Thoughts on Rising Race Registration Fees


Starting this year, there has been a lot of discussion in the blog about the rising registration fee of races and alot of questions on where the fees are going.

Here’s a very good article from Kikay Runner, where she shares her points of view about this topic. Kikay Runner – On Rising Registration Fees

My stand on this is, it’s time for us to be pro-active rather than re-active on the situation. There are more and more running events that are happening each week, sometimes there are even 2-3 races that happens in one weekend, that means we are in control on which event we choose to participate in, we can plan!

We run for different reasons, some run for the cause, for health, for fitness, personal achievement, experience, or passion, and as fellow runners, let’s respect that.

I’ll continue to keep the List of Events as updated as possible. I’m sure you’ll find a race there perfect for you!

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Nonetheless, let’s have a quick POLL shall we?

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  1. I have looked at the race calendar & that of another forum. I have listed those races which are within my target distance and “cost-wise” for the entire year. If I stick to it, I can race my “like” distances, save fees on some, then splurge on a few fancy ones (especially those with international flavor).
    Also, I understand now that cost can escalate because of logistics (timing devices, personnels like marshals), quality of singlets, insurance and so forth and so on.
    It’s a choice still, but something I can live with. No longer will I rant about fees.

  2. I agree that runners have contributed in biting off high entry fees to the point that it creates a demand for big-time races. And these high fees eventually turned into a standard pricing level for other races, even the “B” type. However, who are these runners who can only afford these fees? These runners are only those professionals with high-paying jobs, businessmen like Gokongwei, Ayala and people who were born in silver spoon in their mouth (rich kids). But how about those who are average income earners and those that only have menial paying-jobs? Surely they will be left behind just salivating to join but always get restrained by economic reasons.

    How can you produce an international level runner who can compete against the Kenyans, Ethiopians in world races by having the upper class participants in big-time races? How can the runners from the grassroots level join the races nowadays with skyrocketting fees? Know what, only Milo has the real passion to develop and discover potential competitive runners from Manila and the rest of the country.

    Do you think the P1,300 entry in Hong-Kong, Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon is of the same target market with the P1,300 in the local races? Definitely, P1,300 in the former countries have lower purchasing power than its value here. Moreover, Standard Chartered being a profitable financial institution in the Asian economies, would be willing to shell-out funds to finance such a high-caliber race. The problem is, the organizers here are trying to duplicate the level of races abroad without the intention of engaging in out-of-pocket costs. Remember, these races locally carry their names as a form of advertising, but the question do they subsidize the cost to lessen the burden of runners?
    Another thing, the monopoly. It’s always Runrio that does it all. I just hope that another firm, enterprise or organization comes out and compete with Runrio, head-on, just like what’s happening in the entertainment media where ABS-CBN, TV5 and GMA tried to outdo each other. Unless we get out of monopoly of Runrio, the local runners will always be fed with high entry fees. Remember, high fees were introduced by Runrio in the Timex Runrio Trilogy 3 in November 2009, and what happened next became the benchmark of history.

  3. Two words: Supply, Demand. Another two words: Free Will.

    For those wish to run, but find the entry fees to steep, this country has over 300,000 square kilometers of land at your disposal. Don’t force your way to BGC or MOA, if you keep finding the race fees ridiculous.

  4. save your money by not joining these races carrying corporate brands. they are simply gaining profits out of your fees. i suggest you run on your own and prepare/train for the BDM 102. the P2,500 registration fee for the race is equivalent to 3 races carrying a corporate brand always being held within the same route in BGC & MOA. get out of manila and experience what is like to run in the historic route of the Bataan Death March. your experience and accomplishment to finish the BDM 102 is beyond comparison from these “commercialized” road races. finish a marathon 42K race first and then you are qualified to apply for the BDM 102. be wise and smart. keep on running!

  5. Running is free. Racing is not. :-(

    But I agree that the traditional races like Milo & Yakult have kept the fees to be attractive. Plus they have really produced grassroot champions.

    Just be selective in the races to run.

  6. @Baldrunner. Gen. Narcise, Sir, I guess you’re right. There are nearby towns of Metro Manila, with fresh air and lush green environment yet to be explored by runners. I believe in your cause, in your passion for running.

  7. There are 3 reason’s why I would run expensive races:
    – schedule , most low cost runs don’t fit my work and training schedule
    – quality and cause
    – proximity of venue since I am from Sta. Rosa

    No matter how expensive a run is; runner’s will be there. It’s a matter of choice and reason.

