Manila International Marathon moved to June 26, 2011

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The organizers of the upcoming Manila International Marathon has decided to move the event to June 26, 2011, which was originally planned to be held on June 24, 2011, here are the updated details.

Due to the extreme bad weather condition and safety concern of the runners, the committee has decided to postpone the event. Next race will be September 18, 2011.

Manila International Marathon 2011
September 18, 2011 @ 3:30am
Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, Manila
3K / 5K / 10K / 42K

Registration Fees are 42K-P800, 10K-600, 5K-500, 3K-400 with RFID CHIPS.

Manila International Marathon 2011 Singlet Design:

30th Manila Marathon Front Singlet

Manila International Marathon 2011 – Race Maps:

Registration Sites:

For more information about this event:
0927-668-7558, 0919-236-8323, Email: [email protected]


  1. is there an updated race map? due to change of location? diba una sa may rajah sulayman now sa quirino grandstand na.

  2. @Daniel
    tsk tsk sayang no? historic run sna…some PF runner friends are debuting their 42K! but dont worry, many other events there that has 15K categories…

    cheer up po!

  3. hi to all fanatical runners out there like me hehehe, this will be my first time to join the MIM and hope to beat my personal best in preparation to my quest for a Milo qualifier on July 31. Sana sapat yong preparation ko see guys sa finish line

  4. @joe wacs
    goood luck during the MIM! we will be there together with some PF running buddies and most of them are doing their 1st time 42K! and my debut 10K, say mo? see u there ha?


    hope you also make it during the MILO elims this July…

  5. to all PF peeps who will run this event. hydration is every 4k so bring your hydration belt if you have any if not bring a bottle of water or pocari.

  6. @GHEL …. your testimony is so inspiring. I wish i will still be running when I reach my golden year @50. It’s good to know good guys of your age that are still actively running. I want to run full marathon but i have to prepare good enough to endure. I had my 3rd 21K run yesterday and i am still too tired after this run (with a 10K run at Mizuno the day before… i think it’s not good for me to have a back-to-back run). I think i need to master the 21K run before moving up to 25 or 30K practice run in preparation for a 42K marathon.

  7. a “Did not finish” mark may be devastating on my first marathon. Can’t afford to let that happen. My intuition tells me this would be an auspicious start of “our” new game.

  8. @daniel
    sure! and then there will also be several others who may wanna join the 10K categ here for MIM…
    training harder now…

  9. im thinking of joining 10K dito sa MIM. kaya lang may 5K ako sa SlimmeRun ng June 25. Baka mapagod ako ng husto? :(

  10. puwede po malaman kung ano ang mga prizes ninyo . Me invited bang taga ibang bansa . Just in case nanalo ng 42k ano po prizes ninyo at saan po papadala….

  11. pls clear it out kung raja sulayman park o quirino grand stand ang start kasi sa website nila raja sulayman nakalagay and yung dito sa quirino grand stand. kinda confused…

  12. 10k………
    Panu b pumunta quirino grand stand?
    Pag galing the fort?
    Puro sa the fort lang kc ako tumatakbo eh.
    international marathon talaga toh???
    edi puro negro na naman kasali d2 …
    Haha. Cge na nga join n ko.
    I’ll invite my friends!

  13. @Sario
    ahh okies. was that scary?hehe…sowee but with your kind of pace, 5hrs is tops for you even if its 6hrs actually.

  14. second the motion on that, @Suplado. this is really IT! let’s focus on training so it will pay off come race day, ryt?

    all roads lead to MIM on June 26th! woohoo!

    special thanks again Geraldine, our very nice POC at Chris Sports, MOA, for all the assist!

  15. good afternoon,paki clarify po ung venue,i went o ROX yesterday to get my rifd,i ask where is the venue of the race,he told me sa rajah sulayman,but on your site quirino grandstand,whats the real venue,thanks….

  16. 10k kayang kaya….
    suicide to para sken…
    kanina 1st time ko lang mag 10k eh. 53mins……..good for a first timer ryt…

    gs2 ko ako ang bida… haha…
    mga 42k ang bida d2 eh.,.,., haha

  17. nagkamali ako ng register, 5k.. :C 3k lang sana.. in case maubusan ng slots sa 5k at may slots sa 3k, mag3k nalang ako tapos ipatransfet ko ‘yung slot ko..

  18. @Suplado

    was a fun and rainy practice run this morn at the UP Oval- rain or shine in prep for this great marathon! we did like 10 laps or (lapses) and did you like the Oval so far?

    very inspiring to also see more runners there and how we try to pick out on their singlets, hehe!

    great to see also @Joeyboy80 and wife Marilyn join us after 3 hrs into the training. then it rained from 10AM onwards and we all got soaked and still ran in the rain! weeeee!

    shall upload our pics to PF fan page, para mas maraming ma-inggit! paging Jobz and Sario. ^_^

    hopefully upon our return, Mr. Zorro is still there saying..”watch your step!” wehehe!

  19. @ms_mars d me nakapunta sa sucat umuulan umaga pa lang…wla rin…next time bawi nanaman ako…lagi akong late hahaha

  20. @speedyconcy, yup. measured it using mapmyrun and it showed that the route exceeded by 700 meters. will try to send them an email and hoping that they’d still be able to fix this

  21. ask ko lang po sa organizer if magkakaroon ba ng on-site registration…di ko na kasi naasikaso pumunta sa store for registration eh…hopefully meron…thanks

  22. what time ang gun start? kulang kulang naman kasi ang mga info… kaya ang daming tanong dito… hope to hear from the organizers bout the runners concern.. 1 more question, saan ang parking area nila? importante rin kasi yun..

