NATGEO Earth Day Run 2011 – Race Route Map and Shirt Design

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For those planning to join this years NATGEO Earth Day Run on April 10, 2011, here is the design for the technical shirt as well as the race maps for your reference.

NATGEO Earth Day Run
April 10, 2011
Fort Bonifacio Global City

natgeo run 3k-5k shirt design 2011
natgeo run 3k-5k shirt design 2011
natgeo run 10k shirt design 2011
natgeo run 10k shirt design 2011
natgeo run 21k shirt design 2011
natgeo run 10k shirt design 2011

NATGEO Earth Day Run – Race Maps


For More Information:

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  1. sa 10k runners na solo din hirs my number pra may group na tayo..hehehe! 09265402081.. almost every morning nsa BGC aq to jog..hope through this may kabuddy ako 2makbo pra mas enjoy ang fun run..:))

  2. @sweetickle: Naku! masasanay ka rin pag solo runner ka. Gaya ko! hehehe….Isa ako sa nagtayo ng runner’s club sa company namin…meron part sa registration subsidized ng company kaya di malaki masyado binabayaran namin sa registration fees.:-) Very supportive naman company namin. Meron tumatakbong 3k, mostly 5k, then konting 10k. Sila nga di ko parin nakakasama sa takbo eh. Minsan lang hahaha….sa starting nagkakasama pero kanya kanya narin pag nasa phase na ng takbo. Masaya tumakbo pag nasanay ka na. Kaso dapat disiplina parin sa foods kase bale wala yung tinatakbo kung yung mga kinakain natin eh sobra sobra naman sa daily calorie intake.

  3. basta me and my friends, we will enjoy the race…. meet and make friends with other runners…

    sa mga dame sinasabe…
    audience impact nalang kau sa mga tatakbo.. he he… o kaya mag-water boy nalang kayo makatulong pa kayo.. he he

    peace! God bless us all..


  5. @voltron hehe that’s very nice of your company to do that hehe….wish more companies are like that noh… :) and u mentioned tumatakbo ka sa UP..i want to try that too :) hehe

    @everyone yung mga 3k jan na walang kasama tumakbo kahit anong gender kahit anong age…let’s try to group solo runners para naman it would be more fun and exciting….here’s my number 09157144770

    we all run for different personal reasons and we just have to RESPECT each runner….and savor the moment when we meet new friends and have accomplished something for ourselves. I’m sure for those people who joined in for the singlet or other petty reasons kapag nandun na kau and you feel the activity and put yourself into it, you’ll have a change of perspective that there is more to it than the shirt and the logo ;)

    this is my first run and i’m looking forward to meeting lots of people and contributing to the cause of this event both personal and for nat geo!….happy running to all and see you! God Bless!

  6. @Kembot

    Thanks ulit. hehehhee

    Thanks din.
    Yup. Im also working out sa Slimmers and sa Gym namin sa office
    Kita kits sa sa April 10. Yahooo

    Thanks. got ur number. kita kita sa fun run. Go Team 10K. hehehehe

  7. I registered last March 22. Until now I haven’t received my race kit yet. The email provided in the site is not answering any of my queries! Haaay….

  8. I hope NatGeo Fun Run organizer will also post information that they have already sent to the recipient the proceeds of the run. Show some evidences like turn-over of the proceeds, pictures of the recipient who accepted, or anyhting that will convince us runners that what we paid really went to the cause…

  9. To all those waiting for their race kits. Due to my frustration from waiting for my race kit to be delivered, I decided to email Nat Geo’s PR Vice President for Asia. Here is the email I sent to Ms. Wong and Nat Geo Run organizers’ reply. Hope this helps:

