Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM2) – Race Results and Photos

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Congratulations to those who joined the participated in the 2nd Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM2). Race Results and Photo links will be available here once it is released by the organizers.

Download Race Results Here:
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Download from Original Source: https://runnex.org/
Photo Links:
QCIM2 Photos by Greentennial Run

For Event PhotoVendo Pictures, Click Here

For now please feel free to post your feedback and comments about this event here.

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  1. I don’t have an odometer, but I think the 21K route is way over than it should. And no loot bags? I don’t know if anyone received one, but I was looking at the runners, they’re all empty-handed.

  2. @Burnz. I don’t think it was switched, signs 18K and 19K were closely distanced. I would surmise that 18K was erroneously placed after a U-turn in UP. Anybody here who wore a Garmin or similar equipment this morning? Pls share to us the actual reading.

  3. Everything was okay, coming into the left turn to UP.. my foot pod indicated that the distance was around 20km.. I knew, it was farther than I (my body) expected. After making the roundabout in UP, I finished and my distance registered 24kms and 800 meters. Kaya naman pala may medal tayong lahat sa 21km.. Haha. Goodbye PR.

  4. where’s the photo vendo too? nevertheless i enjoyed my first halfmarathon kahit walang free saging at masakit tuhod at talampakan ko ngayon

  5. Pasalamat tayo sa PATAFA for an accurate distance calculation. Hmmmmp! Had cramps on my last 3km way back to UP, hindi ko na sana inabot yun kung tama lang ang distance nila.

    I already pointed this issue sa takbo.ph forums. And some people cited that it was accurate.

    Another thing is sobra laki ng prizes (which is pinakyaw ng mga kenyans). Sana sa loot bags na lang nila pinondo yung mga prizes.


  6. I ran for 5K. Comparing my previous 5k runs, it seems the distance is less than 5k. My estimate was only 4.5K since only few rounds of u-turns took place. I hope next time in the 3rd QCIM next year, there will be sports enthusiasts around especially Manny Pacquiao as Mayor Bautista mentioned. I was there during the awarding, and only trivias about Q.C. filled the time before the results were announced.

  7. Grabe! Ang sarap! It was my first 5 k run after moving up from 3K. Kaya lanh wala man lang baller band o finisher shirt. Ang finisher reward ko lang ay on tali na binibigay sa mga nakarating sa turn hehehe

  8. @Arland Guzman. Naniniwala ako sa yo bro. Tingin ko approximately 24 Km talaga, kasi sa pacing ko sumobra ako ng 1.6kms upon reaching the u-turn sa Commonwealth, eh siyempre babalik ka pa on the same route na mas mabagal ang pacing dahil mas pagod ka na. So more or less, 24Kms and 600 to 800 meters sobra

  9. better traffic control than last year,( I ran 21K, almost got hit by a crazy driver..) Why is it there is no timer for 10k and 5 k ?..with the tab system (10/5 k) i dont think one will be able to get an accurate time..

  10. Nakakainis, in a way na hindi accurate yung distance. i thought i could break my PR because when I reach my last 3km(banner) for 21km im 15 mins. b4 registering 02:00:00, low morale na ako kc takbo lang ako ng takbo hnd ko parin nakikita ang finishers line… Pero nevertheless, I enjoy the run. I make friends with fellow half marathoners plus the energy filling drum and buggle people… Thank you very much!!! kahit until now masakit parin lahat ang lahat na parti ng katawan ko for running 21km that turn into almost 25km.

  11. Yah..that’s right…its actually 23.32 km covered….if they just allowed the 21 km runners to take the final u-turn in front of the U.P. Oblation, then more or less the distance covered would be a lot nearer to 21 km…..

  12. – there were only few toilets available.
    – no changing room provided
    – baggage area should have been divided per distance
    – marshalls and people who has anything to do wih the race didn’t know where the starting line is.
    – time tracker at the starting/finish line is not accurate
    – distances were not accurately measured.
    – no lootbags
    – some race marshalls giving signals as direction were very stressful to runners, some almost hit me in the face whil waving were to go.