  8. fun run is indeed a good business. however out of town runs like camaya and run for light balanga bataan is quite impressive as they have a very affordable reg fee.. run for light is only 250 to 350 with singlet and bib and prize is at around [email protected]! iam so interested with their project since its very unique kaya im promoting them. haha i tried to google them bataan run for light.

  9. I totally agree that the reg fee’s are noticeably getting expensive.I hope that the the organizers are not taking advantage of the increasing numbers of people running and using this as a money making thing.

    To all the organizers of the upcoming and future may want to rethink and consider the consider the people’s concern.

  10. you can bet your *ss its a business… running is currently booming and prices of race reg fees will continue to seek equilibrium based on the opposing forces of supply and demand… unless supply overtakes demand, those who cannot afford the current rates (which at 1000 plus is equivalent to 3 days pay of a minimum wage earner) will continue to be economically prohibited to join races. and to those who cannot think of any other response but to say in effect that “this is a free country and nobody’s forcing you to join” – i think they are entirely missing the point. the point is that this sector are actually being forced… they are being forced not to join because they can no longer afford the higher rates. they are being marginalized and are merely venting their frustration. they are in no position to force themselves into a race that they could not afford in the first place. such comments may be unwittingly alienating the lower income portion of the running community… its like telling people to eat rice and salt if you can’t afford fish meat or poultry… sadly its divisive… and oh please we’re all tired of people saying “im just being frank or i call it as it is or i dont sugarcoat what i feel”… cuz thats a lame and overused excuse for being rude, arrogant, insensitive and too lazy to exert a bit effort to inject civility in discussions… peace and keep running bros!

  11. Running is our passion here. It is either you are a serious runner or a social runner. You run for fun or to make personal record. It is our choice choose if we want to join the pricey one or the cheap one.

    I noticed when I run that there are some runners complaining “Ay bakit ito lang?”, “ano bayan naubusan ng tubig, mura kasi”. And if the run is pricey “Ang mahal naman” and yet they will still run. That is the problem with so called reactive runners.

    Why don’t we just choose and run.It is our choice. All the running events are posted and if you really want to join for a quality “MAG-IPON”.Like in Adidas KOTR, the run will be on oct.23, and yet we are complaining now. Why don’t we keep some earnings if we really want to join that race.

    For the organizers “ORGANIZING PRICEY REGISTRATION” be considerate to the runners who wants to join to your organized fun runs. It is not fun to run knowing you burned out of your pocket Php. 750.00-1,250.00.It is not a joke anymore. Stop profiteering guys. And for those organizers organizing cheap registration please the water station. You can ask Maynilad to sponsor you.

    We were given minds to think and legs to run.

  12. Runrio is not making a monopoly out of fun runs. There are other organizers as well such as Events King. I actually applaud Runrio for providing such quality events yet staying within the 600-750 price range which they had for 2 years already.

    What’s disappointing is those runs held by commercially popular brands that make a business out of these events.

  13. @Bert. You could be right but if you’ll notice the line-up of succeeding races this year, their all with Runrio. Yes, it’s not monopoly, but absolute dominance. I just hope that another equally competitive organization comes out and compete with Runrio. Competition is good for the customers. I am not against Runrio, in fact, I laud them for a well organized Run United 1. Except for this one, the upcoming races are all priced above board.

  14. I run 21k’s.

    Unfortunately, the races with 21k’s are the big ones, so I really have to pay those somewhat hefty registration fees to take part in it.

    But those commercialized races with only up to 10k, let them have it staged. I wouldn’t want to join those “commercialized” runners who spend a lot on gear and gadget, but not on training.

  15. It’s really for profit and corporate PR now. Runrio can stage 21K at 750 reg fee with medal & finisher’s shirt, why the upcoming events have thousand peso plus reg fee for same 21K and less freebies or rewards?

    And soon BGC will become overused as venue for running events, it gonna be boring… so organizers should be creative to give a great event not to get a big profit (50pesos charity share is a shame).

    Be wise guys :-)

  16. I don’t mind paying as long as the race is worth it, i.e. well organized with sufficient hydration stations, KM markers, marshalls, first aid and/or medical stations.

