SJCSAA Fun Run 2011 – Race Results and Discussions

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Congratulations to all the finishers of this year’s SJCSAA Run for FUN, Race for PLACE 2011. Race Results will be available here for download once the organizers released them.

Download Race Results Here:
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[download id=”415″]

SJCSAA Fun Run 2011 Photos:
Photos from Pinoy Fitness Facebook Fan Page

For now please feel free to post feedback, comments and suggestions about this race here:

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  1. ang daming nag cucut sa 10k category..sana sa susunod imonitor nyo ung mga runners para fair namn sa iba….pero ang daming water stations!!!! nakakatemp XD

  2. Super Ganda ng event. Well organized and ang daming hydration area kaya kahit mga Professional and Kenyan runners sumali! Sana may PART 2!!!


  3. just wondering what is the exact distance of the 10k route? anyone who measured it with gps? almost everyone seems to have set a new PR…

  4. ayos ang hydration area! nakakalunod haha!
    sana ganito rin sa ibang running events…

    sana ung freebies marami… at sana may binigay din na certificate…

  5. I recorded the distance through my nike+ at 10.2Km so not bad! ;-)

    So dito ko lang nalaman na may mga ngcucut pala… that’s sad. Tsk.

    Anyway, let’s consider those rascals as newbies and simply fooling themselves. At least we know to ourselves that we conquered our pains and are satisfied after.

    Kudos to the Organizers!

  6. nice event. pero mejo disappointed ako for 10k runners na nagcucut… super dami nila… haaayyyyzzzzz… how sad… maybe i can consider them as newbies… :=(

  7. grbe nsa top 17 pa cku .., :D ang galing cku .., :D heheh and i finished it at 24min. next tym i will beat my record .., :D more praktis .., :D pti sa Lhat ng ksaLI .., :D God Bless to aLL ..,

  8. kala ko 1st 500 yung medal… akala ko hindi ako umabot sa 1st 500… #493 pala ako sa 10k… meron pa bang chance makuha ko medal ko? 1st time ko sana magkamedal… hehehehe :)

  9. moa was a good venue, great atmosphere and level surface. My only issue, too many u-turns. really affects one’s momentum.

  10. Overall,,i’m not impressed sa organizer nitong run na toh..bulok n sistema pa rin,,biruin mo, Wlang premyo ang nanalo,,anong klaseng race yan..Baka binulsa lang ng race director ang pera.

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