11.20.2011 Pasig River Run to set new record – November 20, 2011

11.20.2011 pasig river run 2011

The date for this years Pasig River Run is already set on November 20, 2011. Last year a new record was set by the 2010 event with a total of 116,086 runners having the same goal of helping the Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig clean-up campaign. This year the organizers are hoping that at least 150,000 runners will support the event this year and break the record set by the 10.10.10. Pasig River Run with this years 11.20.2011 Pasig River Run!

11.20.2011 Pasig River Run 2011
November 20, 2011
SM Mall of Asia

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MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines hopes to set another world record through the Pasig River Run campaign this year.

Organizers are hoping that at least 150,000 runners will join and break the record set by the 10.10.10 Pasig River Run last year.

ABS-CBN Foundation managing director Gina Lopez, the prime mover behind the Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig (KBPIP) clean-up campaign, said they want to break the record of 116,000 runners.

During last year’s eco-footrace, the official count of runners who made it through the finish line was pegged at 116,086. This broke the 110,000 record previously held by the 1986 “Bay to Breakers” run in San Francisco, USA.

The feat garnered the Philippines a certification from the Guinness World Records for the most number of participants in a racing event.

Lopez is confident that by improving how the event will be organized this year, they can reach their goal of 150,000 runners.

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  1. i know it’s kinda hard to produce 100,000+ singlets for the participants pero kung recycled bracelets na nman ulit ang “race kit/freebie” for this event like last year, this is going to be another dissapointment for runners and enthusiasts.

  2. The organizer last year did well to worsen the event, no crowd control, we fall in line with the bracelet and end up nothing we are 100,000 plus runners and just gave less than this and just to say that “WE DID” the imposible to beat the record but still the ilog pasig is till color black. I’ll think about if this is worthy of running…

  3. Naku Wag na! pahirapan na naman, magulo, alay lakad na naman! kahit ano pa sabihin, wag na period. sorry walang personalan.

  4. 116,068 runners x Php250.00 = Php29,017,000.00

    where did the money go?

    madumi pa rin mga estero leading to pasig river!

    gagamitin na naman ba ng abs-cbn si coach rio?

  5. haven’t really seen the outcome of last year’s cause aside from the fact that we were able to set a new record… which makes me wonder what is the true motivation of this footrace… even the article from abs-cbn news mas inuna pang minention ung world record kesa sa pagtulong sa ilog pasig…

    masyado ding magulo last year… may mga namamakyaw ng bracelets kahit isa lng ung stub na pinakita nila kaya madaming naubusan…then dalawa pa ung nakalagay na finish line…etc etc etc…

    this will coincide with the scheduled Unilab Run United 2 2011… and it’s obvious that I will opt to run to a more organize race than a chaotic one…

  6. We were all lucky that last year there were no incident that could cause a stampede! Never going to put myself in that situation again..NEVER! kaya sorry, I’d rather pick a piece of dirt sa Ilog Pasig than pledge money and be counted as one of many who got fooled by the organizers. Sorry for the harsh words.

  7. At saka kung mag-iinvite sila ng mga NSTP students, dapat yun mga mahilig tumakbo; Hindi yun naroon sila para magpa-cute at magkaroon ng grade. Di tuloy makatakbo yun mga naroon para tumakbo dahil sa dami ng naglalakad.

  8. Make sure all participants are involve to run this event….because sbi nga ng iba NSTP student halos lahat…

    nkakasagabal cla sa mga tumatakbo ndi cla dedicated sa pagtakbo…

    Ung group ko kc ndi makatakbo sa dami ng nglalakad….

  9. @ Ivan….coach rio was tapped by the organizer’s last year. Di pa rin umubra. Mukhang pinakialaman ng abs-cbn diskarte ni coach rio. Palpak talaga last year! Abs-cbn Lang natuwa! Laki kasi ng kinita Nila at na-set yung record. Tapos ngayon hihirit ulit sila!?!? Kapal ng mukha Nila! Hands down…10-10-10 run was the worst run I joined last year!