    I am actually biased towards Runrio races. I have never had a bad experience with any of their races (vs. others which, unless for an extremely good cause, I refuse to join). I commend the fact that despite Runrio’s edge and seeming dominance in the field, he/they continue to improve their craft. Instead of being complacement, he/they continuously introduce new features that improve the quality of the race and consequently the experience of the runners.

    There are many races each week and like what most said, you have a choice. If you think the fees are prohibitive, no one’s forcing you to join.

  17. Come to think of it, I think that it’s high time that they ought to professionalize and regulate events and running organizers? It seems like they’re raking in profits. Let’s do the number, for example, the recent UNILAB Run United. Let’s say, there were 5000 pax participated and each one paid 600 pesos, that’s 3M cash. Consider the number of booths and sponsors they have, the amount the organizers received would be close to 5M-7M? When I ran, on the first 2 kms., there were many who just walked or stopped to take pictures as if they’re in a field trip. They slowed me down. Even if I get my results real time, would it truly reflect my speed and effectivity? Running should be for runners. We runners have the passion but should we allow ourselves to be bled? Think about it.

  18. For organizers it’s business is business or cause… for runners, we have CHOICE! stop complaining… pick your race and run.

  19. i hope hyundai accent (free) fun run on April 2 will revert back and normalize again the registration fees for running events.

    i believe that this is how sponsored races should be. If not free, for a minimal fee only. isn’t sponsorship deductible from a company’s gross income? pwede naman mag-fall yun sa advertisement a…

    we runners should set the tone. i for one will not join anymore the globe run. i have always found globe run for home a very organized run. however, its current registration fee does not justify my having fun on the run. I will always think of the cost and not how great the route is if i ever register that amount.

  20. runners unite!!! let us boycott all those running events that are too expensive to register…baka magsale sila in the end kung sakali walang tatangkilik…oh di ba!!!

  21. @dando +1…

    @yada “stop complaining”… really? e yun nga yata yung main purpose ng blog post na to e… “Thoughts on Rising Registration Fees” haha… di naman ata pwede na puro positive thoughts lang… isali natin lahat… di na nga sila makasali sa race dahil sa mahal ng reg fees tapos i e echa pwera mo pa ko sa comments… maawa ka naman… :-)

  22. Whip, that’s why I am talking about CHOICE… if everyone would wisely choose their race then everyone can run. I don’t join races every week coz I run where I want to… not for the cost but for the cause, route, schedule, proximity, organizer,etc… run to have fun not to be broke.

    It’s just like an ordinary employee or a rich fellow wanting an expensive car… whether it’s affordable or not… both have a CHOICE to buy it or not.

    @Dando, it’s either your run every week or join a wisely chosen run.

    Rich or not… pay for your run you love and simply have fun.

    Let’s go for a run for it!!!

  23. Parang lahat na ngayon ng lumalabas na races gusto na lang kumita. Yung Globe biglang nagtaas ng walang dahilan. Di naman siguro babayaran yung Ayala Center kagaya ng Skyway ng Condura. Siguro dapat nga na may iba pang major players sa racing events kasi kung Runrio lang, baka madictate na nila yung pricing. Diba sa mobile services nagpapababaan na gaya ng Globe, Smart, Sun at Red Mobile. Bakit kaya sa local running pataasan ng presyo?

  24. When you have the heavy heart of letting go of your money just to join the race, it is not running for fun anymore. Be reasonable, let go of it and wait for another cheaper one to come out.

  25. @yada I agree with you…

    Tamang pag pili lang yan tatakbuhan.
    Just enjoy. For those complaining come to think of it I don’t know you guys out there but for sure you have stuff more than 1,050.00 or 1,150.00 and for sure you saved money to have those. So if you really love running why can’t you save money as well. Maybe there are some runners here complaining but then they still run at expensive races. Don’t be hypocrite. Its your free will to choose. WE were given minds to think.

  26. @Yada & aviator runner. Wala ka namang choice kung kokonti ang pera mo. Ang choice mo lang talaga, yung mumurahing mga races. Yung mahihirap ba may choice na tumira sa kahit na mumurahing mga townhouses or subdivisions? Diba wala naman. Tigilan natin yang pa-choice -choice na yan. Doon sa matataas ang sweldo, affordable pa yung mga races na mamahalin, pero paano yung mga di gaanong kalakihan ang kita maafford din ba nila? Alalahanin niyo, ang malalakas tumakbo at nasa elite eh yung mga nasa grassroots level. Sila yung pwedeng magrepresent sa bansa sa international competitions. Yung mga professionals, businessmen, mayayaman, pangfitness lang talaga yan. Kung gusto niyo pangmag-boom ang running sa Pilipinas, dapat abot-kaya ng bulsa ang races, pero di ko naman sinasabing dapat libre. Kung libre at may magsponsor gaya ng Hyundai Accent, di mas maganda.

