Manila International Marathon moved to June 26, 2011

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The organizers of the upcoming Manila International Marathon has decided to move the event to June 26, 2011, which was originally planned to be held on June 24, 2011, here are the updated details.

Due to the extreme bad weather condition and safety concern of the runners, the committee has decided to postpone the event. Next race will be September 18, 2011.

Manila International Marathon 2011
September 18, 2011 @ 3:30am
Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, Manila
3K / 5K / 10K / 42K

Registration Fees are 42K-P800, 10K-600, 5K-500, 3K-400 with RFID CHIPS.

Manila International Marathon 2011 Singlet Design:

30th Manila Marathon Front Singlet

Manila International Marathon 2011 – Race Maps:

Registration Sites:

For more information about this event:
0927-668-7558, 0919-236-8323, Email: [email protected]


  1. who’s joining the 42K? it would be nice for us to have a buddy system so as not to be bored and it would be good for us that someone will be pushing us to the finish line…

  2. @c21 – kaya natin taposin ang full mary but don’t put in your mind na 6 hours parin ang cut off time kasi it will slow you down during your run. Ako isip ko lang na 5 hours parin ang cut off time at need to be at the finish line before 4 hours. Or iwas heat stroke kaya dapat bilisan ang running pace. See you!!! And have a safe training. I’ll register sa pay day.

  3. @brilliantmind

    You can register sa Chris Sports and please insist of an RFID during registration kasi in my experience there was none included in the race pack and so i ask. Maybe in my case nakalimutan lang siguro sa dami din ng ginagawa ng store employees. just a friendly reminder.

    @jobz, can know whats your pacing? km/min? PR or goal to finish marathon? im interested also to have a buddy for this run.

  4. @brilliantmind dis will be my first 42K, that’s i wouldn’t know what will be my pace for a 42K coz i have to conserve much energy & have a good endurance for the entire 42K, i usually run at a pace of 6:30/km, i don’t push that hard, coz i have a knee problem, what is your target pace for 42K?

  5. @sario im looking nga rin for a running buddy to train kc advice ng mga pinuntahan ko na mga running clinic pg 1st marathon we should find a running buddy coz it will save us some time for completing a 42K coz it will b a long & boring 42K if u run it alone, & it will be safer & can help each other to push up to the end…

  6. im sad when i knew that 21k was removed by the organizers. i am preparing for this event pa naman. i hope the organizers will consider the 21k run again. thank u and God bless.

  7. @jobs, it too is my first marathon. should you be interested to be my running buddy, it would be great. Would have to caution you however that i am still a novice in marathon. thanks.

  8. //@Bingski: good for you..and you are running 10k this time..aja..! i’ll register over the weekend..42k is quite tempting..ahahah..

  9. also very anxious to be seeing lotsa foreigners competing in this annual marathon!

    to my really cool running pals @Bingski, @C21, @Cecille, @Yingski, @Suplado see you all here too! just like what i told Yingski and Suplado, im contemplating of debuting my first 10K in this event! ;)

  10. @Ms_Mars: go for 10k na po…magkasama kayo ni Bingski. I’ll register for 42k kasi 6hours na cut-off time and maaga yung gun start. =)

  11. @c21, yingski – 42k… wow, we’ll be waiting for you at the finish line…

    @jobz – having a running buddy for the 42k is a good idea… just hook-up with the folks here who’s running the same distance. the more the merrier. And maybe you can do chants same as the Army and PNP troop during GHM, just to get rid of the tiredness.

  12. @Bingski – matagal na antayan po ang mangyayari hehehe… My target/goal/dream is to cross the finish line around 8am basta wag lang over 9am kasi ayaw ko rin maubotan ng init ni haring araw. At iwas heat stroke/sun burn etc. Hope makasama ko si c21. Medyo sablay tayo sa chanting at baka umulan pa. Mas prepared ko yung may naka pasak sa ears ko while having the feeling the need for speed. One problem na lang for me for this run kasi not comfortable nako mag suot ng stability running shoes ko as in dahil mas comfortable ako sa VFF Bikila ko but 42k is not a joke kaya still contemplating. May 15K at 21K pa naman ako before ako mag FM kaya tignan natin ang susunod na kabanata. More horsepower to all!!!

