Fitness First – NO Break 2 – Body Combat Marathon Challenge

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Fitness First – NO BREAK 2
Body Combat ” NonStop” Marathon Challenge
November 24, 2010, 630-830
Fitness First, Eastwood City
w/ Michelle, Aiza and Milo


  1. d cya all branch, wala this year, ok nga sana kung may outdoor combat marathon para nakakaiba with singlet din parang running:)

  2. i agree with BC Mafia Athletes

    I’ve been addicted with Body Combat for the past two years and it would be really great kung magkaganun!

    Sayang walang Body Combat Main Event this year :( sana next year meron ulit

  3. @ jyethrox, thanks sa pag agree,

    kung financial ang problem,dapat d problem yan kung outdoor ang daming open spaces like fort bonifacio,pwede pa nga mag sabaysabay isang libong tao wala problema,ok lang with fees basta may singlet din, para maiba naman at least fresh air d lagi nasa aircon. walang impossible nasa organizer lang yan.

    from:Chris U


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