    *overall, compared to the first QCIM, this is better. Hydartion and energy stations were improved and I find the medics abundant.

  13. Its nice to see a lot of us NOT complaining about the extra distance, not minding the extra minutes to finish the race (or did you? haha), come to think of it, how often can we say that we had the Commonwealth all to ourselves and just ran our hearts off… Sana in a few years time EDSA marathon naman. Calling all mayors.. You’ll definitely have my vote.

  14. My name nor my bib number aren’t on the results. I can see that a lot of people are sharing the same sentiments and complaints. How can an “international” event with all many and known sponsors be so messed up? Nakakahiya.

  15. @Arland Guzman
    I agree about the sentiment of having Commonwealth all for us for just an hour or so :) That’s priceless!

    Bad trip lang na parang di ganun kaimportante pagtrato nila saming mga 10k and below runners…

    OK lang sana na bar code gamit compared to chips as with the longer distances pero sana pinaghiwalay naman results ng 5k at 10k :(

    konting effort lang naman mag filter and sort sa Excel di ba? Ako na gagawa! ;)

  16. @RedCapGuy: Bro,I sympathize with you. Last year lahat naka-timing chip, pero recently yung 21K and 45K na lang. Dapat lahat ng categories provided ng timing chip. Yung wife ko nga na tatakbo ng 5K, nagtatanong din. Ok sana na itinaas lang ng price ng kaunti basta may chip. Anyway my fellow runners, let us hope that Runnex and the QC govt will hear our sentiments.

  17. Thank you for uploading the results quickly. My name is Ben (Rank #2273). I ran the 10k but the results indicate that I ran 1:02:05 in the 5k category. Also, my bib number and age group were not indicated. Please revise as I will use this to support my application for the Corregidor half marathon come December 19.
    Lastly, I live in the Commonwealth area and I have measured several times the 10k turn (near St. Peter’s) up to the elliptical road via my vehicle’s odometer and via google earth and the results show a distance of only 4.7k or a total of 9.4k both ways. It seems that the 10k was short by at least half a kilometer. Kindly clarify. I want to think that my run was really a PR.
    Thanks and more power.
    Ben (Rank #2273)

  18. Wala na yung official FB page ng QCIM 2. Hindi siguro nila kinaya yung dami ng complaints regarding the traffic, the early pullout of the race mats and finish line, wrong distances, poor coordination with DPOS and MMDA. Puro apologies kasi, pero walang explanations and rectification.

    Dear Runnex, Finishline, and the QCIM 2 organizers: own up to your shortcomings, AND make an effort to correct them. Hindi yung nang-iiwan kayo sa ere na ang tanging explanation niyo lang is “we tried our best.” That is unacceptable.

    Hindi na ako sasali sa QCIM next year.

  19. hay naku..where in the running world you can combine 5 and 10 k results? I ran the 10k but categorized as 5k and wrong bib number?.It seems you dont give much attention to the 5/10k runners..

  20. I agree! The distance is over 21k, based on my polar watch pedometer is about 23.8k. Nevertheless, it’s a good race. We just sacrifice our personal record a bit. The organizer did a good job. Kudos to them . See you all guys next year.

  21. hayz…been late for 45 mins for the 10km due to super traffic on the other side of the road. But still I ran…sad lang coz the time for 10k was stopped..I dont know why….Happy ako coz first time ko to run at Commonwealth Ave. I will run again on the next QCIM 2011….

  22. There’s a lot to improve next year especially that this is called an internaltional run. Way off compared to other runs I joined into.

  23. This is my 1st International race “quote and quote” but expected much more from it. The comparison between government and privately sponsored runs are way beyond comparison… Dont know if I’ll want to join the 3rd QCIM run. Their was a short fall of 500 meters for the 10k and race results showed me as a 5k finisher. Quite a hefty fee for joining 10k with no freebees at all….