  13. @yingski: tama ka, matagal na antayan nga mangyayari…malamang makatapos ako nito pack-up na. haha! pero ok lang importante makatapos within the time limit. Four hours target, kaya nyo po yan…see you! =)

  14. //@C21: i’m thinking about running 42k…i’m certain it’s going to be FEAT for me…hope to pace up along with you..if ever, this is going to be my first marathon…and i’d like to quote @yingski, “More horsepower” to us..!

    and to all my running friends, see yer all..!

  15. @c21 @Yingski
    super good luck with your full mary’s! its not gonna be easy but i also pray that your endurance and strength will beat the odds along the way! woohooo!

  16. @SuPLaDo_aKo: sure! sabay tayo nila yingski until 21k nga lang siguro kasi 4hours target nya.This will be my first marathon too! sana may mga pacers na tumakbo like sa greentenial…=)

  17. @Bingski
    whoa! excited but nervous about my debut 10K here at MIM. what about you? im sure ur ready!
    thats why im gonna take my next succeeding runs seriously …and as our good friend Suplado recently told me, “to be able to build up my core…” ;)

  18. @Suplado
    whatever your decision be for doing the 42K or so, we will support you all the way!
    important is, NO pressure here…coz deep inside, your body will dictate to you if it is ready and up for a greater and bigger challenge! against all odds! wohooo!

  19. @c21- naka install na kasi sa utak ko na 5 hours at hindi 6 hours ang cut off time. At siguro naman ayaw natin alas 10 na ay nasa kalsada pa tayo, di ba? Running pace lang ang gagawin ko dito yung tipo ng pace na kaya ko imaintain from start to finish line pero I’ll make sure na 5-6 minutes per km ang running pace para pasok sa loob ng 4 hours. Pwede tayo maging running buddies sa run na ito along with suplado_ako. “Train as you race and race as you train”

  20. //got four weeks to prep up for a full marathon..this is it..! ganbatte ne..!

    @Ms_Mars: you can make..! @Bingski: i’m sure you are more than ready to do the 10k route…@C21: i’m hoping there’ll be pacers up to at most 40th kilometer…

  21. We’ll wait for you guys to cross the finish line. It’s a momentous event, worth taking tons of photos… and syempre iba ang feeling ng may nag-aabangan syo… naks!!!!

    Ms_Mars – kaya natin yang 10k… no pressure nga diba

  22. @bingski: thanks for the link…good read!
    @yingski: ako din po…pacing lang gagawin ko.
    @SuPLaDo_aKo: go na!sabay-sabay tayo nila yingski. =)

  23. //it’s a done deal — @C21: and @yingski: — 42k! aja..! 5-6 per km is about right..we won’t get too exhausted to finish the race.. @Ms_Mars: and @Bingski: we’d love to see you when we cross the finish line.. :)

  24. @Suplado
    oh yes of course, you can count on that, Jar…for me and Bingski to be cheering you guys as you cross the finish line one by one…that is going to be AWESOME!

    you want me to bring some props to make it livelier and momentous? ;)

  25. @c21 @yingski @Suplado
    pace run is not bad for a full mary like this one. even done during the Olympics. you would be able to learn to save and budget the endurance and tons of energy supply you have at the start of the race.
    this early on — im soooo PROUD of you guys! ;)

    wondering if the PowerPuff Boys will all be here too? yeah i guess so!

  26. @Park – mine also walang kasama but I got a text last Monday that I can already claim it at ROX. Good thing I was at BHS the moment I got the text so I was able to get agad. I didn’t have the race kit with me so i don’t know my bib number. Buti na lang they have a list o match yung bib number and rfid no.

  27. @Bingski
    wow so this is it na ah…we’re doing 10K! mega practice days ahead! praying for no injuries.

    i requested for Jared na makikisabay me sa kanya to register for MIM hopefully this weekend as what his earlier plan is.