  27. @Yamamoto… I am sorry to disagree with you na if you are poor or lowly paid eh ala ka nang choice… let me put the word CHOICE to PRIORITY. You go on a low cost housing community and you’ll surely find homeowners of cramp low cost house but owns the latest model luxury SUV… or a luxury car owner who could barely pay it and is renting his home. And this one is a very typical example, a low earning employees using a I-Phone 3 or 4G, huge LCD TV on a rented room or other very expensive gears which cost a fortune. I really don’t know how much a high-tech phone cost; but say 30K. If a runner thinks and realize that a 10K phone with camera, wi-fi and music features is good enough… instead of buying Iphone 4G; he got 20K in store which could pay for a run per month for 2 years! That’s with occasional expensive run.

    PRIORITY gives you CHOICE… kung paano panininindigan ang choices mo is another story.

    Let’s go for a run!

  28. … its your free will to choose and free will to comment..

    pag hinayaan lang natin ang pataas na pataas ang fee for the run… by 2012 maghanda k na ng 1K for every kilometer na tatakbuhin mo..

    anyways sa mga rich kid .. hala takbo …

  29. noon ko pa kinokontra mga mahal na patakbo. sa ngayon proud pa ako kasi hindi ako nakasali sa mga mahal na patakbo.kumbaga, di ako naging bahagi ng inaayawan ko.

    ayoko na rin mag complain tungkol sa mahal na patakbo.nakakasawa na rin, mas nakakapagod pa to kesa sa takbuhan.

    ang problema nga lang kapag sumunod na rin sa trend ng mahal na patakbo yung mga dating murang maningil. ayos! sorry na lang sa mga walang pang-register at sa mga ayaw gumastos nang malaking halaga.nakaka-trauma yan sa mga newbies, na dating akala ay murang sports lang ang takbuhan. grabe pala.

  30. @ Yada. Your analogy sucks or non-sequitur. Buying a house or cellphone is totally different from running in a race. If you are to compare, compare apple to apple and not apple to kalamansi. The ones you cited are durables. They can be replaced. The satisfaction in running is not durable. Now, is it worth it paying for 1K-peso race if you get the same satisfaction or the validation or the adrenaline rush in 300-peso race? What’s the difference? The events organizers suck the money out of you and it’s up to us real runners if we allow them and I think that’s the whole point of this forum which you clearly missed. If you got the money, go spend it for all we care but you cannot tell us to shut up. Kung gusto mo daanin na lang natin sa takbuhan. Tingnan natin kung anong ibubuga mo. Teka, let’s do it on stats. You race in the most expensive race and we will race in the most inexpensive and let’s compare the results. Got the point?

  31. Yesterday, I ran at the DZMM Takbo para sa Karunungan (for PhP300 pesos) and my best friend ran at the McKinley Run Against Trafficking (for PhP500). Both had their own causes and I chose what I preferred. We both ran the same distance but my friend is still slower than I am. We both loved running and we can be both cost-effective. He chose to run in McKinley coz it’s nearer to his place and I chose mine because it’s bigger and cheaper and the Roxas blvd. is new to me. But you know what I liked in my race? I met an 85-year-old man who started and loved running since he was 55 years old and runs four times a week. I had inspiration from him which I never learned from the expensive races I have joined. If we allow these races to be expensive, these kinds of people will never be able to join coz these people are not earning as much as Yada and Aviator Runner. These races have to be regulated and monitored to maintain the enjoyment of running not by having non-cost effective gimmkickry but having more runners to be more healthy.

  32. By the way, that 85-year-old man lives in The Fort but he chose to run in Roxas Blvd. For what reason, I did not bother to ask him. I was amazed at his passion for running.

  33. @ Miles Thanks. I didn’t know Yada is a she. My challenge was for a he. I have to beg her pardon. Which part of my comment did you like?

  34. @El Caballero de Manila. You got it right, that’s bullseye. There are some precious intangibles in the racing life which can be hampered by rising fees just like the scenario you mentioned. You explained everything well, although Yada could accused me of being biased. Sana maintindihan ito ng gaya ni Yada.

