheered for us every step of the way!

  34. @Mars: Have fun and enjoy your vacation with jared & co. Pasalubong huh and take care, i’ll wait for the pix….. really sad i wont be coming ;(


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