  28. @joeyboy80
    yups sure! good luck to all who will be joining this year’s MIM! i cant contain my excitement anymore, hehe!
    i have a couple more 5Ks to run and hope it will build up my core to overcome my very first 10K! training starts right now!
    im also very proud to my runner friends who are doing 42K! you guys ROCK! ;)

  29. @Suplado
    yeah it was a great practice run still at your fave sports complex despite the rain. rain or shine!
    thanks also for coming, and you owe Bingski and myself bfast at McDo! haha!
    may the running force be with us all tomorrow… ;)

  30. @Bingski
    thanks for sharing the pyramid interval with @Suplado and myself during practice run this morn. as Suplado has mentioned, very informative indeed! thanks also for the taho treat post run while cooling down. ;)
    until the next practice run date! good luck with your Adidas 5th Sunday meet and we shall miss you tomorrow @Integrity Run.

  31. ms_mars gusto po kitang makilala at sana s a event na ‘to makilala ko po kayo..may fb po ba kayo para maadd ko po kayo natutuwa po kasi ako sainyo..good luck and god bless po sa run…hindi nga po aq makapagpraktis ngaun by tomorrow po try ko pong tumakbo kahit ilang minuto sa malacanang para may praktis naman po ako before ako magrun uli..tnx po dont forget your fb account mam…

  32. @yingski, @C21,@Ms_Mars, @Suplado

    you’re passion for running is enormously contagious. In less than three weeks since I read your discussions, I made it through three 15k runs, been preparing for my two 21k in the next two Sundays and resolute to run in this MIM. Thanks for some inspiration.

  33. @dudz09
    musta? maraming salamat sa maganda mong comment. nakakataba naman ng puso. nka register kna ba for this event? im sure interested din ung mga running friends natin na ma-meet ka rin next month during marathon!
    pls indicate na lang here email address mo,ok? stay in touch kami sau.
    nakakailang race or runs kna ba so far this year?
    have a safe practice run!

  34. @sario
    hi there! we are so humbled by your very nice and pleasant feedback to our small group’s passion for running. thanks a bunch! its great to have a set of runner friends to help boost each and everyone’s morale. im sure the guys are going to give their respective favorable reactions too.

    congrats to your recent 15K runs, wohoo! and good luck in advance to your next 21Ks leading to the grand full mary on June 26th. training is ongoing and in progress.
    have you so far paced ran with @Jobz?

    we are also running for the Mizuno event. will you be there too?
    eyyy, we look forward to meeting you soon in the next runs! stay in touch?

  35. @sario – ur welcome! Nakaka tuwa naman may na inspired sa amin thru sa forum. Keep it up! Pero payo lang na don’t push yourself to the limit. Wag mo hatawin sa training. Take time to listen to your body – its a must! It’s much better to run safe that be sorry at the end.

  36. //@sario: glad to know that we’ve inspired you in our own little way…keep running..but don’t push yourself too hard..also, it would help to read some articles online regarding running..see you in future runs..

  37. ms_mars hindi pa po ako ngppregister pero this week din po mgppregister na ako pang-anim ko po itong run na ‘to baguhan pagdating sa takbuhan kaya natutuwa po ako senyo kasi magkakakilala kayo…tpos parang kayo pa po yung tumatayong mother ng mga runners..maligaya po ako kapag makikilala ko kayo in person…[email protected] po e-mail add ko…salamat po..gusto ko po kayong makilala lahat…

  38. @sario
    howdy? many thanks again for your awesome feedback. i did reply back and it shld be in string Comment #162. hehe!
    told you my other running pals are also going to react to your pleasant statement to our small group…appreciated it a lot!
    good luck to your training and stay safe always…see ya!

  39. @reydor @jobz @dudz09 @joeyboy80 @c21 @yingski @cecille @Suplado

    just a reminder? see you all this coming Sat June 4 @megamall 5-7pm for our runners forum get together…bring your own singlet! just jokin’ ;)

    Suplado will do a karaoke marathon, haha!

  40. Wah!!! inggit ako. Enjoy na lang, I’ll be there in spirit :)

    @Pacer – yun naman pala eh. I’m sure you’ll get the text once it’s ready for pick-up.

  41. We all need to meet on race day and have our pictures taken ha… basta text text, a post race group picture would be nice. I can set up a facebook page us, gusto nyo? What should name should I use?