  24. mahirap tumakbo kahit sabihin mo na 5k or 1ok lang , pero at least naman sana the top 10 must recieve a medal for recognition , lalo na mga tumakbo ng 21k at 42k , its international so expect runners from different places,gumastos pa at nag effort din, its an honor to be recognized in stage sana . Not just the top 3 for 5k and 10k runners and not just top 5 for 21k runners .dapat lahat ng top 10 narecognize sa stage with a medal!

  25. Dapat nga maisipan ng MMDA yung EDSA marathon.. That would be something.. Traffic na kung traffic. Anyway traffic naman lagi sa EDSA.. Anu ba naman yung isang sunday morning.. Hydration stations natin would be in all the malls situated along EDSA. Sa dami ng malls di mauubusan ng drinks… haha..

  26. Why is it that you did not include in your race result list those who ran behind 6hrs? You deliberately excluded them? or what? You put so much prize on the top runners, why not put a cap on it (top prizes) & distribute small stuff e.g. loot bags as “consuelo de bobo” instead for all the finishers (42K or 21K). Another thing, you should have set-up big screens for your timer & race trivia in the starting Arch, ala RUNRIO, I have the impression that your race is POORLY MANAGED, knowing in the blogs that there was gaffe in the accuracy of the distance measurement. Thank you…

  27. Woww…..it only proves that i can finish a more than 21k ha ha ha! I share everybody’s feelings, endless running & very sore legs. But it was worth all the effort, when i got my very 1st medal & proudly showed it to my family.

    QCIM2 did not feel any “international” at all, except for the obvious 42k winners. It lacked the ambience and mood, making it just like any regular runs, even less. They could have learned from CamSur, which was truly international and well-organized, in terms of attendance mix, transportation, traffic management, festive mood, not to menton the fireworks as an added bonus. The Kenyans came from the international community but I did not see a lot of foreigners.

    21k/42k VS. 5k/10k
    It appeared that the organizers gave priority/preferential treatment to the 21k and 42k. Only these distances have time at the start/finish. The 5k and 10k were at a loss upon hitting the finish line (erroneously marked START but more on this below) because no time was displayed. Then the time nearest the center island was so minute and not clearly identified what it was for. The 5k and 10 distances have become integral parts of international marathons and participants in these categories deserve no less.

    This might be trivial but a big deal nonethless if we talk about international events: I do not know if anyone else noticed but the start/finish signage was “baligtad.” I am sure runners were surprised at seeing “START” about 500m shy of the finish line. Worse and I find it disheartening, there were still 42k runners arriving but the signages and paraphernalia were already being dismantled. They hit the finish line tired only to find the the venue they left at 430am gone. Kakainis di ba, parang binalewala lang yung effort mo.

    Traffic management was a picture of chaos around the start/finish area, exposing the participants to risk/accidents. This is especially the portion between start/finsh and the fountain. Vehicles should have been disallowed in this area to provide runners a good space to move around without having to worry about playing “patintero” with vehicles.

    They should have made the portion from East Ave and Philcoa vehicle-free. This could have been done by having all traffic from Kalayaan, East Avenue, Quezon Ave, North Ave and Visayas turn left at Circle taking the inner lanes then left at Commonwealth (counterflow side). Benefits of this: (1) runners have the whole stretch for themselves, (2) no need to employ traffic officers to control traffic infront of GSIS and assist crossing runners.

    Aside: The event would have been a good venue to give elliptical road or portion of it not only to the runners but also the general publc, at least once a year man lang.

    The release of race result was speedy. But they could have delayed a bit and put some time separating the 5k from 10k. Plus, it showed incorrect distances, but I think they put the correct distances under the bib#.

    The provision of hydration was sufficient. But they could have used small-sized cups because runners do not drink huge amount of beverage while running. They only need small portions and using medium cups is a waste. Markers were adequate, by the way, except for some comments concerning inaccurate measurement.

    Install time for all distances, and mark them clearly
    Give runners bigger space to move freely near and around the start/finish
    Make portions of elliptical road vehicle-free
    Loot bags would be nice to have, of course

  29. @john 21k at 42k lang nga yata meron…

    yey! may nakuha ako pix sa fb ni pinoyfitness, muntik na mawala kalahati ng katawan ko, haha! at least may isa ;)


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