    Dear Tmg,
    First of all we would like to thank you for sending this email. It somehow alerted us that there is indeed some miscues happening with regards to the NatGeo Earth Day Run race kit delivery. Though we would like to say that this is an unforeseen and unwelcome incident, we sincerely apologize that it have inconvenienced you in a way.
    Please be assured that we, the NatGeo Earth Day Run Event Secretariat have already been in close coordination with our courier partner, Air 21 in fast-tracking delivery of race kits. The kits should be in the hands of each and every online registrant not later than Monday, April 4, 2011.
    As we assure you of delivery by the aforementioned date, we also cannot avoid the fact that there could still be some unavoidable circumstance that might not make this promise possible. In any case that this unfortunate thing happens, please do send us an email here at [email protected] so that we could act on it swiftly and have your race kit/s in your doorstep prior to race day.
    Again, thank you for your support and confidence in choosing to participate in the NatGeo Earth Day Run. As you have said, it has the National Geographic brand stamped on it that is why, we can also proudly say that this one will be a good racing experience for every participant.
    Thank you and we look forward to running and celebrating Earth Day with you on April 10.
    Have fun running,
    The NatGeo Earth Day RUn Secretariat
    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 6:48 PM To: Wong, Fina (NGC Asia) Subject: Nat Geo Earth Day Run Philippines   Hi,   I would just like to know if the Nat Geo Earth Day Run in the  Philippines is being organized by your office.   I know this is not the correct office to raise my concerns, but I  do not have any choice.   Many of us have signed up for this Nat Geo run online due to its  good cause. Since it bears the National Geographic brand, I assumed  everything is being managed well. We paid online for a very  expensive race kit which, up to now, we haven’t received. It has  been eight days already. Others even complained that they  registered and paid online on March 2 and have not received  anything yet except for the confirmation email. The website gave  the email address [email protected] for any concerns. A lot  of us have sent multiple emails already but no one even bothered to  send an apology or response to our email.   If Nat Geo is in any way involved in this event, then this  haphazardly organized run reflects poorly on the Nat Geo brand.   I hope you’ll be able settle this issue with the people in charge  before the run on April 10.   Thank you.   Tmg

  10. @darryl: dude d2 n lng kyo mgtxt s isang number ko..nsira isang cp ko eh..hehe! 09996694202.. :) kita kits s 10..:))

    @maria consuelo; ma’m bka nmn po s dami ng sumali eh wla n pong slots kya nagclose n po ang reg b4 the deadline.

  11. why think negative things?
    try thinking positive things maybe you’ll know the answer to your negative comments…

    and for the staff of the booth on GB3…
    they’re nice… but somethings still missing to their service…

    as i know, the registration is extended till April 6 but the other categories have no more available slots…

    and the shirt is still a problem because i haven’t claim it yet…
    even it’s sizes are subject for availability i must get the size that fits me…

    ow by the way, I’ve read on the table of step III section “1st come, 1st serve on the shirt size”…
    I’ve got to claim my shirt as soon as their shirts arrives…
    i suggest before you registered,know whats their policies and procedures…
    then understand them before you register…
    that way you’ll lessen the possibility for you to complain if you don’t like their registration system…

    see you at BGC at 4:10am…
    good luck…

    -Rei Ayanami-

  12. sasali ako:
    1. P100 lang naman difference sa Globe
    2. running w/ music is my great escape.
    3. ang lulupit ng chicks na e-entry dito.

  13. @runners

    medals for the finishers of 21km…

    trophy/medals for the winners plus cash..

    …so hindi na mini trophy for 21K finishers?

  14. @Tmg –
    nice letter to NatGeo PR VP-Asia!
    i was almost about to do the same thing out of frustration…
    after going thru 3 visits to the Greenbelt booth to claim our singlets, i finally got the shirts only today Sunday, April 3!
    i originally requested for a size XL since the shirt on display was really small for an XL. this morning, they offered me size L and its a good thing it fit me!
    not personally angry with the staff but with the system and reason how come the shirt supplier had a difficult time meeting the demands of the race since the organizer is NATGEO – such a big and respected name!

  15. magrere-open pa kaya registration? i failed to register yesterday. ’til 8pm lang pala sa g3. dumating ako 8:30pm na.

