Poll: Are you Running on April 10, 2011?


5 simultaneous runs is once again happening this weekend, April 10, 2011, just wanted to once again do a quick poll on where most people are joining.

Cast your vote and share to your friends. For complete details of the upcoming run, visit List of Events Page.


  1. right after signing up for the very successful HYUNDAI FREE FUN RUN, sister and i registered for NatGeo and then for Run with the Masters.

    but if NatGeo was not sponsoring this year, dun kami kina Kapuso Richard Gutierrez and the Kapuso Fun Run event!

  2. Baband1t kami ng ilang taga Alabang Snail Runners sa Nat Geo, so yes I will be running this Sunday. I would love to run alongside those who paid expensive fees.

  3. The Baguio 21k should be very interesting since it’s going to be a hilly course and at an high altitude. The weather is definitely a very good running weather.

    Sadly, no race for me this weekend.

  4. Running with my self!! wala xeng magandang takbo masyado this april…. more on Ultra Marathon and Artista at PR’s not Personal Record.. Magcocongest ang Running lane pag madaming tao na nagpapapicture sa mga artista. Not good to set one PR. :D just for a fun run :D


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