  10. joined this run too last year and I can conclude that that was the worst! Maybe all who joined last year could voice out their suggestions here to improve this year’s run..here’s mine:
    1. make a lane for those who will not run 2. please get only one event coordinator pra organize talaga (last year I think 3 or more ata)I agree RunRio is one of the best when it comes to this…but kung palpak talaga ABS-CBN, wla ring magagawa kahit Runrio pa mag-organize nyan..it’s the Partnership between the organizer and the events coordinator that counts and so far Runrio with Unilab and Rexona Run pa lang yung masasabi kong maganda ang partnership.
    3. Maayos na lane for claiming of drinks, finisher’s kit, etc.
    4. And most important, dapat before mag-start yung run ipakita sa isang widescreen kung saan napunta yung pera last year!
    5. Add na lang po kayo….=)

  11. mas maganda poh eh.. sabayang paglilinis ng mga ilog.. ndi fun run…

    kung yung lahat ng sasali eh maglilinis ng ilog.. mas mapapadali ang magrerevive ng ilog pasig..

    ang tanong lang eh…

    may sapat din bang equipment and gamit??

  12. Tama po si nhal! If you could only have as many as those who participated last year’s run to help clean the river itself then it would be a much more noble cause and Guiness record to be proud of. Kaso scam lang ata yan. Kunyari to set a world record at maglinis ng Ilog Pasig, pero wala naman pinakitang maski anong effort na linisin ang Ilog Pasig pagkatapos ng lahat. Tapos ngayon hihirit pa uli ng isa. Kapalmuks naman.

  13. tama… di ka makakatakbo dito… alay lakad… dapat alay lakad para sa ILOG PASIG na lang to hehehehe… ah talaga si coach rio pala organizer last year… sabi nga nila kung sa ILOG PASIG na lang pinapunta at dun pinaglinis aus pa un kesa tatakbo ka ng di mo alam san napunta…

  14. i wasn’t able to join last year and with all the negative comments i still wanna join this year’s event =) and if god allows that i experience your misfortunes i wouldn’t complain. be it a recycled bracelet made of walis tingting that’s gonna be waiting in the finish line, helping in the cause is the only justification i need. specially that i’m seeing improvements in parts of the river near my place =)

    however, please keep those negative comments pouring in. i’m sure this place is among the best venues to let the organizers know of the situation.

  15. Runrio was the organizer last year?!?!?! Whoa! di ko alam un, at parang hindi sya, compared to Run United 1 and RU runs last year were conducted…..tsk, tsk, tsk…. gawin na lang Alay Lakad.


  16. transparency please. saan na napunta yung perang nalikom from the said fun run? we will be grateful if we are updated regarding this matter, hoping for any progress. thank you admin.

  17. balita ko, alay lakad ito?! ^_^
    sana maluwag na maluwag ung daan, para kahit marami naglalakad, makakatakbo pa din ung mga tunay na runners…. ^_^

  18. i agree, that was first fun run.. Last year, di ko na enjoy ung pag cross ko ng finish line kase lahat na lang naglalakad.. At saka nawalan ng phone ung friend dahil dun sa claiming ng reycled bracelet and naging congested ung network nun, ang hirap maghanap ng mga kasama..

  19. sad to say but ito ang totoo!

    kahit buong pilipinas pa sumali dito kung yung mga nakatira sa estero at sino mang pilipino sa pinas eh walang disiplina sa pagtapon nang basura eh useless ito! and for sure! alay lakad nanaman ito! peace!

    dapat palitan nalang na “walk for pasig” title nang event!

  20. tuloy na tuloy tlaga yung run na ito.. sinabi ni coach rio.

    runrio ang magoorgainze..

    runrio can orgaize well kahit malalaking event. GO pa rin ako d2 with my family and friends.

  21. suggest ko lng poh.. sana iba yung way ng mga pabalik na runner sa finish line…

    ang gulo kc last eh.. nasakop na ng mga malalaking delegation yung kabilang side kya yun…

    naghahalu-halo yung mga participants.