  23. @kirby mel, you may want to check the official site for additional info. there’s a small plaza facing malate church. also the service road parallel to roxas blvd. aabutan mo lang ung mga andun as your “parking fee”

  24. To all peeps running in this event, you’re invited: Carbo Loading Party June 25 2011 Lunchtime @Megamall. CARB Loading time is 15hrs before gunstart countdwn. Great chance to meet some PF members running one of the best races there is! Email your cp# to [email protected]– see ya all ;)

  25. I decided to registered last June 21, Tuesday at Chris Sports-SM Megamall kahit wala pa singlet. I called them today (Chris Sports) pero wala pa rin daw singlet dumadating. I ever wala pa rin this coming Saturday, where we can claim our singlet before the run?…puede ba tumakbo wearing different singlet but with official BIB #?

    May we know also the official venue…on the envelope they gave it says Rahaj Sulayman…in this website it says Quirino Grandstand, Luneta???… nakakalito wow!

  26. @czachece, same here. sa chris sm megamall ako nagparegister yesterday and i just called them up and wala pa rin singlet. :(
    no choice kung wala pa rin until saturday, we’ll be using another singlet for this event. sayang naman.

    guys, is this a rain or shine event? lakas pa rin kasi ng ulan eh. sna pagdating sa sunday, wala ng ulan

  27. just an update guys, i called up MIM just now and they’ve told me thay will surely release the singlets tomorrow sa mga branches ng chris sports. nadelay lang daw dahil sa weather. sana nga. :)

  28. @czachece: its rajah sulayman and not quirino grandstand daw, yun reply nang MIM nung inquire ako fro confirmation sa cell number posted on official site.

  29. @barefoot: thanks for the info.
    @hometown17: thanks for the update.
    @pissedofchick: kung wala pa talaga this saturday, gamit na lang tayo ng ibang singlet…unique pa tayo hehe…

    See you all guys! TAKBUHAN NA!…pero teka tuloy kaya despite of the bad weather???

  30. @Sario
    mega spoiler talaga yang si Falcon! argggh!
    knowing that by Sept, you’re somewhere else by then…
    but the good news is, GREEN LIGHT pa rin ang CARBO LOADING ng mga PF peeps, babawiin na lng natin sa kain ung postponement of MIM! hmp! june 25 Kamayan Dads, 4th level, Megamall @lunch onwards…
    this is also to celebrate the other incoming runs like Yamaha, Rexona, MILO Elims so its not the end of the world…

  31. Kudos Safety first of Runners, upset month of prep think vitamin, food, on call to re-sched date…now I selling my 42K race kit low price pls text 0915 438 1366 :(



    everything cancelled this weekend

  33. To be honest I think this is the third time they moved MIM schedule. January 16, June 24, June 26, now September 18 what next December 32 urong sulong he he. The weather seems to be good as of this writing :)

  34. September 18 is the scheduled date of the run for our National Hero – DR. JOSE RIZAL. I believe this is a great dishonor and disrespect to Dr. Jose Rizal and to us, the Filipino Runners if the organizers of this MIM (which have been postponed 3 times)rescheduled it on the same date.

  35. as of now baha pa rin ang manila. and maski ma-araw na sa sunday di pa rin pwede tumakbo dahil maraming pot holes ang race route. safety first.

  36. kelan po pwedeng i-refund reg ko? perfect weather ito for a marathon tapos inilipat yung date, at napakalayo pa.sayang yung weather and preparations ko dito, eh sa july 31 pa ang next na marathon sa pinas.

  37. To those who registered at Chris Sports-SM Mega Mall, singlets are now available…kaya lang na postponed pala ang event.

  38. grabe, since yday afternoon, has not been raining anymore until today this morning, looking out of my window. the skies are just cloudy, overcast but no trace of heavy rains. perfect day to have pushed thru with the event after all. and Sept 18 is i think way too far date for a reschedule. :(

  39. Nag iisip ba ito organizer na ito kung bakit ganoon katagal ang re-schedule niya naka prepared na kami ng training sa 42k oh me balak na siyang tumakbo….dahil marami na nakapag register sa kanya..saka paano itong friend ko na foreigner na gustong tumakbo lumalaki bill niya sa hotel…

  40. @karl
    haha! i was going to debut my 10K during the MIM event supposed to be today.
    altho im not running full mary during the CAMSUR. maybe i can level up to 21K by then.

    as of this point, me and some PF peeps are still CamSur bound for Sept 25th!

  41. perhaps the organizers can entertain a possible refund. pero kung hindi naman sila sasagot sa tawag at txt natin eh wala din. imho, mahina ung ginamit nila for disseminating the information about the cancellation of the marathon. a friend was asked twice by fellow participants kung nasaan ung start/finish arc last sunday

  42. Ms_mars, sayang naudlot. anyway there are still more events. Good luck and more power to your running group. Parang everything is set na on your Camsur. kwentuhan mo na lang kami dun sa PF Forum.

  43. puwede refund the payment they cannot make it make they should on august…. OR I MUST REFUND THE PAYMENT…!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. chika sken nung friend ko ireresked daw ng mim yung date kc same venue ng rizal run. dont know where did he get the info pero tatanung ko ulet ka kanya

  45. may free photo at finisher medal ba talaga yan? sa yamaha kasi papadala nalang daw yun medal kasi di pa daw tapos gawin. tapos ang nakita ko lang yun sign board na free photo, di ko nakita yun photographer at printer. what a rip off from yamaha!

  46. and still no updates from the organizers. kahit ung website nila eh Sep 18 pa din ang nakalagay. lagi naman late ang announcement nila. baka naman sep 01 pa sila maglalabas ng abiso


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