  42. @mS MARS, BINGSKI,C21,YINGSKI,SUPLADO ETC: tOO many to mention, bring your own microphones if w’re going to a ktv bar.

  43. @Bingski
    you can still change your mind re Saturday kita kits of PF runner friendz @Megamall 5-7pm?

    kelangan ng more girl power kc outnumbered tayo aside from Cecille and C21!

    wow an FB page for us PF mates? that’s great! @Suplado was toying with the idea that our small group shld also come up with a runner’s name of Team PinoyFitness! say mo?

  44. @Ms_Mars – I really can’t join this Sat. My flight leaves HK at 6pm pa.. Anyway, enjoy na lang kayo and think about a name for our group.. naks… meron na tayong group!! Team Pinoyfitness is appropriate since we all met here, but we should ask permission first from Pinoyfitness :)

  45. @Bingski
    okies, have a safe trip back home then. we shall eat your share?! haha!
    oh definitely we will seek permission from PF before representing their name. and hopefully they say YeS!

  46. ay nbanggit pla ako n ms_mars sa get together event ng mga runners hehehe salamat po sa paanyaya sayang nga lang di ako makakasama mahilig pa mandin akong kumanta at sayang di ko kayo mamemeet in person..sana nga po may facebook account tayo pwede po bang sumali dun…salamat po ng marami

  47. reminder PF runner friends and the others who have time tomrrow see you all MEGAMALL BLDG B TERIYAKI BOY REST @5-7PM

  48. //we should ask @pinoyfitness’ permission to use the blog’s title for our running group..perhaps @pinoyfitness can meet us in any our future runs..we can have our personalized singlet, group logo, and all the good stuff..and yeah, @bingski: great idea — fb page..!

  49. @pinoyfitness – Really looking forward na ko. Just give me the go signal and I’ll create the group in Facebook. Hope to meet you in one of the runs and gatherings of the group

  50. @pinoyfitness
    its high time PF does have a group representative in upcoming and future runs…

    we have a small grp get together tomorrow @Teriyaki Boy Megamall from 5-7pm, hope you can make a surprise visit?!

    stay in touch po [email protected]

  51. @pinoyfitness

    Hi! How come during registration at the forum, it’s not accepting my email address. I have filled out all the mandatory fields and answered the question, upon clicking of Register button, it says Email is required. Although I’ve entered my valid email address several times already, it’s giving me the same message ‘Email is required’. Help po.

  52. @Reydor @Joeyboy80 (with their spouses)
    thank you so much po for coming to the 1st PF Forum Friends gathering over at Teryaki Boy, Megamall and bringing along your lovely wives. great to finally meet you guys.did you enjoy the food?
    till next session po!

    @Jobz @yogurt @dudz09 @journey to life
    ang saya ng get together! next time there na rin kayo ah?

    @Cecille @C21 @Bingski
    we terribly missed you ladies but lookin forward to the next live sessions.

    @JC @Suplado
    “starstruck” with you know who? hehe…
    appreciate your moral support always.

    i believe you were the guest of honor during yesterday’s forum mates get together. haha! i cant thank you enough for gracing our 1st PF get together and we are all looking forward to the next meets, bull sessions and projects in store and up ahead for our small group…

    @guys? have you opened your “key fob” tokens? haha! what car brand did you get? hahha!

  53. //i was to able to register in the forum..if you guys are using google chrome, you may want to use firefox or internet explorer to register…once you’re done, you use google chrome afterwards…see yer all at the forum.. :)

  54. @ms_mars , yap i’ll be in mizuno too. my second 21k. done with my first this morning at aktv. im looking forward to running elbow to elbow with the rest in your group. hehe

  55. @sario
    that’s good news! and congrats with your debut 21K at AKTV Run today. wats ur PR?

    pls email me whats your bib# for Mizuno and cp# ? so we can easily identify
    you on race day [email protected]

    run safe!

  56. @Ms_Mars next time pnta na ko, mgkasunod run ko ng weekend e, PAF n AKTV…magkikita kmi ni joel sa Thu sa ARC..


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