  22. parang last year din…if i remember correctly, runrio ang nag handle ng 3k and 5k tapos yung 10k, iba. kaya magulo…pass na muna ako dito. baka maulit yung nangyari sa amin last year. run united na lang ako tatakbo

  23. the race last year got 12million NET. 6 half goes to the clean up of esteros, half in Calauan laguna the resettlement area of the pasig relocatee
    Please bear in mind that there are a i think almost 50 esteros leading to pasig river. Not all is cleaned yet but you should see the difference it made to the once that are already cleaned.The only way pasig river will clear is if all esteros were cleaned, which is why they are still organizing this run

    for photos of the cleaned esteros

    I beleive we run in this race to make a difference, not to get freebies and all

    ps; i attended the press lauch that’s why i saw the results of the race. Will definitely run for this year! Until the pasig river is all cleaned

  24. The aim of this event is to collect money from participants to at least use this fund to clean up the river which all of us destroyed, one way or another.
    Whether the participants run or walk doesn’t matter. What matter most is that participants join to do their contribution, no matter how small it is (Php300? each)to clean up the river. The question here is how the funds are being used and what is the proof that the funds collected in the past years had been used for the river. There must be on going reports of the progress of cleaning up the river. After all, we are talking here of millions of pesos being collected on every run…come on people, inspire us to run and contribute for the good of every one!

  25. i dont care what you guys tell…dami niyong comments eh, hehehe! kesyo magulo, di organize,,,pweh! ang sabihin nyo wala kayong pera!…ang importante kc dito is makatulong ka…di pa enough ang pera na niluwal nyo last year para malinisan lahat ng mga nirereklamo ninyong lugar na di pa malinis…wala namang pumipilit sa inyo kung ayaw na ninyo tumakbo this year :)

  26. kabalikat civicom was part of the communication group that assit the logistic… magulo, mahirap but satisfying knowing that we’re doing it for humanity…

  27. un lng kasi hirap s ating mga pinoy pag my ginawa kang program gusto my effect agad silang nakikita. inde nmn lingid sa kaalaman ng lahat na sobrang polluted ang pasig river at napakahaba nito para malinis ng buo in a glance. lalayo pa ba tyo,,, c pnoy nga inde din nakaligtas sa mga tuligsa kahit alam p nting kakaupo lng nya at ang nakaraang admin ang nag iwan ng sandamakmak na problema? wag sana dumating ang oras na mag organize kyo ng ganto, at may mga gantong complains kahit na alam nyong my nagawa nmn kyo. ang tanong lng… my ginagawa ba kayo? hahaha…

  28. Kasali ako last year sa fun run. Yes, hindi nga organize yung sa pagcclaim nung freebie pero nung kami na kukuha which is halos konti nalang nasa line, marami pang sobra and dalawa nga nakuha ko eh kasi andami daw sobra. Madami kasi atang hindi nakakuha kasi hindi nagtiyaga sa pila. Pero tama nga rin siguro na dapat maging organize sila (sa lane, sa lahat) Yung sa Ilog Pasig naman, nakita ko na may effect naman. Hindi naman kasi isang poof na parang coco crunch malinis na agad. Sa may bandang sta. mesa cr. mandaluyong, napapadaan ako dun tuwing umuuwi galing school. May naglilinis. May time na malinis, may time na hindi lalo pagtapos ng ulan. Ang problema lang talaga is yung mga taong pasaway na tapon ng tapon. Walang paki kay mother earth :(( lalo na yung mga nasa tabi ng ilog.. hahaha

  29. tulong na lng po t u wag n t u comment ng bad,kung atw nu pumunta d wag d nmn na k u pinipilit n tumakbo, 1 pa khit na organize pa yan bkit s tingin nu k u kya ang mananalo s takbuhan mg laro nga k u ng basketball halos hingal aso k u dyn p kya sfun run n yan kya nga “FUN RUN” db hehehe kylangan Fun tumakbo o hndi ok lng db.s bgay d ko k u masisisi db k u yan, utusan nga t u ng mga mgulang ntin n bumili s tindahan n mlapit nag rereklamo k u,takbuhan p kya n ubod ng layo at mgulong fun run….wag gnun mga tol!!! -made on earth-

  30. Guys, read the earlier posts before you join. Did we see any improvement in the river since last year? Where did all the money go? The race last year was so crowded and claustrophobic. There was no crowd control at all. Imaging 100,000+ people crowding the road? If any stampede happens, a lot of people will be hurt. Sorry but no way am I joining this one.

  31. Ms. Elaine, if you don’t want to join again.. it’s ok… but to those like me who want to experience the fun run bec as i’ve said, this is the first time i will run… huwag mo kami pakialaman…. it’s our choice….


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