  35. @El Caballero… be cool. I well agree with you that there’s no difference in running a 1K and 300 peso run… that’s why I am talking about Priority and Choice. Your reasons are blinded because you are pissed with organizers who want to earn. Runners got the passion and organizers got the cause or the business… and it’s for us runners to patronize or not.

    Read the thread if I said I don’t want an inexpensive run… who wouldn’t want it anyway? Willingness to pay doesn’t always come with how much you earn… it’s how much you want it.

    I run to stay fit and have fun… I don’t get pressured with cost nor PRs… ‘coz I run a wisely chosen run that way I enjoy both low cost or worthy expensive runs.

    And you call yourself a “real runner” coz of your PRs, medals you’ve won, distance you’ve covered and number of races your have joined?

    For to me, real runners are those who have the passion and simply those who savor the fun, no matter what.

    Sorry… I ain’t competing with anybody. You can have your distance and PRs… and I’ll have the fun.

    Who got the passion and who’s the fanatic?

    Run for your life,run!

  36. @El Caballero de Manila.. never mind he or she..

    i love all you’re comment especially with the 85-year-old-man.. i hope i had a chance to speak with him.

    @yada, i agree with you that “willingness to pay doesn’t always come with how much you earn… it’s how much you want it.”

    our point here is to call the attention of those organizers that overpricing the cost of the run.. If no one will disparage … don’t be amazed if cost for 21K will be 5,000.00 by the year 2013…

  37. @Yada, your point is well-taken. Correction, I am not “pissed” with the organizers that you think I am blinded with. I have taken things from a macro-level and not as micro as your thoughts are. It seems you speak well of an organizer, advertiser or business-minded individual yourself who can distinguish between a need from a want and repel the point that me and others here are driving at – regulate the pricing. That makes me think you’re probably just one of them trying to make money out of the passion for running. Nonetheless, if such is your standpoint, what’s your point of joining in this forum? Let me make myself clear. I am not against nor “pissed” with the organizers but I am concerned with the cost being levied upon runners especially those who cannot afford. There has to be a levelling point. Some people would want it, can they afford it? The pricing they give deters others who would want to join races to validate themselves or just have fun running with the others. Why don’t you think like the chinese merchants, small margins for higher volume. In an imperfect market, as you can see, only less than a handful are capable of organizing big-time races, and under such conditions, they’re raking in big money out of the runners and the sponsors in the guise that they can bring in revenues or position their products among the runners. What about the small businesses who would like to join the cause but the price of sponsorship is too high for them? Who makes sure that the money we pay actually reaches the cause they advocated? They don’t report them, do they? Call it cartel or mafia or whatever, they can talk among themselves and control the market. Who’s going to regulate them? Are you going to leave that to the runners themselves?

    I never gave an impression that I’m a real runner coz of PRs or medals. In fact, I never mentioned such metrics. I am just a humble beginner but I have the passion. You’re the veteran and I think you lost the passion because you care less for other runners but yourself who can run in both inexpensive and expensive races. Now, who’s got the passion and who’s the fanatic?

  38. @Reydor

    Wag kang masiraan ng loob. Malay mo magkaroon ng “underground” racing events para sa mga tulad natin. Or, maybe it’s high-time to have a legitimate runners’ club or body.

  39. @El Caballero de Manila. Brother, my advice is just simply cut on reacting on Yada’s comment. Her reasoning is simply out of the issue and her analogy is unfounded. I have read her earlier post, and she’s not picking everything right. You have made some very good points already, enough to convince many. Rising cost is deterrent to the progress of running. Racing events should be catered to and affordable by all levels of the society. Domo Arigato Gosaimasu.

  40. @El Caballero, no question ’bout Chinese business principles and regulation is fine but there is free enterprise… high end races are there to stay since they will be justified with what they offer… talk about technical shirts,timing chips, medals, finisher’s shirt, photos, media coverage, entertainment, carbo-loading, send-off parties,logistics… etc. If runners are not up with those stuffs; then by all means run a cause oriented race.

    I stand neutral… and give credit to organizers who wants races at higher level (which pays) as the cause-oriented organizers.

    I salute those runners who are already in the streets before the running boom… no need for fun runs fuzz and all… just them and the road. If running boom fades… real runners are there to stay.

