Yakult 10-Miler Race 2011 – Race Results and Discussions

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Congratulations to all who successfully completed the 2011 Yakult 10-miler race that happened last March 27, 2011. Race Results and Photos will be available for viewing here once the organizers released them.

Download Race Results Here:
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Photos of Yakult 10-Miler Run @ Pinoy Fitness Fanpage

For now please feel free to share your feedback and comments about this event here!

Yakult 10-Miler Race – Press Release


Kenyan Daniel Coringgo easily ruled the Yakult 10-miler that started and ended yesterday at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.
The 22-year-old, 6-foot-1 Kenyan from the capital city of Nairobi, lead from the starting gun, clocking 50 minutes and 21 seconds to become the first foreigner to win annual footrace now on its 22nd year.

The win was Coringgo’s fifth in three months. He won the Subic Bay Trail Run last week.

Coming in second some 200 meters behind was Coringgo’s compatriot Philip Ronoh, who checked in 50.37 seconds, followed by 2008 champion Alley Quisay, who clocked 53.38.

The 29-yeaqr-old Quisay outsprinted Roger Denolo, who came in 54.09, followed by Rey Sanvictores in 1:01.16.
“When I heard the starting gun, I spurted right away and never looked back. I’m happy I made it in my first try in this race,” said Coringgo showing no sign of exhaustion despite running for 16 kilometers.

“I ran trouble free. No leg or stomach cramps. The weather condition was perfect,” he added.

Coringgo won P7,000, Ronoh received P3,000, and Quisay P2,000 plus trophies and Yakult Energy Drinks from Yakult plant manager Mitsuo Taniguchi.
Mischelle Gilbuena, a runner from Cebu, shared honor with Coringgo by ruling the distaff side in 1:05.19, outpacing Cavite-based Ailene Tolentino and Meriam Miranda, who clocked 1:07.39 and 1:15.52, respectively.

Gilbuena, Tolentino and Miranda won P7,000, P3,000 and P2,000, respectively.

Aver Sister won the 5k in 19.08 seconds, edging Ronald Pelayo in 20.18 seconds and Edenia Villanueva took the female side in 23.49 seconds ahead of Jennybave de la Cruz and Rain Tan, who came in 23.49 and 23.54, respectively.

The top three male and female finishers in the 5k received prizes from special project manager Kenji Egabi.

Jayson Ang won the 3k in 11.57 seconds and Trishia Ramirez ruled the girls’ side in 11.55 seconds. They received their prizes from assistant technical manager Koji Kuroda.

Some 2,200 runners competed in the race supervised by race director Rudy Biscocho.

Kenyan Daniel Coringgo Yakult

Kenyan Daniel Coringgo crosses the finish line in topping the Yakult 10 Miler held at the CCP complex yesterday.

Source: Rudy Biscocho

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  1. yung finish time ko din po parang may mali. kasi may kasabay akong tumakbo as in hanggang finish line sabay kame,ung time ko is 48:38 habang ung sa kasama ko is 34:58. whew that’s 14 mins difference. i-aasume ko na lang na ung 34:58 ung mas tama.haha!

  2. it was a very good run and kudos to yakult and mr. biscocho, but this 5k result problem is kinda ruining the experience. pinagmalaki ko pa naman na nakabagong PR ako and friends can see that I can’t back my claim. hope it can be corrected!

  3. we have certificates, you just have to personally get it at this address #75 kennedy st north greehills. But you have to call the no. posted by Mr. Biscocho earlier to verify if your cert. is already available.

  4. OO nga, answering machine lang sa 7279987. Sana pwede rin magleave ng voice message. @Pinoyfitness/Mr. Biscocho, can we just have it posted here those who may already claim their certificates please, if it’s not a big trouble?

  5. I just got my certificate & that of mu officem8s at North Greenhills. Mr Rudy Biscocho personally gave it to me. Anyone interested to get their certificate, you need to call Mr. Biscocho at the phone no. mentioned in earlier posts so they can prepare it before you arrive. If no one’s answering, just call them again after an hour. The address again is no. 75 North Greehills. By the way, when you arrive at the gate, the guards will just let you wait while they call up Mr. Biscocho to inform about your arrival.

  6. it was my 1st 10 miler run…i enjoyed it!finished at 1hr and 39 mins.
    “i run a race not to see who’s the fastest but to see who has the heart to finish it”
    congratulations to everyone!!!

  7. @Cecille: Thanks po for the reply, but I’ve just received my certificate by post yesterday sa bahay after sending an email to Mr.Biscocho as per his instructions.
    So again, I would like to thank Mr. Rudy Biscocho and congrats to the success of the event, Yakult, and all who participated in the occasion.
    Special thanks din siyempre sa Pinoy Fitness!
    Till next time po ulet. ^___^

  8. Thanks… we got also our certificate after a week after I emailed Mr. Biscocho.. He’s prompt in answering his emails…

  9. i got my mail yesterday, sadly the certificate was not under my name…it probably got mixed up :(

    sent another email to Sir Rudy, hope to get my certificate…twas my first 10 mile run.


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