  16. uu nga ang mahal ng registration ng NatGeo but hindi sulit ang shirt i register 10KM but my shirt is not for 10KM ibinigay sakin is pang 21KM na shirt tas yun display pa no choice nako eh.. nagkakaubusan pa ng sizes wish ko lang magkasya sa bf ko yun small na binigay nila :( tas hindi pa approachable mga oragnizer sa GB3 hays..

  17. how come di approachable mga organizer eh i was there 1 time grabe namn kasi mag salita ang ibang tao di namn mali ng organizer ung delaying ng shirt eh try namn natin minsan pakinggan ang side nila oo pabalik balik tau pero siguro namn they trying there best namn para maserbisyuhan tau ng tama kaso lng nag karoon daw ng problem sa SUPPLIER ng NATGEo kaya nadelay lahat ng shirt nakakaawa nga mga nag oorganize doon ang ibang runners kung makabulyaw sa mga nandoon eh parang ang laki ng kasalanan nila hayz hayz!!!!

  18. I’m very satisfied with the deligent efforts of Natgeo Organizer. I just recently registered on-line April 02 and received the kits today April 06. For those who don’t yet receive their race kits you may email [email protected]. Sure you will receive a reply for them. I made 3 mail with 3 reply. Good job NatGeo Organizer!

  19. karamihan sa atin one sided ang pag – iisip..yung iba gusto puro libre lang at yung mababa ang rates tapos magrereklamo. we should look on the other side at intindihin ntin ang sitwasyon…kaya hindi naunlad ang Pilipinas..

  20. This’ll be my first 21k run. I’ve been training for a month now. See you guys on Sunday! Goodluck po sa lahat ng runners lalo na sa mga first timer na katulad ko.

    “Tinanong ako ng officemate kong runner kung bakit sasali daw ako sa nat geo eh ang mahal mahal. Sabi ko, naiintidihan kita kung wala kang pera, pero wag mo na ko idamay sa pagiging kuripot mo :) ”

    p.s. sa mga nagbibigay ng negative comments.. Money is not an issue kung gusto mo talaga yung ginagawa mo at alam mong may matutulungan ka. Peace!

  21. guys hayaan nyo n yang mga nagnenegative comments n yan..NOONE PLEASES EVERYONE.tama ba?hehe! and2 ung aangal s fees,sa place ng ttakbuhan,s textile ng shirt n gnmit,s personnel s gb3,s cause n mppuntahan ng race and even the race map kinukwestyon pah.pambihira!prang ang dting eh compulsary ang race kya daming umaangal.:)) peace guys! :-))

    for 10k solo runners din eh ok n po both numbers ko in my previous comments,just txt n lng po and let’s enjoy the run on 10th kht ndi pa totally recovered ryt knee ko..tsk!
    God bless us. :))

  22. Honestly, I love the singlet last year. I always wear it in the gym. I’m not so sure with this year’s singlet. Humahawa yung black paint. I hope they will improve it next year, same as 2010’s shirt. I will always join this NatGeo run.

  23. hay naku un singlet ko is nababakbak ang design. dahil ba sa sobra nila ni rush.. pwede bang papalitan.. sayang pera…:(

  24. just got back from today’s event! i must say NatGeo’s run this year is still a success despite the controversial singlet supply and delay in delivery. acdg to the Organizer’s total runners who signed up this year is 10,388 with roughly 1,500 alone for the 21K categ. i ran 3K only but it was one of my personal best!

    and yes everyone who ran for 21K
    DID get and HAD their finisher’s medals. i stayed until passed 9am taking more pics and i noticed that there were still lots of medals left.not sure if those were with owners already or pasobra nila.

    congrats to Fox and NatGeo. may we truly continue taking care of Mother Nature.
    the only eye sore earlier were the used up water cups thrown at the side street during hydration moment by the wasnt bagged on the spot unlike sa Hyundai’s bottled water na may mga naka abang rightaway na pickers. at NatGeo wala…

  25. I enjoyed running. I had been running kahit medal. Its the sake of having something in return as long as you enjoy what you’re doing. It’s for everybody’s health as well.


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