    Running is not just about distance, PRs or crossing the finish line… it’s simply doin’ your distance and a shout… “Demn! what a run!!!”

    Let’s go and sweat it out!

  41. I think dapat ang pamahalaan natin ang mag organize nang manga runs na ito. maybe a public/private partnership. Iba na kasi pag big business ang nangunguna sa events eh. They just there to advertise their products and profit from it. also dapat free ang manga elite runner say top 50 philippine runner para maka practice at ma discover din sila. sa nakikita ko ang manga african or any foreigners sa manga mahal na runs sila sumasali kasi malaki ang price money paano naman ang mahihirap nating kababayan na mabilis din kaso walang pang reg. fee? wala na ba silang karapatan na ma test ang kanilang kakayahan laban sa manga international runner?

  42. I have read Kikay Runner’s blog. Php 1,050 for a race fee?! Geesh…

    How we choose our races really depends on US. Case in point: last year, my runner friends were encouraging me to join a race with a fee of Php 850.00. I told them that that’s overboard for me, so I did not join.

    If we do not want to pay for large fees, there’s the road outside our houses (or near). Running will always be free.

  43. Mag-ipon na lang kasi kayo. Para makatakbo and besides the runs for this year are posted already. So whats the reason behind if you cannot join to the expensive one. You can save money. You will not join all the events naman diba not unless MAMAW ka.

    And if you are working might as well ask your company if they’re supporting some runs for this year or give a proposal di ba. If there’s a will there’s a way choice nyo yan kung tatakbo kayo o hindi.

    Hindi naman lahat ng pagkaktaon ay umaayon sa bawat isa sa atin.

  44. Im a student and i really love on joining on fun runs. bago palang aq. sayang di q naabutang mura pa ang mga entries b4. nwei, running has become a passion 4 me na. and twing may target aqng salihan na event, pinagiipunan q tlga xa…pero sana wag na magmahal ang mga entry kc ang sakit tlga…=`( i keep on encouraging my friends on joining pero lage nilang sinasabi ang mahal daw ng entry, gsto q sanang mainfluence sila tumakbo din kc maraming benefits ang pagtakbo. ibang iba kc tlga ang feeling pag nasa fun run ka kesa pag nagjojoging lang.

  45. @michael marfil – you got a point there at least at young age proactive ka. You try to find a way to support your passion despite the price rising adversity.Keep it up! =)

  46. i have run for 2 years now. participated in 13 running events. i run for over all health( i once had cancer) and it is one venue i can release stress. i have noticed high prices for running events now. my first priority is to run in different company. i dont repeat runs so it will always be a new feeling, i ran at globe 2009 and never run for globe again. ran as well at unilab 2, and never run at any unilab run again etc etc. 2nd priority is the cost, i may run at one or two expensive runs but i will not do it everytime. i just want the feel of a well-organized run. 3rd priority is the cause, if it is to help cancer warriors then im for it. if i know it is just mere advertisement or if they’ll give 1 peso to the charitable institution they are using then im off. 4th is venue. i ran at edsa run because it is the first running event where they used edsa, it was something great, participating in our 25 years of edsa. i joined all women’s run. 5th,i join running organization with history. milo marathon is a historic running event that cannot be missed, wala pa si coach rio, milo marathon na yan. there are also international marathons by cities, manila international marathon for example. this is a great time to join a non-commercialize run. and lastly,i try NEW organizers, the likes of greentennial. i heard wonderful feedbacks in their last events. so i think guys, what ever will make us happy will make us happy. let’s have fun, after all running is the simplest way to tell the world that we love life.

  47. Race organizing (esp. the high-priced ones) are obviously profit-oriented.

    Look at it from a production standpoint. Prices should logically go down as quantity increases because of economies of scale.

    Therefore, all materials needed in a race (singlets, etc) should get cheaper as qty increases.

    Also the fixed cost are spread over a larger qty of people. The cost savings should obviously be cascaded down into the cost per runner. This is why ultramarathons are a bit more expensive than say 5km runs.

    But this isn’t the case esp. with big name organizers’ events.

    A kit would cost maybe Php30 @ 1,000 sets. At 10,000 maybe just Php20. But they still sell at Php 100. From there you can see how much money they’re making.

    What we’d like to know is how the costs are being justified?

    Also, there’s no such thing as “road rental fees” like what BaldRunner has mentioned.

    Lastly, like what BR has mentioned. We should also look into the professional fees some organizers are charging.


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